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  1. Spotted this sign at auction. Can't believe they ever got away with this!
  2. ... and finally the 1863 Shilling - substantial upgrade for me, but not the 1863/1 mentioned above:
  3. ... 1725 Shilling - another upgrade for me:
  4. ... 1672 Shilling - a new date for me:
  5. So here are my pickups from the auction - arrived today. One per post. 1663 Shilling - an upgrade for me:
  6. I didn't get all the ones I was interested in - the bidding went too high - but like you I pout in late bids on a couple that seemed to be going very cheap. I am also very pleased with my wins and should have them in hand very soon.
  7. Well spotted! A great buy for anyone into the variations. I have just checked back and you are correct - Irish and Scottish shields switched across. I don't go looking for that sort of thing, so probably miss some bargains. I am content with a decent example of each date.
  8. Devon to Mayfair is not much easier! I didn't view in person either - just trusted to their photography. (Noonans are reasonably reliable, unlike some of the others.) In fact I nearly missed the auction entirely. It was only an article on the BBC website on the morning of the sale that alerted me to it. The others I got were: the 1663 Shilling lot 14 as an upgrade; the 1672 Shilling lot 23, filling a gap; and the 1725 Shilling lot 163 as an upgrade.
  9. I was bidding online too. I picked up 4 lots, which must mean the prices were not as strong as usual. I got the 1863 as an upgrade, but not the 1863/1. I will post pics once I have them in hand.
  10. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    ... not even with someone else's bargepole...
  11. Paddy

    Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medal

    I can't help you with that specific version, but there do seem to have been a huge number of different versions produced. I had this one, with the same bust but a slightly different reverse quite a few years ago: Are you sure yours is silver? Many of these were struck in a pewter-like alloy. I assume you have checked the edge for any inscription that might relate it to a particular place?
  12. I don't know if anyone has definitive figures, but I have one, so it can't be that rare! 🙂 The rarest pennies site shows two examples, neither of them mine.
  13. This one is a Dubonni Silver unit:
  14. I have struggled to buy any of the 17th and 18th century silver I need in the last few months, so in desperation I resorted to bidding on Celtic coins as they seem so much more affordable. Two just arrived - this one is Atrebates Silver unit:
  15. Paddy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    No postage specified, otherwise I might have made him an offer of £1, just to see his reaction! First time I have noticed the "Ebay automated Feedback". How long has this been going on? Positive but "This seller successfully completed an order" certainly counts as "Damning by faint praise!