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  1. Paddy

    Halfpenny ID check

    I am considering it - depends how high it goes! So far I have only gathered contemporary counterfeits in passing when they have come in with other coins, and all are in the 1770s. I have handled a few evasions, but always sold those on as the Americans tend to go crazy for them. The only list I have at the moment is at the back of the Withers Token book One.
  2. Paddy

    Halfpenny ID check

    That was the conclusion I was coming to. Seemed unusual to see one dated so early - I usually associate the contemporary counterfeits with the late 18th century but I see some of the evasions are dated much earlier, so that makes sense.
  3. Paddy

    Halfpenny ID check

    Here is the reverse:
  4. Paddy

    Halfpenny ID check

    Any thoughts on this? Vendor's picture, so please don't ask me for better ones. Described as 1739 Halfpenny, and size and reverse seem about right but this bust looks wrong to me. Is it a contemporary counterfeit, a modern forgery, or just unusual deformation of the portrait?
  5. I use Chrome and am having no problems at all. The address bar does show "Not Secure" but it always has done in the forum area as far as I know. It might be worth checking/comparing your Chrome security settings. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the browser window and select "Settings" and then "Privacy and Security". Under "Safe browsing" I have "Standard" rather than "Enhanced" selected. Further down under Advanced I have "Always use secure connections" turned off. I am not necessarily suggesting you change your settings, but if they are different it may explain where the issue is. Further - I just tried putting https before the predecimal address and got a "Not allowed" message where previously it said "Not Secure".
  6. Paddy

    Halfpenny ID check

    I usually rely on others to sort these out for me, but as no one seems to be replying, I will add my thoughts: I think the 1* obverse is clear - the lack of knot with the beaded border is clear. Not so sure about the reverse. The halfpenny website mentions A and A# , not A* - was it A# you meant? See https://halfpennyvarieties.wordpress.com/victoria-reverses/ A close up of the shield might help - looking for the extra incuse line for A rather than A#. Variations in the position of the 0 in the date are mentioned for both, so that alone is not an identifier. In any case the website suggests that in either case they are not that scarce. Or maybe I have missed the point with the A*?
  7. Paddy


    ... and I did not dispute that "fact" though I have seen no evidence to support it. If it happened 50 years ago, it was wrong then and remains wrong today. I doubt that it was as wholesale and targeted in the past. I was at university 45 years ago and I recall very little of what you describe. My fact, supported by current evidence, was completely discounted based on left wing bias against any media that does not support their narrow viewpoint. What really gets me is that the Labour party, supposedly champions of the working classes, for which I laud them, has now become the puppet of wealthy, privately educated and privileged trendies from London.
  8. Paddy


    ... and are you not also ignoring facts - as displayed in the Daily Mail - simply because of your bias against that paper? As @oldcopper puts it, much better than I could: "when you put the Daily Mail clipping to Peckris, he pulls out the cliched lazy get-out clause so beloved of the Left". Before you say "Why hasn't the BBC repeated the story?", that organisation has become so woke, left wing and anti Brexit it has ceased to publish any news that contradicts their viewpoint. I am wasting blood pressure again - I'm out of here.
  9. Paddy


    I think it is best we just agree to differ. Neither of us is likely to change our viewpoint substantially, so there is no point wasting blood pressure on the debate.
  10. Paddy


    ... and as if by magic, this headline article today. I know from the Daily Mail, so there will be a good deal of bias in choosing to run this topic, but the basic facts are still extraordinary:
  11. Paddy

    Roma Numismatics - Seen This?

    That's not a smile - it's a smirk!
  12. Paddy


    Fair comment that I would place my political views to the right of centre, but I would say well short of extreme. Just as I am aware that your position @Peckris 2 is well left of centre, but presumably would object to being called "extreme". I think it is the lengths some of the woke supporters go to suppress any view that does not concur with their own that I find most disturbing. Universities "cancelling" any speaker whose viewpoint is not up to date with woke culture smacks of extremism. The essence of a free democracy is freedom of speech, and that seems to be being undermined.
  13. Paddy


    We all have our views as to what would be "extreme" in the woke crusade. I would say the idea that a biological male, possibly even one convicted of sex offences against women, can one day declare that he now identifies as a woman, and immediately earn the right to hang around in female changing rooms - is extreme. Or that someone who has passed through puberty as a male, and so gained all the muscular advantages of testosterone, can then declare transgender and thereby be allowed to compete on equal terms with biological women - is extreme. Or that in some parts of the NHS they are no longer allowed to use terms such as "woman" or "mother" and are expected to use some complex phrase such as "child-bearing capable person" - is extreme. I am all for the fair treatment of all sexualities and genders, but that should not be at the expense of fair treatment for those who fit into the more traditional gender classifications. I have probably opened Pandora's box by expressing those views and will incur the wrath of the woke brigade. In their usual form they will seek to silence me as they despise any view that does not concur with their own. Reminds me a bit of the Catholic Church through much of its history.
  14. Paddy


    Anything that undermines the resolve, strength and morale of your enemy is useful to your cause. If Russia decided to invade across Europe now, how many of our present population would actually volunteer to resist them? Compare that to the situation in the last 2 World wars. Putin is well aware that the British have been the most resolute in resisting tyranny in the past. By taking us out of the equation he makes his ambitions much easier to achieve.
  15. Some may remember that I had a small batch of these a while back. I have one left and in my clear out it has to go. Inevitably it is the least good of the batch and the lustre has broken down in a few patches, but it is still pretty good. First sensible offer by PM, to include postage, gets it. Paddy