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  1. Yesterday
  2. Stylistically similar, but there are obvious marked differences. So definitely not the same punch.
  3. I remember reading years ago, and goodness knows where (but might have been in an ancient Coin Monthly), that there was a conjecture that these open 3s might actually have been overdates on a 1902 die due to the matching curve at the top of both 3 and 2 and some hint of a flatter straight at the bottom of the open 3 to match the remains of the horizontal of the 2. If so, perhaps a numeral punch was not in fact used at all, but rather the open 3 was skilfully hand-cut into the die, by a meticulous engraver. Such hand cut digits do exist elsewhere in the UK coinage series according to eg. Davies and others. Just a thought - perhaps a punch search might be in vain!!
  4. You also have to consider punches used for medals
  5. I'm not convinced the prices reflect rarity of any particular box, rather the work involved. You have a base cost for materials which won't vary much whatever the contents, but the 4 hole gold would be cheaper than the 6 hole silver, and the 10 hole long set involves the most indents to form.
  6. I don't often get drawn to the dark side (foreign coins) but here a couple more I got a while back. I particularly like the Hannover piece as it is George IV as Elector of Hannover as well as King of Britain.
  7. VickySilver

    Proof Set Boxes

    I agree, an excellent result! The cardboard hard to do much with sadly and just not so attractive in any case (my Derwent Wood case).
  8. DaveG38

    Proof Set Boxes

    Not that long. Glueing the lid back together took about 10 minutes plus a day's drying time. Repairing the hinge, just a few minutes to drift the pin out slightly, fold the hinge back in place and drift the hinge pin back again. The longest part of the leather restore was actually mixing the acrylic paints to get as close to the original shade as possible. Then it was just a case of touching up the scuffs and using a finger to spread the paint evenly to blend it in. Touching up, took about 20 minutes. Once dry a couple of coats of hide food plus buffing out took about 5 minutes each. So, overall working time was no more than an hour, maybe a shade over, all spread out over a couple of days to allow for drying times. Not too onerous realy, and not much real skill needed either. Just a bit of patience and a little knowledge on how to treat leather - been watching Susie on 'The Repair Shop' to gather the knowledge needed.
  9. 1699 Hungarian Thaler featuring Leopold I as Holy Roman Emperor:
  10. Here are some of my examples of thalers: 1565 thaler featuring Augustus as Elector of Saxony
  11. Date of my 1903 florin. Looks about the same as the previous example.
  12. Last week
  13. Thalers often feature impressive designs and I particularly like the cityscape reverses. Even 14th and 15th centuries thalers are usually milled and minted to a much higher standard compared to the hammered English coinage of the same period.
  14. Yes, I think you are right ( I've alerted the media) but it's the coincidental change of style that intrigues me...
  15. Not possible IMO - the florin date is tiny compared to the penny. It just wouldn't work.
  16. I had a quick look at the obvious ones in Krause .Canadian 1 cent is a flat topped 3, Jamaica is different and Guernseys 1903 was done by Heatons .If it is a punch for a foreign one , it will take a bit of work or good luck to find it.
  17. Yes, maybe, depending on wear ( any open 3 pennies around in that condition? ) but I do think it's a strange coincidence - that 3 appearing in a new style, and a very few pennies being done the same....
  18. Zo Arms

    Proof Set Boxes

    A beautiful result that not many would have the skill or inclination to attempt. If I may ask, how long did it take to achieve?
  19. Its a different style IMO ,its fatter and the ends not the same.
  20. Not an exact match I would say, though similar. We need photos of the two to the same magnification. Is there a list anywhere of the RM’s overseas production during 1902/3? Anyone with a copy of Krause and time on their hands? Jerry
  21. Any pictures of a 1903 florin anyone ?
  22. Oh yes- foreign stuff...forgot about that. It does seem odd that this style of 3 pops up on two coins at once....
  23. That is very interesting, the ‘open 3’ punch must have come from somewhere in the mint’s stock, and it looks like they were using that font on the florin at least, even if not the same size. As you say, they need measuring. And possibly a look at Krause, as the mint may well have used that font for foreign coins they struck. Jerry
  24. Its a bit out in the sticks but a great day out - like I said august or september for me with the garden, just because the dahlias are at their best then.
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