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  2. There are also lots of farthings in this series which have been gilded to pass off as half sovs. I have two - one dull and clumsy, the other lustrous and very attractive.
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  4. Peckris 2

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Very obtuse - he mentions the "1927 obverse" not reverse!
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  6. Martinminerva

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Somebody else now trying to jump on that bandwagon, though suspect this one is just total ignorance rather than fraud. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/266766404000?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11021.m43.l1120&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=6152c033966842d9bd5af6cdef42cc77&bu=43098541495&ut=RU&osub=-1~1&crd=20240413030842&segname=11021 I particularly like the "obtuse" reference!!
  7. That's great - thanks. So definitely not a Barton. And I assume it can't be a gold proof, so we are back to the original attribution - a gilded silver 1825 shilling.
  8. I have had this 1825 shilling in my collection for years and I always assumed it was just someone's attempt to pass off as a Sovereign by gold plating it. However, I was looking in ESC this morning and spotted that there was a gold coloured variety produced in "Barton metal" - copper between thin layers of gold. I got to wondering if this might explain my gilded shilling. The weight is the same as the silver shilling (5.62g). ESC mentions that the copper is sometimes visible on the edge - I cannot see any evidence of that. Is there any other way of distinguishing them? Here is the specimen:
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  10. NGC moments. Thanks guys.
  11. Plenty more to come. There are approx. 170 Roman and 850 British in total.
  12. 1860 toothed border/beaded border penny. Lot 1462. Freeman 9. NGC have slabbed it as a halfpenny in their wisdom.
  13. Toothed border/beaded border.
  14. I just came across this auction via numisbids alerts yesterday. I'm pretty floored by the quality, and this is only part 1, no less. I was commenting elsewhere that the estimates felt about half what i'd expect, at least for lots I'm semi-familiar with.
  15. Kipster

    Graded Sovereigns

    I have the following up for sale: 2002 Golden Jubilee Sovereign PF70UC 2005 Timothy Noad design Sovereign PF70UC 2022 Platinum Jubilee Sovereign PF70UC If anyone is interested, message me before I ebay them. All have COA's and boxes. Will do free SD postage.
  16. As is the description of the 1860 TB/BB mule on the slab. NGC have identified it as a halfpenny on the label, thus creating a variety that didn't exist previously and at same time producing a population report for said fantasy piece. Still, at least it fills the gap between penny and farthing. Another box to tick.
  17. And that's without the original flip! They've just found a small parcel of them at the back of their basement that they never knew they had, squirrelled away many moons ago.....etc.
  18. Yes they're low, but most people bidding on these will be fully aware of a rough market value, so will bid accordingly, and the prices he paid for some of the heavyweight items are well documented. The quality and rarity of a significant number of pieces relative to their peers renders the expected results uncertain in any case, so it is better for the auctioneer to get the ball rolling with multiple bids than it is to start close to where you think it will end up and end up having to pass lots. Low estimates may in fact benefit the bidder, because in virtually every sale something goes under the radar. e.g. in Noonans last December, I paid the same for the Edward III Reading penny (@one bid over starting price), as it sold for in 1983 - not bad for the best of 3 known given Stewartby's (second best) sold for nearly £1K in 2016. It wouldn't have happened if the estimate had been a more realistic £500-600.
  19. I dread to think! I was lucky if I could get 50p for one, so I guess Coincraft probably want £20+ ?
  20. and many of the estimates are obvious teasers as well. Perhaps better to pop round the corner to Coincraft and pick up a very reasonable "getting harder and harder to find" 1977 crown in Unc or nearly so (with original plastic flip) for a bargain basement price of ....how much????!!!!!
  21. Went to see part 1 of the British today with an advance list of potential box ticking lots. After some brutal pruning I'm left with 32 lots and a pre-sale estimate of around 80K Might have to conduct this auction in Turkish Lire
  22. The 1895 YH farthings suffer the same poor/worn die problem.
  23. That will be KAROLVS, ie Charlemagne, the obverse following the Roman style. Jerry
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