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  1. Has anyone been watching the St James auction this morning? Some big numbers being reached. A 1954 VIP proof farthing graded PR66 just hammered for £2,000.
  2. Kipster

    1867 Penny F53 6+G , UNC.

    Just PM'd you Pete. Cheers.
  3. Kipster

    A comparison of two auction houses

    And that one is an absolute stunner. Ir was CGS graded and I believe it was regraded by NGC as MS64. Looked far better to me.
  4. Kipster

    A comparison of two auction houses

    Guy Fonquernie and Richard Regnier both run it. Guy has some unbelievable pieces in his collection and is a penny collecting man. Richard does the silver side of things. They haven't updated any stock on their website for at least a year, so probably concentrating on auctions now.
  5. The drawing looks more like Mary, Queen of Scots to me.
  6. Kipster

    St James Premier Auction Today

    If it went to you, hats off.
  7. Very nicely done. I was bidding on that as well and you pipped me to it. 👍
  8. Picked up this penny at auction recently. An F139. The variety hadn't been noted on the slab so I think it slid under the radar. Not the most beautiful coin in the world with a couple of issues, but far, far superior to my current example, and picked up for a very reasonable figure (I think).
  9. Kipster

    English King Coin Discovery

    An interesting link for anyone into ancient English coins and history. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/archaeology/new-king-esunertos-hampshire-coin-b2432256.html
  10. There have been some unusually high prices hammered by coins in a few auctions recently. Some which had absolutely no right to get anywhere near the figures reached. Call me cynical, but it all seems rather suspicious to me. Perhaps someone's doing some laundry...who knows...
  11. Morning all, Just wondered if you could possibly confirm the die pairing on this 1861 halfpenny for me please? I'm sure I haven't asked before, so please forgive me if it's a duplicate. I'm using the great halfpennyvariety site to work it out, and I think this is 7 + G (missing rocks?) variety. Be grateful if someone could confirm for me please. Thanks.
  12. This is a perpetual problem with several of the auction houses. Over-brightness on the images wipes out a lot of black spotting, particularly on the full lustre/colour coins. I picked up my third choice yesterday, but was really after the 1739 O over R sixpence, so if anyone picked that up and is looking to sell it on, I'd be interested, within reason. I wanted to bid more and would have, but I have my eye elsewhere and wanted to keep the powder dry. I was surprised that all those lovely Halfcrowns didn't find a new home.
  13. I have a general query with regards to being able to identify a proof strike. The reason I ask this is because someone has listed a proof farthing for auction on the eBay, and I wanted to see if it was legit or not. Ebay isn't somewhere I would usually buy from, nor would I buy this particular coin as I don't like it, but with the obvious exception of the quality of strike, are there any other features of proof strikes that identify them such as different number of denticles etc?
  14. Taking images that give you a true representation of what a coin looks like completely eludes me. But then the old Sony camera is due for punting out on ebay anyway, so maybe a cheap DSLR is needed. I looked at a few proofs when I went to Noonans a few weeks ago, but the images actually made the coins look far nicer than they were in hand.
  15. This is interesting. That's pretty much how I would expect for a proof to look, however, this is currently for sale at Baldwins: https://www.baldwin.co.uk/product/victoria-bronze-proof-halfpenny-1868/ If it wasn't listed as a proof, I wouldn't have necessarily given this a second glance...
  16. That's the kiddy. It's a shocker from my point of view. Apologies, I should have posted the link.
  17. Thanks Paddy. I thought there might be something in Peck relating to it, so may have to fish it out. Victorian farthings really is the era, but from George IV onwards to be broader.
  18. I bought an error sixpence form them, but there was no ticket. The attached pics were what came with the coin, but may not be any use to you.
  19. I don't think this current bunch need much assistance in making themselves look like twats.
  20. Kipster

    Coin cabinets

    Morning all, I'm looking to get myself a small cabinet to move my bits out of flips into, so could anyone recommend anywhere to get one from please? I've had a look online for new ones, and can only find Peter Nichols or Rob Davis. Now then, after emailing the Peter Nichols website, I think there is a scam going on there. After doing a bit of research after a couple of email exchanges, it looks like Peter Nichols et al retired over 10 years ago. The phone diverts to a weird call answering service, and the bank details for payment were in what sounded like an African name, and from a weird bank that I had never heard of. Nothing went further at my end than that. Is Rob Davis still around and manufacturing does anyone know? I just rang and no answer. I only wanted a small sized one that would fit inside a safe (like Peter Nichols annulet), so failing that, I suppose it'll have to be keeping an eye out on ebay. Cheers.
  21. Kipster

    The crazy world of Top pop buyers

    And just before that, a 1965 MS66, and a 1966 MS66 hammered for £4,100 and £4,000 respectively... Same bidder I think, paddle numbers looked similar. What am I missing here?
  22. Picked up this rather nice one last week. The 15 leaf variety.
  23. Kipster

    The crazy world of Top pop buyers

    Not sure if anyone is watching the coin cabinet auction, but some lunatic has just won an MS67 1967 sovereign for a hammer of £13,000... 😯
  24. Kipster

    Have NGC got this wrong?

    Morning, I've been having a look through the upcoming auctions at Heritage, and came across this lovely looking thing: https://coins.ha.com/itm/great-britain/anne-copper-pattern-farthing-1714-ms66-red-and-brown-ngc-/p/61344-11250.s?ic4=GalleryView-ShortDescription-071515 Looking at the NGC label, they seem to think this is Peck 734. I'm no expert by a long chalk, but I don't think this is. Peck 734 would have this as Obverse 1 with reverse A. I make it Reverse E seeing as it's a 1714 pattern. What do you reckon?