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    I picked up a couple of lovely young lady's the other day , I think they must be twins VICTORIA and VICTOEIA 😊 I'm not into Farthings much but these came up so I jumped at them . The E in VICTOEIA is extremely clear with just the tip of the long downward arm of the R showing.
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    F111, 2/1. Its a very pretty coin. Jerry
  3. 10 points
    Here are up to date pics of the 1877 F90 penny from a 'deceased estate lot' in Sydney, Australia. Not a thing of great beauty, but in fact better than most so far on Richards site (I make it 6th best, probably...) Jerry
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    Yes, I know. The wife is trying to use it as I write. Ideally what is required is a program that you speak into and translates. Got a week or two until the govt. gets its backside in gear. We are taking in a 41 year old mother, while her 21 yo daughter is not far away with a family where there is someone of a similar age. They don't speak English or German though, so there might be quite a lot of hovercrafts full of eels
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    Here is the Stephen Album 'Medusa', really nice with toned lustre peripherally. Expensive I know (over £2900) but a nice clear Gorgon's head. And missed the VAT! Jerry
  6. 9 points
    I always think they look so much better once out of their plastic slabs.......
  7. 9 points
    My recent St James purchase just landed, pleased to say the import duty cost less than the import duty I paid on a £19 calendar at Christmas last year, that cost me €10 whereas the duty on a £400 coin cost €7.96
  8. 9 points
    Very pleased to have now obtained all three reverse types of 1826. Rev A: no central line down saltire, Rev B: thin line down saltire , and Rev C : thick line down saltire.
  9. 8 points
    Very pleased with this 1918H penny. It's clearly not UNC, but takes pride of place in my collection, for the simple reason that it's an unusually sharp strike for a 1918H, which even "UNC" with full lustre, are often very poor strikes, with all the attributes of a worn coin. This one has a good breastplate and also reasonable hair detail.
  10. 8 points
    And a cheap $10 wide date 1889.
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    I have to say that I don't think we could have wished for more considering we took in someone with whom we have nothing in common for as long as it takes. She will have been here for 4 weeks this coming Friday. Language is a bit of an issue as it is proving difficult to find her work where there is minimal customer contact, but every day I hear a few more words used, so hopefully within a few months the communication problems will reduce. The first few weeks have been a bit labour intensive on my part carting her around to get the basics sorted such as signing on, registering with a doctor, taking her shopping, trying to teach basic English and write benefits logs and job applications etc, but that's part of the deal when there's no common language and will ultimately pay off when she is able to stand on her own feet comfortably. Frankly, the above post where someone claims they have spent a lot of money on the refugee is complete b******s. Additional costs for taking someone in - a gas safety certificate and some energy, set against which the host will get £350 a month paid in arrears for the first year. There's no obligation to feed them at your expense, though most would at least until cashflow is established. The host would be quids in if calculated on an honest basis, even if food was provided. How much does a set of house keys cost for God's sake?
  12. 8 points
    Really pleased to have obtained this ex Copthorne collection 1853 copper proof. You don't see many copper proofs from the Victoria era, so when this one cropped up, with provenance, I decided to snap it up.
  13. 8 points
    Whilst not in the same league as the last couple of pennies, I was nevertheless quite pleased to obtain this 1903 open date. It's only GF, but is much better the the VG example I've currently got. Was well worth the upgrade as it is very difficult to obtain any 1903 open 3, above a well worn VG. Although I am aware there's a very nice GVF specimen out there.
