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  1. Its a different style IMO ,its fatter and the ends not the same.
  2. PWA 1967

    More Pennies

    victoria penny 1892/1 Not recorded Very Rare Better In The hand High Grade | eBay 😮 😂
  3. The descriptions for each reason have always been there and most collectors familiar with them , they were also then put in the terms and conditions which people signed before they sent them.People signing the paperwork when things changed were made fully aware of the service they provide and the one word for a rejection , therefore they did not expect anymore for the price they were paying Corrosion ,Verd ,Damage ,Fake ,Altered etc.............This one word i think is enough for the majority of people and the TPG are not going to agree to an after service for every coin sent to them or more information in writing for the same fee. I might not of explained myself very well being thick as rather than individual reason ,i should of put definition for each rejection is on the website 😀
  4. Yes your right all the grading companies could do more and give more of a reason ,although with regards value for money £12 ,£16 and £26 including vat i think is. I send them for a numerical grade and to be put in plastic to confirm the grade and take pictures should it be re sold ,that is what they say they will do for the price and what i pay for. Coins that are rejected are not given a numerical grade and returned with a reason ,these reasons are explained in more detail on the website as it wont fit on the slab. With regards how much effort to provide a properly worded reason for something not offered , it does not sound much to what may be a couple of lines ,although every coin is obviously different and they did not offer the service of a report or properly worded reason to describe the problems in great detail , just to either give it a numerical grade or reject it.Not many are rejected for something that is unusual like the one mentioned and pictured ,however if every coin rejected for other reasons ( of which there are thousands of coins ) after 2/3 graders looked at it i feel sure the price would go up , were would this information go on a seperate typed out email or letter perhaps ,how much aggravation would it cause if six parts of the coin with problems were mentioned and one part not or vice versa . If the price goes up then most people would be paying extra for a report or information they did not need or want in the first place. My own experience when i have asked for help and an explanation on rejects i had was way over the service i originally paid for and i was really greatful. What i said was either way they cant win if they dont charge for rejections as people may think its not been rejected because they dont get paid. I think the answer would be if you would like a full report the price would be £XXXX or alternatively dont send it and show it a dealer or put pictures on the pre-decimal coin forum 👍
  5. Thats 100% right IMO they are basiclly saying that in their opinion its not maybe right or has problems and dont try to re - sell it as being ok with our name on the slab.
  6. Good point Ian ,although i think it could go on forever and then not only would it not fit on the ticket ,2 or 3 peoples opinion would need to be typed on. One grader might think its been altered in another part aswell etc ,so its either Altered or not.Like cleaned is cleaned or damage is damage etc. ,not exactly on the coin which could be numerous parts. I think the Florin pictured probably was as although i dont have a clue about them the other 30 ish they have graded were all ok ,so not a flaw thats on others and maybe a difference. I may be wrong just as they might of been and if so the coin gets broken out ,still the same coin that you sent them and not cost much for people to have a look at. The problem is if you dont learn and keep buying them with the same faults after showing the coin in hand to someone else who may confirm CGS were right. I only buy and used to collect pennies ,so dont have a clue about rejections for any silver coins. Either way CGS dont do them anymore and i hope with NGC they find some problems with mine i send so i know they are doing a good job ,maybe if they do i can query the rejection with them should i need to 🙂
  7. The cost was £12 / £16 and the opinion given. If they didnt charge for rejections ,maybe people would then be saying....They have not rejected it because they dont get PAID unless they say its ok....Cant win 😀 With regards letting the customer know the reason in more depth i think the majority of the time you could tell if they had a second look ,cleaned ,scratched ,damaged,fake etc.Although if not then it was easy to just phone them up and ask for a quick explanation. Again this is a service that was provided in my opinion very cheaply and no doubt they could of perhaps done more ,maybe then though people would of said they are charging to much ,when they put the prices up. No matter what they do or the opinion they give you wont please everyone if you are honest ,maybe people dont like finding out that someone else does