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  1. Zo Arms

    Chinese coin on ebay

    If you check out his sold items choosing the Highest First option, coins 6 + 7 and 9 + 10 down, have both received the same treatment. 6 + 7 by the same bidder as the original posted coin, who has, incidentally bought his highest sold coin for a tad over £3000. The bidder with 605 feedbacks likes a bid too. I'm sure it's all above board tho. I really must tri ad get on with some work now.😁
  2. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Would anyone have a photo of the 62 over 26 overdate please? I've read Rob's notes at the back of Freeman but it would be helpful to see exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance.
  3. I would suggest 1 hole that gradually filled with grease etc, forming a smaller dot. Think die fill.
  4. Not only had you fooled Bernie. Had me fooled too. I was the other bidder. I had it down as an obverse 4 with reverse F. F272. R17. I've been kicking myself these last few days for not putting in a substantially higher covering bid, so a little relief for me I'm afraid. Your first loss seems a little convenient for the seller too, especially if he didn't know what he had.
  5. Zo Arms

    Ebay imports from the EU

    Even more worth while if your charging 20%, as opposed to 5%.
  6. Zo Arms

    Ebay imports from the EU

    I wonder if eBay earn interest on the tax money collected, before graciously popping it into the Revenue's bank account, a few days after receiving it.?
  7. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Thought I'd found a 6 over 8 here as the die pairing is correct. Unfortunately it was just dirt but look at the die fill I initially missed. F274A 5+E
  8. I can only apologise for the flip remark and I'm pleased that she is in recovery. We all tend to take our health for granted until something goes wrong. I'm sure that the whole forum sends you both all the best.
  9. It seems to me that the gaps between the beads on the first and last 2 coins are slightly different. The first one being slightly wider. So I decided to count them using Terry's and Chris's coins. Tapping a screen shot on a mobile phone using a 3 inch nail is not the way to do it successfully. I'll have to leave that to a braver man. But check the difference between the P pointings and the first leg N in one pointings between the 2 coins. If you take the first 1 of the date being directly above a tooth on all 4 of Terry's montage coins, somethings adrift. Or do I need a Specsavers visit? Bob.
  10. You could be right. I only assumed that it was the copper content. I did ask once before and they said chuck them in with the brass. I'll try and visit towards the end of the week and report back the scrap value of a Churchill crown.😀. Please form an orderly queue. And no pushing at the back..... Can you hear me?
  11. Heavy copper prices have risen steadily for the last couple of months. Weighed in today at £5.59 per kilo at EMR. Brass, if I remember correctly, is about £3.40. Ticket is in the van. Interestingly, I asked about the price for cu-ni coins, around £4.20 per kilo. They would need to assess the copper content of the alloy first though. They have some sort of laser device which reads the composition of any metal alloy. May be more convenient than your local university equipment for proving expensive coins. Just a thought.
  12. Thank you all. Maybe one day......
  13. Just a quick question. Would this be considered to be an open 3? Bottom looks right but top is not as open as Freeman's illustration. Bob.
  14. Zo Arms

    Ebay - new registration requirement issues

    I had the email telling me to register a bank account. eBay set the account name as per the eBay account which, unfortunately, is the wife's name, so she now receives any sales money. A buyer can pay immediately with PayPal. eBay then hold your money for a couple of days and then graciously pass it on. I've received a selling offer this weekend of an 80% reduction in final value fees but only because I've changed to the new system. Not comfortable with eBay holding the account details as it seems they have the ability to direct debit variable amounts at will. But as it was an empty dormant account, they'll not get much if hacked. I've registered an Etsy account, so may give that a try in the future. They don't have the footfall of ebay, so sales may take longer tho. Certainly don't like eBay's 'Holier than thou' attitude.
  15. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    As much as it would be very satisfying to take all the credit, I had a gander at Richard's Half penny site last night, for the first time. He's of the view that the 2 F322's that he's seen, both bear obverse 11. So my discovery has already been discovered.