  14. 8 points
    Oh dear! When I posted this, I was simply illustrating the way in which the stained glass in the Palma Cathedral illuminates the place internally. I did so by referencing the photograph which was used a decade or more ago on the cover of my wife's first poetry book. I had no desire to open up a debate about the quality or otherwise of the image used, or its suitability for a book cover image so I'm slightly taken aback at the comments this has generated. Just for the record, this image was used for the front of the book, with the stained glass circular window alone on the back cover. The image is not photoshopped in any way. The colours were captured in the moment. As far as the fourth year student jibe goes, all I will say is that I make no claims to be a designer, but if this got me a pass I would be quite happy, as it took all of 30 minutes to produce. All it needed was a quick scan of the photo, a bit of contrast sorting, chopping it to size for the cover, and insertion of the text, and saving as a .jpg file, no more than half an hour tops. The choice of the photograph was my wife's and I'm quite happy with her choice. We wouldn't have wanted to bother using a graphic designer, with the expense that entails, since she has no pretentions of becoming the next poet laureate, plus with self-publishing, she just sells small numbers of her books locally. Neither she nor I have any expectations beyond this.
  15. 8 points
    HALP 7+G eBay. Spotted amongst a group of 16. £14.
  16. 8 points
    Very pleased to have captured this absolutely superb 1857 Bramah 23a penny (no serif on 7 of date) in not far off UNC condition for a very reasonable sum. There are two very slight marks, one just under underneath the date and the other to the immediate back of the Queen's neck, but apart from that it's flawless. Seller sold as date only example, and to be honest, it would have been cheap even for that.
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    been dabbling on and off, not bought much recenly, and forgot about the site for a long time, found plenty of exciting things, not bought much in the past 12 months (few edward Ist), have been going through variants or my pennies, and decided to see if I could tick a few off, was looking for 1908s... and found a 8 coin worn penny lot on ebay.... and landed this instead
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    Scientists claim to have discovered a planet with intelligent life. This planet is populated by a number of species of flora and fauna and is effectively “run” by a race of bipeds who seem to be at the highest evolutionary level. This race is incredibly arrogant, claiming to have been created in the image of the all-loving deity that many of them worship, yet appearing to only tolerate the existence of lower evolutionary species as long as they either provide entertainment as pets or curiosities, or provide food for the bipeds, for which they are bred and killed on a huge scale. The “master race” is also incredibly hypocritical in that they go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that handicapped members of their own societies can lead a full life but have no scruples in mass extermination of other members of their species whose culture and beliefs differ from theirs or whose territory is rich in products which they desire to own. Where can this planet be ?
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    Having looked at the picture of this one numerous times a few days ago i have now found to the best of my knowledge that the Reverse die is unrecorded ,other than being used for the VIP set. I was told months ago that the coins for the 1953 VIP set and not just the penny were struck from different dies and this clear picture of a farthing is one. Its not REV A or B. F to GAP I to TOOTH ,possibly longer teeth also though not 100% sure on that one.
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    The article in question...
