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  1. Nonmortuus

    St James Premier Auction Today

    Yes I had my eye on a couple of lots but they went for way over my budget.
  2. Nonmortuus

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    Hi Jerry, Here are a few of the more useful and/or busy ones. https://facebook.com/groups/259534051467342/ https://facebook.com/groups/2465098747044680/ https://facebook.com/groups/1612487989090789/ https://facebook.com/groups/ConderCafe/
  3. Nonmortuus

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    The facebook groups are certainly busy but the wealth of knowledge here is superb.
  4. Nonmortuus

    Australian 1967 Dollar coin

    I think on average its about £23 ish to get it slabbed but Matt will be able to confirm.
  5. Nonmortuus

    Australian 1967 Dollar coin

    Hi Paddy, I can put you in touch with someone for NGC grading if you would like. Used him a few times and so far so good.
  6. I know nothing on Pennys so advised him to join here to get an expert opinion on his coins.
  7. I replied on the post but was talking about a totally different coin due to how facebook showed the posts. I likely, unintentionally, added to the confusion. Sorry!
  8. Nonmortuus

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    A bargain to be had here! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/204402944223?hash=item2f975d68df:g:q7sAAOSw6mBkuR6E&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAAwEFqJRlKguAcvd4CexB2j3aOIW5uhNUP5PidblLyhPbFZ7GvzZoLRuJvO%2BKF1nNXCs1iVmMhgILHsxLPDfnVDl8meMLucRTt2YHy3nXPk73HCirDbWdZItvabyzxXo8WyMLQ6TQwJkcfI8vZ2CuefiOe01oEBGStnm3vAhZNmytuCRBBdN6AuIDxzsIR%2BaNMAQJyyMOEMloY3ckTOjQlH7ehSCIUX9nV21TDjvwPbzMnMlmBxqtS1IBk0rFMNuXvew%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR-rC57KuYg
  9. I tend to keep all my raw coins in quadrum capsules of the appropriate size. So far (8 years since I started collecting) nothing has been affected by these capsules.
  10. Nonmortuus

    Can’t post in the “wanted” area

    Likely a daft question but have you tried a lot of the main dealers out there? A few of 1938 Farthings listed as BU for sale but without pictures so you would need to request them.
  11. Nonmortuus

    Can’t post in the “wanted” area

    If you are adamant that you want the coins slabbed then there are a few people on Facebook who will facilitate NGC grading if you do not want to deal with it yourself. I echo all of the above, buy the coin not the slab and take 'top pop' stats with a pinch of salt!
  12. My Dracunculus vulgaris has flowered this year but instead of the usual 1 flower we have 5, 4 are now open and the stinking of rotting meat is terrible if you get within a couple of feet! 🤢😁
  13. Nonmortuus

    Halfcrown list

    I dont have my copy of Davies to hand but @DrLarry posted about this a while back. Be interesting to see what the forum thinks, is it a B or R? Im leaning towards R.
  14. Nonmortuus

    Halfcrown list

    Facebook post.
  15. Nonmortuus

    E over R DEF 1817 Halfcrown

    And Nadeems example.