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  1. I remember reading years ago, and goodness knows where (but might have been in an ancient Coin Monthly), that there was a conjecture that these open 3s might actually have been overdates on a 1902 die due to the matching curve at the top of both 3 and 2 and some hint of a flatter straight at the bottom of the open 3 to match the remains of the horizontal of the 2. If so, perhaps a numeral punch was not in fact used at all, but rather the open 3 was skilfully hand-cut into the die, by a meticulous engraver. Such hand cut digits do exist elsewhere in the UK coinage series according to eg. Davies and others. Just a thought - perhaps a punch search might be in vain!!
  2. Martinminerva


    Iain Dracott says in his 2004 Coin News articles that he discovered it, but doesn't mention when. No references I can find that pre-date that, but only Iain would know for sure. Don't know if he is a member here, or if another member is in contact with him?
  3. Martinminerva


    Obviously not a lot of halfpenny collectors out there... ! I know it's crappy, but how many of this type do exist??
  4. Martinminerva


    The shield rim IS indeed slightly recessed, like the original 1860 rev C that it appears to be based on. As specimens wear of course, that becomes a flatter part of the coin, so not a reliable definer. Much better is the lighthouse itself, plus the fact that the PE of PENNY are much closer to the linear circle than on the normal 1873 reverse.
  5. Martinminerva


    Found it! http://www.predecimal.com/forum/topic/3664-coin-aquisition-of-the-week/?page=502&tab=comments#comment-141727 And here's a screenshot of it :
  6. Martinminerva


    Probably because the original post is 13 years old now!! I remember seeing on the forum a while ago that Bernie had found a lustrous A.Unc specimen of the 8+C# and posted pictures of that, but in another thread that I haven't been able to track down yet, but I'll keep looking...
  7. Martinminerva


    The one I have listed on eBay is definitely obverse 8. Compare it with my (much better!) obverse 7 one above... Especially the position of the top leaves in relation to the colon after G of D:G: and the bottom of the truncation - obverse 7 above has truncation right up to linear circle, whereas obverse 8 on the eBay specimen has a distinct gap between bust and linear circle.
  8. Martinminerva


    I have just listed on eBay a pretty grotty but identifiable example of this 1873 8+C# die pairing halfpenny if anyone wants to fill a gap... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284372897001 Wonder exactly how many are now known? Still think it's pretty rare though! cheers!
  9. Martinminerva

    1851 silver threepence - low grade is ok!

    😄 Not many of those about!! No - just a boring 1851 as long as the 51 is visible!!
  10. Martinminerva

    1851 silver threepence - low grade is ok!

    Trying to put together a date run of silver threepences... Would any member have a spare 1851 ? Low grade is fine; just need the date to be readable! Possibly also interested in an 1838 , similarly low grade would be fine. Cheers!
  11. Never really understood why the proof 1927 florin and threepence command such a premium (you won't get a decent one for under £100) over the sixpence and shilling and, to a lesser extent, the halfcrown, when all the mintages are the same? These latter 3 you can usually get for between 30 and 50 pounds, maybe a bit more for the halfcrown. Is it because there are 1927 currency specimens, albeit of a different design in the case of the sixpence and halfcrown, and so date collectors are already catered for, perhaps? Just a thought...
  12. Have LCA stopped sending out printed catalogues?? I never received one for the March auction and have yet to do so this time too. I much prefer browsing through a proper catalogue than squinting at one on a device... Needless to say, if they have stopped sending catalogues to customers of many years on their mailing list. they haven't deigned to tell me!
  13. Martinminerva

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    In this day and age, who says it's a she...😏
  14. Martinminerva

    Various rarer Freeman and Gouby varieties for sale...

    Yes, I felt that since they were all low grade, I'd bung them all together to save time and fuss. The final buyer might want to pick out the ones they want and sell on the rest, I suppose?!
  15. Martinminerva

    Various rarer Freeman and Gouby varieties for sale...

    Should sell ok - there are lots of watchers already, and the better F.69 has had an early bid!