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    As we know as collectors, no one reference guide gives us all the varieties. I find it tricky as a collector to flick through Groom, Davies, Gouby, and the internet for unlisted varieties and listed ones (on sites like LondonCoins too), so have put together this list of shillings that you can copy and past and use as a checklist. If this helps I am more than happy to create lists for other denominations If anybody would like to give me a clear differentiators between the 1858 and 1859 shilling varieties that would be most helpful as Davies is so unhelpful! And if anybody thinks I am missing any varieties please reply and I will add them to the list 1816 1816, barless H of Honi (?) 1817 1817, high 7 1817, RRIT 1817, R/E in GEOR 1817, I/S in HONI 1818 1818, high 8 1819 1819, 9/8 1820 1820, high 2 1820, high 0 1820, barless H of HONI 1820, I/S in HONI 1821 1823 1824 1825 Shield 1825 Shield, 5/3 1825 Lion 1825 Lion, Roman 1 1826 1827 1829 1834 1835 1836 1837 1838 1839, W.W. 1829, no W.W. 1840 1841 1842 1843 1844 1844, large 44 1845 1846 1848 1848, 8/6, wide date 1848, 8/6 narrow date 1849 1850 1851 1852 1853 1854 1855 1856 1856, 7 to space 1857, 7 to bead 1857, high 57 1857, 5/5 1858, I of DEI to gap 1858, obverse 2 1858, I of DEI to bead 1858, 8/9 1859, I of DEI to gap 1859, obverse 2 1859, I of DEI to bead 1860 1861, narrow date 1861, wide date 1861, wider date 1862 1863 1864 1864, large 4, die 41 1865 1865, 5/3, die 29 1866 1867, I of VICT to bead, LL close 1867, I of VICT to bead, LL far 1867, I of VICT to space, LL close 1867, I of VICT to space, LL far 1868 1868, dot before date 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873, fat 3 1873, bottom loop of 3 open 1873, narrow 3 1864, slant-up tail 1874, t-bar tail 1875 1876 1877, no die number 1877, die number 1878, bun open 1878, bun closed 1879, cross right of bead, bun open 1879, cross right of bead, bun closed 1879, cross to space 1880, cross to bead 1880, cross to space 1881, cross to bead 1881, cross to bead, SHILLING more spaced 1881, cross to space 1882 1883 1883, A's protrude above legend 1884, cross away from beads 1884, cross touche beads 1888 1888, /7 1889, small head, Q has looped tail, 9 to bead 1889, small head, Q has looped tail, 9 to space 1889, small head, Q has almost no tail 1889, medium head, Q has looped tail 1889, large head, Q has almost no tail 1889, large head, Q has no tail 1890, cross on orb same width as cross 1890, cross on orb wider than orb 1891 1892 1893, I of VICT to space 1893, I of VICT to bead 1894, I of DEI to space, I of ING to space 1894, I of DEI to space, I of ING to bead 1894, I of DEI to bead, I of ING to space 1894, I of DEI to bead, I of ING to bead 1895, I of ING to space 1895, I of ING to bead 1896, I of ING to space 1896, I of ING to bead 1897, 9 and 7 far 1897, 9 and 7 close 1897, 9 and 7 almost touching 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903, TT of BRITT aligned 1903, TT of BRITT misaligned, wide gap between R and D of ED 1903, TT of BRITT misaligned, small gap between R and D of ED 1904, TT of BRITT aligned 1904, TT of BRITT misaligned, wide gap between R and D of ED 1904, TT of BRITT misaligned, small gap between R and D of ED 1905 1906, TT of BRITT aligned 1906, TT of BRITT misaligned, wide gap between R and D of ED 1906, TT of BRITT misaligned, small gap between R and D of ED 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911, I of IVS to space 1911, I of IVS to bead, hollow neck 1911, I of IVS to bead, flat neck 1912, P of IMP to bead 1912, P of IMP to space 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920, : after OMN to gap 1920, : after OMN to bead 1921, I of IVS to bead, : after OMN to space, I of FID left of bead (3D) 1921, I of IVS to space, I of FID left of bead (3E) 1921, I of IVS to space, I of FID right of space (4E) 1921, I of IVS to bead, : after OMN to bead, I of FID left of bead (5D) 1921, I of IVS to bead, : after OMN to bead, I of FID right of space (5E) 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1926 ME 1927 short tail 1927 long tail 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 E 1937 S 1938 E 1938 S 1939 E 1939 S 1940 E 1940 S 1941 E 1941 S 1942 E 1942 S 1943 E 1943 S 1944 E 1944 S 1945 E 1945 S 1946 E, I of SHILL to space 1946 E, I of SHILL to bead 1946 S 1947 E 1947 S 1948 E 1948 S 1949 E 1949 S 1950 E 1950 S 1951 E 1951 S 1953 E, I of LIZ to bead 1953 S, I of LIZ to bead 1953 E, I of LIZ to space 1953 S, I of LIZ to space 1954 E 1954 S 1955 E, thin rim 1955 E, thick rim 1955 S, I of ING to space 1955 S, I of ING to bead 1956 E, I of FID to bead 1956 E, I of FID to space 1956 S 1957 E 1957 S 1958 E 1958 S 1959 E 1959 S, ornaments near 1959 S, ornaments far 1960 E 1960 S 1961 E 1961 S 1962 E 1962 S 1963 E 1963 S 1964 E 1964 S 1965 E 1965 S 1966 E 1966 S