not think its as good as they do or annoyed they missed a problem that someone else spotted.More often than not the people who have not been happy is because the grade was strict or the coin rejected ,they are then not happy with the opinion and service and maybe dont use them again ,rather than learning from the opinion. Its an opinion and people who dont want it dont send them ,could not be more simple. Maybe the perfect business model is to just grade everything really high ,dont reject any and dont charge anything ,although even then maybe some people would not be happy. I as many others have , been sending them to NGC and after sending coins to another company for years feel i am comfortable in the grade and condition before i send them ,but will be the first to admit that if something comes back that i missed and only saw after then i was wrong and know they are providing the service i asked for.
  8. https://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&searchterm=Pennies+Cleaned&searchtype=1 Some more pennies for anyone interested ,some with artificial (chemical dip ) lustre colour.
  9. Yes i agree as i mentioned its often hard to tell from a picture ,although you have years of experience and knowledge ,its beginners that are mostly buying them. Pictures is what most of us buy from and new collectors when they receive the coin are not sure what to look for even when they have the coin in hand. Without a second opinion they will then as a forum member messaged me last night / this morning told me just put them away ( as he did ) and only find out when they come to sell them or show them in hand to someone else. Its hard to be sure at first ,although a step in the right direction ,if new collectors have some guide lines to follow. I know or have read on here (BIll pugsley CGS ) people being really dissapointed when they come to sell some that they are not perhaps as good or worth as much as they thought. Plenty people have sent them to a TPG only to find out months after buying them the coin was cleaned / re toned and i dont know anyone personally who did not agree when the pointers were explained to them.Some may not agree and say the TPG does not know what they are doing ,although i feel thats more in disappointment they have been shown something and thought they knew better. I have not got any other pictures of cleaned / re toned coins as i have either returned them ,thrown or given them away ,sometimes to forum members. ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ https://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&searchterm=Cleaned+Penny&searchtype=1 A sample of ones that LCA have listed as cleaned that i mailed to a forum member which helped him and hat off to LCA and recently DNW for making people aware before bidding.
  10. You will probably be better to try NGC rather than NCB 😀 👍
  11. Years ago when i first started collecting and didnt know any better i sent some coins to CGS and was the best thing i ever did as made me learn about coins that had been cleaned and retoned.They were rejected as cleaned although they were toned and i did not have a clue or understand what it meant or why and then spent hours with dealers ,graders and cleaning /re toning some low grade ones ,so i could see the results in hand. The majority of times a coin has been cleaned and then re toned the coin will be an unatural colour as the cleaning has altered the surface.I consider a coin cleaned if the metal has been altered either by Chemicals or damaged caused by abrasion.Coins IMO washed in warm water or bits taken off with a cocktail stick carefully you would not be able to tell as its not damaged the surface. Although only pictures which often IMO is like grading and much harder to tell...............I have just tried to download them and was unable to 😂 Maybe someone is able to put the pictures up please for three pennies UIN 32575 ,32578 and 37644.They may be of know interest to people who know what to look for but might help a new collector or save them a few quid.Bronze go Pink ,brown ,purple or even white and Copper Pink ,purple or black.....Ish colour as depends how much the coin has retoned.The colour can often be blotchy or speckled as the cleaning has changed the metal unevenly. Its an opinion but better to have one than just assume everything is ok. I should also mention the copper penny was sent on behalf of a forum member ,hope thats ok 😀
  12. One i bought NOT attributed off a dealers website ,he is a good friend ,so did tell him what it was but happy to sell it me 👍 They are easier to spot with the other indicators ,die crack to the left of DEI and a wider I in Gratia. Dont see many in a decent grade 1848 /6.
  13. PWA 1967

    Proof Set Boxes

    I think its probably worth phoning or sending an email to the Royal mint museum Dave or phoning them to ask who to send the enquiry to. Probably got a better chance of an answer from them than on here 👍
  14. It means have a look at it before bidding as we dont think its right or cleaned but not as bad as the others 😀 They would not say it if the coin looked ok ,so either unnatural or altered surface / finish ?