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  1. Plenty more to come. There are approx. 170 Roman and 850 British in total.
  2. 1860 toothed border/beaded border penny. Lot 1462. Freeman 9. NGC have slabbed it as a halfpenny in their wisdom.
  3. As is the description of the 1860 TB/BB mule on the slab. NGC have identified it as a halfpenny on the label, thus creating a variety that didn't exist previously and at same time producing a population report for said fantasy piece. Still, at least it fills the gap between penny and farthing. Another box to tick.
  4. Yes they're low, but most people bidding on these will be fully aware of a rough market value, so will bid accordingly, and the prices he paid for some of the heavyweight items are well documented. The quality and rarity of a significant number of pieces relative to their peers renders the expected results uncertain in any case, so it is better for the auctioneer to get the ball rolling with multiple bids than it is to start close to where you think it will end up and end up having to pass lots. Low estimates may in fact benefit the bidder, because in virtually every sale something goes under the radar. e.g. in Noonans last December, I paid the same for the Edward III Reading penny (@one bid over starting price), as it sold for in 1983 - not bad for the best of 3 known given Stewartby's (second best) sold for nearly £1K in 2016. It wouldn't have happened if the estimate had been a more realistic £500-600.
  5. Went to see part 1 of the British today with an advance list of potential box ticking lots. After some brutal pruning I'm left with 32 lots and a pre-sale estimate of around 80K Might have to conduct this auction in Turkish Lire
  6. It's only really detrimental to coppers and proofs. As long as you don't coat it with your egg mayo sandwich, it will be fine. It's only the last 100 years we have had inert materials, so this had 300 years of exposure to handling prior to that.
  7. Charles I at Morton & Eden
  8. I forecast I will be looking for all the hidden piggy-banks during the next month or two, what with the Motcomb collection coming up as well. I could easily spend a six figure sum (which I don't have) in both these sales.
  9. The grading on some of the pieces seems a little harsh to say the least. On the plus side, it should help to restrict the number collectors.
  10. Rob

    Interesting commonwealth penny error??

    Double struck and either flipped over unintentionally between two strikes, or possibly was replaced upside down having fallen out. We'll never know but it happens occasionally. Here is a clearer example on an Anne farthing (P732) showing the same thing. Date on Anne's head and ties to left of shield.
  11. Rob

    Really old, yet new

    The sixpence could easily be a split flan with the other half missing - as per this threepence.
  12. Rob

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Not ebay, but it transcends this dubious online establishment. An email landed in my inbox today offering coins, watches and other items. Coins section attached. Esteemed Antique and Coin Dealers, As Trotters Jewellers UK, we find ourselves at the intersection of elegance and legacy. Today, we extend an exclusive invitation to discerning collectors like you-a chance to acquire remarkable pieces that transcend time. 1. The Back Story Our recent transaction was no ordinary affair. Through a seamless part-exchange sale, our coveted watches found new homes, and in return, we acquired an eclectic assortment of antique items and coins. These treasures, meticulously curated, now await your discerning eye. A. British Coins. 47 British Coins Collection: A symphony of £2 coins, each bearing rare errors subtly hidden within their circular motifs. These coins are not mere currency; they are whispers of history. Yours for £3000.00. 1971 New Pence 2p Coin: A relic from the past, its copper gleam carries memories. Valued at £2500.00. Rare 1p Coin Set: Three monarchs, three eras-these copper coins, minted in 1936, 1945 and 1967, bear the weight of time. Yours for £2150.00 Bank of England Queen Elizabeth One Pound Notes: A pristine set of two consecutive notes, a testament to regal elegance. Priced at £2250.00 Rare Two Pound (£2) UK Coin, The First World War 1914 - 1918: Commemorating valor and sacrifice, this coin stands tall at £3800.00 King Charles 50 pence Coin: An elusive find, steeped in history. Yours for £2850.00. etc. THE INVITATION - These treasures await their next custodian. Contact us at salesdepartment@trottersjewellersltd.co.uk Disclaimer: Prices are subject to market fluctuations. Each piece carries a story; let it become part of yours. Judd Green, Trotters Jewellers UK, 19 Great Winchester St, EC2N 2JA, London The 50p might be worth it if it's a Charles I.
  13. Too many people are anxious not to cause upset, but you need to call a spade a spade. Russia may take a typical empirical stance in its treatment, and may be only one of several players operating in this manner, but there's nothing wrong in specifically calling them out for what they are doing because the reason for and scale of the operation demands it. They are the major aggressor on the world stage at the moment because the war is the only really significant conflict between two nations on any scale, and with Russia promising to go to the next place which wants to be free of Russian interference when they've finished in Ukraine it would be a moral abrogation to just shrug our collective shoulders and say Ah, but they are an empire, so excuse them. Obviously there are other active areas of conflict such as Myanmar, various African states or Gaza to name but a few, but these are generally internal affairs despite attempts to draw in external parties. The problem is that they all have the same modus operandi. Legitimate military targets are hit, but this is accompanied by a very healthy dose of indiscriminate shelling or bombing of civilian targets.