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    Thanks for that Michael , I knew that he was a Nepolionic Veteran, but because I found the picture on a French site, I assumed he was French . As you probably know he was pictured with a woman who I assume was his wife [ Picture below] . I used the picture because my wife thought there to be a resemblance to me 😟 . I do hope though that I don't look as grouch as he dose . Ironically my son in law has two ancestors who fought at Trafalgar , one of whom who lost a leg and survived , I myself had a three times Gr Grandfather named Thomas Mason who fought in the American War of Independence and was with Conwallis when he finally surrendered at Yorktown in 1781. He must have started his military career when he was recruited into the Third Reg. of Foot [The Buffs] in London, probably taking the Kings Shilling while drunk, as he then absconded only to be recaptured by a bounty hunter and sent to the Savoy Prison [ The converted old Palace which was where the Savoy Hotel now stands ] He went on to rise up to the rank of Sergeant and serve for twenty years.
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    A Geordie was told by his wife to go and buy a carpet........he came back with a Ford Fiesta.
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    I have placed a reference book of gold & silver coins 1066-1736, on Ebay, of which displays many pattern coins that I didn't know even existed. The book was issued in 1763 and is in my opinion, quite good condition for its age. Item id 145759903017
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    Atlas upcharges quite a lot on their items. I've lost auctions, to later find the item on their site, with a good 50 to 200% increase over auction price (incl juice). If I was already priced out in the auction, I'm def not buying from them with such a huge premium tacked on. I know they need to make money, but ouch.
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    Terry, Here's something I came across earlier this evening which I thought may interest you.
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    Arrived from Spain yesterday. Pleased to say that it is one. 9 1/2 date space and D to a tooth. Far better condition than I was expecting. Via this thread, a population of 7, known or presumed, since 2008. Extremely rare, or only 5 people bothered to look for one. Possibly the latter.😁
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    Won one, underbidder on three, blown out of the water on about 20 and didn't get out the starting blocks on a couple. The Roman sold for just under £2m and the British for just over £4.5m hammer prices. WOW. And there's somewhere close to 600 pieces to come. Edited to say sorry, should have been CHF not £s. Reduce the totals by 10% or so to give pounds.
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    Not to take away from your sale - this would be a wonderful addition to a bookcase - but if anyone's interested in the book's contents it's available in full on Archive.org: https://archive.org/details/bim_eighteenth-century_tables-of-english-silver_folkes-martin_1761/mode/2up
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    I believe the first print was 1736. Don't know whether it was as comprehensive.
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    Working in the army used to be a last resort job unless you were in public school and could get a job straight away as an officer even up till the first world war veterans were treated dreadfully even if they had medals , few got war pensions from war injuries as they were made very hard to claim and mental illness was rewarded with the workhouse or worse still Bedlam where the public paid a small fee too see the lunatics.. Officers got treated better but not by much.
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    The only problem is most of the gaps are the expensive ones.
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    I have 2 1925's at the moment, one is impaired due scratches on the bust (not mentioned by Spink when I bought it) and the other was graded as CGS78 (I think). Neither are as good as yours @ozjohn
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    That is certainly a lot better coin, but I would not want to spend £1200 on it! Increasingly I feel I will have to stick with my existing collection and give up on upgrades - the prices are just too crazy. What budget I have left I will focus on filling the remaining gaps.
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    Bah! Underbidder twice. Crazy prices! As for the ‘MS65’1827 penny, my AU55 at less than £1800 is prettier , at least by the photos. Jerry
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    No, that reads GVLIELMVS. I'm looking for a GVLIEMVS obverse die paired with a stop after BRITANNIA reverse die where the date is visible. A die match for the reverse die alone would be good too, but still preferably paired with the error legend obverse.
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    There are numerous reprints ,do you know what year the first edition is please ? EDIT................................................................................ Can ignore this now as just found one 1744.
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    you could even push that to near fine
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    Another TPG 1925 half crown. Perhaps flogging a dead horse but I think I prefere my one
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    I have a bit of bias in any case as I do not at all care for the Weyl and other private non-RM patterns. The silver series of 1863 drive me up a tree. I once bought an 1860 "penny" struck in silver that was a Weyl - and still have it. I think I will sell it one day but probably as I am in America slab it up and put it in Heritage.
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    I was looking at ozjohn's example. Silly me, that ebay one is crappie.
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    I messaged him to say that it was not the 1927 reverse and to mention the confusion of obverse and obtuse - he then changed the description to the "rare 1927 obverse". I then messaged him to say that it was not the 1927 obverse (M.E.) but he has not replied. Fortunately, no-one has been daft enough to bid on it.
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    Holy s**t! Mintage figures are released! Over 6k for the on the day! I misjudged that somewhat
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    The sixpence could easily be a split flan with the other half missing - as per this threepence.