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  1. Thank you all. Maybe one day......
  2. Just a quick question. Would this be considered to be an open 3? Bottom looks right but top is not as open as Freeman's illustration. Bob.
  3. Zo Arms

    Ebay - new registration requirement issues

    I had the email telling me to register a bank account. eBay set the account name as per the eBay account which, unfortunately, is the wife's name, so she now receives any sales money. A buyer can pay immediately with PayPal. eBay then hold your money for a couple of days and then graciously pass it on. I've received a selling offer this weekend of an 80% reduction in final value fees but only because I've changed to the new system. Not comfortable with eBay holding the account details as it seems they have the ability to direct debit variable amounts at will. But as it was an empty dormant account, they'll not get much if hacked. I've registered an Etsy account, so may give that a try in the future. They don't have the footfall of ebay, so sales may take longer tho. Certainly don't like eBay's 'Holier than thou' attitude.
  4. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    As much as it would be very satisfying to take all the credit, I had a gander at Richard's Half penny site last night, for the first time. He's of the view that the 2 F322's that he's seen, both bear obverse 11. So my discovery has already been discovered.
  5. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    An unfair question really. It's only worth what someone's prepared to pay on the day. London coins only had the one mentioned earlier in the thread, that wasn't one. It came in a better class eBay lot, so only trying to equate the outlay. I do believe I've joined the dark side. Half pennies for me. Thanks Chris.
  6. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Freeman gave it a rarity of R14. 251-500 existing. Given such a low number, would anyone care to hazard a ball park value please?
  7. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Ive said this because I couldn't quite get the R pointings on my coin to match Mal's pointings for obverse 12. Bob.
  8. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    However.... I have neither the knowledge nor experience to be taken seriously so these are purely amateur observations. Using Mal Lewendons photos in the thread '1874 half penny' 2015, the only concrete difference that I can spot is the pointing of the second T in Britt. Obverse 11 shows it pointing smack bang to a tooth. On obverse 12 the tooth is slightly to the left and the upright noticeably takes in some of the adjacent gap. Transfering this observation to the side by side obverses shown in Freeman, page 89, the difference can be seen with a shift of the eyes. On my coin the T is smack bang. Obverse 11?
  9. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Thank you for confirming for me. Means a lot.
  10. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    12 + L Freeman F322 ?
  11. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Could someone confirm my ID on this please. I think it's reverse L. Gary kindly forwarded the Draycott articles, which is where I found the pointings. A of half to a tooth.
  12. For those interested, heavy copper price at EMR was £4.51 per kilo this last week. Best price I've had for a long time. There will be a new weekly price from Monday but likely to be similar, maybe. Welcome touch just before Xmas.
  13. Was in amongst a small eBay bulk lot. The scrap silver covered the bid. This was an unexpected bonus. The result of a lockdown clear out by the seller, by the look of his other items.
  14. Not of the same calibre as everyone else's gains but a reasonable find. Freeman 662. 2 + A
  15. Exactly the same at the Portsmouth EMR. Another guy weighs in the bronze there. Saw them at the bottom of the bin. Health and safety prevented a rummage. I recall Mike's thread some months ago wondering how much had survived post melt and I commented then that I thought the percentage was dwindling rapidly for this very reason. We may get to a position whereby when a new variety is discovered, a Gouby X say, there is very little left to sort through.