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  1. I think that was who it was. The listing has now gone. I can understand dealers buying and reselling at a profit, but collectors are quite savvy, so if there is a coin of interest come up at auction, the likelihood is that the collector will be bidding on it. A while ago, Jon Blyth listed a hammered coin on ebay (think it was a William I penny) which sold for something like £2500. A week later, the buyer relisted it for around £4500. Again, those interested would have been bidding the first time around...I would have thought.
  2. I see the 1849 penny from the auction has pitched up on ebay for double the price it hammered at...😕
  3. That makes perfect sense. Thank you.
  4. Just been into London to collect the lot I won and picked up one of the high quality catalogues whilst I was there. An interesting bit about Geoffrey Cope at the start. I was just wondering though, the impression I get was that he was a hands on collector, so I'm interested as to why so many of the coins were graded. Was this done by him, or by the estate before going to auction?
  5. I see. Interesting. I've bid with them numerous times and often won at less than my high bid. I agree though, I don't like the auction format at all, but if it's already been discussed, I won't go over old ground.
  6. Kipster

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Thats definintely an AI generated description. 😁
  7. It's not difficult really, I send stuff in every now and then. Just a form to be filled in and then sent with the coin to the appropriate place. You need to be a paying member to submit on your own, or do it via a third party. Once you've done, it'll be easy. I'm lucky in that I call into the London office and leave everything there. Turnaround is always in working day, so 2 to 3 months in general.
  8. If I collected these, I dont think I'd be bidding on them. Hairlines all over the show for me.
  9. Is the second part in October?
  10. 13000CHF for an 1827 MS65BN graded penny... 🤯
  11. My mind has been boggled with the hammers. Nowt for me here. Correction. One. 😊
  12. Kipster

    Graded Sovereigns

    I have the following up for sale: 2002 Golden Jubilee Sovereign PF70UC 2005 Timothy Noad design Sovereign PF70UC 2022 Platinum Jubilee Sovereign PF70UC If anyone is interested, message me before I ebay them. All have COA's and boxes. Will do free SD postage.
  13. I'm having to sell before I can buy now, so I know what you mean.
  14. Kipster

    Graded Sovereigns

    Now the building work has nearly fiinished, I've had the chance to go through a few bits I have. I may be looking to move on a few graded modern proof sovereigns that I have no real affinity with. All NGC graded PF70 UC. This may not be the best place to move them on so I might just punt them out on ebay, but if anyone has any interest in this type of thing, just drop me a pm and we can see where we go. Cheers.