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  1. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    You are correct Bob its not an open 3 both the top and bottom are not right and just a normal one.
  2. PWA 1967

    Steep slabbing premiums

    The one on the left was RAW and not slabbed Bob ,the one on the right was in a CGS slab and yes the variety was on the label.
  3. PWA 1967

    Steep slabbing premiums

    Another to show how slabbing high grade coins can help them sell at a premium rather than just people going off a photograph. A couple of nice 1909 Dot have recently been put on the forum and are scarce in grades of better than fine. Both coins were sold in the public domain ,so happy to share them with the coin on the left selling at LCA and the coin on the right sold on a dealers website for £1500. Both coins when i sent pictures of both sides to people they thought would sell in the £300 / £500 range which i also thought was about right if the coin on the right was raw. The coin on the right sold almost straight away and had a couple of offers ,with one person who missed it telling the dealer they would of paid more. I have sold all the ones i wanted to sell ,so makes know difference to me anymore as dont collect ,however anyone considering selling anything that is mint or high grade for type ,maybe its worth considering slabbing them whether you like the idea or not. Buying and grading off pictures is not ideal ,especially if the photos are as bad as mine 😃
  4. PWA 1967

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    The N in ONE Gary ,both of the uprights is to a gap and another indicator ?
  5. I am an Alchoholic although not had a drink at all for over four years ,i have never had a pint in one of those dimple things but have probably drank out of everyother glass in the picture. I think that dimple one is maybe an old mans glass 😃
  6. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    I bought this in a collection a couple of weeks ago and not the best picture,about as good a strike as you could find on a George V penny.
  7. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    They are really hard to find Mike especially with lustre and i have looked and bought a lot over about seven years.This was one of the best ones i bought thats UNC and very lightly MT and are so hard to find its one i kept when i sold a lot of other types.
  8. PWA 1967

    Pennies High grade.

    Not a penny but a book. The British Numismatic Journal Volume 81 2011. Hardback and approx 400pp in like new condition ,the book has numerous studies ,articles etc and happy to mail the details if anyone is interested or take a picture of the contents page just PM me. It does have a 22 page study though that is penny related.....Written by R.J.Pearce.😀 A study of the "Weyl " pattern pennies ,halfpennies and farthings dated 1860 and 1887. Quite big and heavy ,so will cost me a few pound to post. £20 Posted . Pete.
  9. PWA 1967

    Steep slabbing premiums

    It was a really good buy for £30 👍 They are really hard to find in high grade , one sold slabbed for a premium at LCA graded CGS Choice UNC 82 for £280. My own was graded by NGC MS65 and then graded by CGS 85 which is a really high grade and the picture not doing it justice. I Sold it privately ,but was for a lot more than the one graded 82.
  10. PWA 1967

    Steep slabbing premiums

    Thanks Mike A perfect example of a picture of a coin and what i was trying to explain and the benefits of sometimes having a coin slabbed to sell it. I am not suggesting anyone pays high prices for slabbed coins , just the fact that if you can sell them for more by spending an extra £20 or so it can often be worth it. As you have the coin in hand and you can grade properley what grade is it please and can i assume its problem free ? I will leave a wide grading scale as obviously reflects the possible resale value if it was slabbed......... GEF , AUNC ,UNC, CHOICE UNC ,BU ? Thanks again. Pete.
  11. PWA 1967

    Steep slabbing premiums

    Yes ,not every coin is going to have a premium just because its in plastic or else everyone would be slabbing them to sell. I am on about ones graded really high MS65 or CGS 82/ 85 ,in other words bronze pennies that are BU and problem free.
  12. PWA 1967

    Steep slabbing premiums

    The picture would not fit on the other post .
  13. PWA 1967

    Steep slabbing premiums

    I think the main benefit is we all have different opinions on grade if you are looking at a picture. Pictures may show faults or problems but may not always capture the strike ,lustre or eye appeal.The independent grade that a slab offers imo gives more confidence for buyers worldwide ,especially why we have covid restrictions on shows ,viewing at auction etc. 12 months ago i started to sell some ( the better ones ) of a slabbed collection and then continued over the next couple of months ,so the coins were sold to numerous buyers.Nearly everyone sold for the CGS value or in some instances quite a lot more and not one was returned.Coins regardless of year and type will all be different ,however ones that are slabbed in a really high grade will sell for a premium ,not just to investors but to people who realise they dont turn up all the time.I think looking and reading the forum we may become blinkered and not like them slabbed or the prices people may ask.The bigger picture is there are people buying them everyday ,although they may not post on here its not because they dont know how to grade themselves or know anything about coins but they want high grade coins independently graded. As an example this 1926 ( i had posted the picture on here before ,so a good example ) was slabbed by NGC ,i broke it out and sent it to CGS ,although i did not tell CGS the grade or that it had been slabbed previously.I was confident after receiving the coin and seeing it in hand that it would achieve a high grade and at the time fitted in the collection i had put away.So the coin was independenly graded by two grading companies and sold straight away. The difference was it was in a slab ,whereas the picture below shows the coin raw. I will let you form your own opinion on grade and what it sold for ,but after selling a lot i do now know that buyers will pay much more for high grade or problem free coins if the slab confirms it ,its just that they dont post on here 🙂
  14. Not really for Ians coins as sure he will get back to you Mike but if you want to look at any that have sold. If you look at the left hand side and scroll down to Show Only and then tick the completed listings box it will show you the finished sales.
  15. PWA 1967

    New UNC Coins

    Yes Chris its ones like you bought that are hard to find in BU as most will be circulated and the mintage figures/ prices in the books for the 10p dont seem right 3,487 ,000 and £1 - £4. The £2 in UNC mentioned above at £60 in the books is more on the right mark with regards price as they are also really hard to find.