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  1. Coinery

    Edward (II?) Farthing identification please

    So not these particular varieties but Edward II Class 10-11 - someone who has the book can give you the exact variety.
  2. Wow that’s super-special, Paulus, amazing!
  3. Coinery

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Lovely Elizabeth HAMMERED sixpence! This really started my day off with a smile!
  4. Coinery

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    I guess something that has always concerned me with Facebook is security. It’s always bothered me here, for example, that Coin Acquisition of the Week is unprotected, it’s not even in the Members’ section, and is basically a great big ‘hello’ to all the world that there are valuables around if they can only work out where you live (this is a little more challenging on a forum, I know, and some of us bank/alternatively store collections…but not everyone)? However, with Facebook that risk is multiplied near-infinitely, I’d say, with ill-considered page profiles making it very easy to track individuals down, almost to their door in some cases. With FB you can, in many cases, quickly find out where people regularly drink/eat, what they drive, where they work, etc. all within a few seconds…I guess this would be a major consideration of mine re FB coin groups!
  5. Coinery

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    Agreed! I’m thinking I’ll take a look at the Hammered FB group for a few days, just to see what goes on, but I’m not seeing it working tbh?
  6. Coinery

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    Is this the one?
  7. Coinery

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    Sorry @jelida but I don’t belong to any coin groups so can’t recommend them unfortunately. I think you make good points @Rob and @TomGoodheart re the searching of historic posts plus, I guess, you have to have been online at the time, or they’ll be buried long before you see them anyway?
  8. Coinery

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    It’s not that successful searching within the group on FB, I’m a member of a couple of vehicle groups, and I really struggle to find things I’ve previously seen.
  9. Oh, no, sorry to hear that! I’m just thinking about buying another one again, it depresses me to be taking rubbish coin pictures on my iPhone. What was the lens, I forget now? Cost more than the camera did IIRC?
  10. Coinery

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    Has FB anything to do with the lack of interest/engagement in old, fuddy-duddy, antiquated forum groups? Are there new ways that people are getting their coin engagements and fixes? What’s your thoughts?
  11. Nice! Bring ‘em on, Paulus! You still focused on tokens? Noticed the C1 HCs could potentially be taking over? Great to be fluid…builds knowledge
  12. WOW! That’s gorgeous, what artistry! The way that tone looks like clouds…prettier now than the day it was made!
  13. Definitely quiet, Paddy…there was a time you could barely keep up with the posts on here, tragic! It now feels rather decrepit tbh. Anyway, I too have recently been scouring the gold, but not seen anything yet that I like…at least not at a price I’d like to pay I did eventually buy the Marsh (Hill revision) book, though…a really nice thing I have to say!
  14. Coinery

    1567 REGNA LION 6d

    @Rob I wonder if the 4-10 hypotheses is correct, because I’ve just spotted another surviving REGNA coin for sale (not listed as such) from the same obverse die?