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  1. Nonmortuus

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    Hi Jerry, Here are a few of the more useful and/or busy ones. https://facebook.com/groups/259534051467342/ https://facebook.com/groups/2465098747044680/ https://facebook.com/groups/1612487989090789/ https://facebook.com/groups/ConderCafe/
  2. Nonmortuus

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    The facebook groups are certainly busy but the wealth of knowledge here is superb.
  3. I have a pile of new stuff @Paddy, various things, just not had time to take any pictures as yet!
  4. I have 2 22's, this is probably the better of the 2. It came from the same lot as the 21.
  5. Still one of my favourite designs! Lovely coins. This is my best 21, few bag marks etc but its a nice coin. At some point I need to look at upgrading a lot of my George V date run as a lot were bought when I first started collecting.
  6. Hope you are feeling better Jerry!
  7. If you are there every month we should meet up at Robs table!
  8. Another type ticked off, my first Anne Halfcrown, not top top grade but a nice coin in hand with toning that doesn't show on the pictures. I would go aEF on the grade but what do others think?
  9. Nonmortuus

    Australian 1967 Dollar coin

    I think on average its about £23 ish to get it slabbed but Matt will be able to confirm.
  10. Nonmortuus

    Australian 1967 Dollar coin

    Hi Paddy, I can put you in touch with someone for NGC grading if you would like. Used him a few times and so far so good.
  11. And 2 more types ticked off for now, not my picture:
  12. A few new additions, first courtesy of Rob:
  13. I know nothing on Pennys so advised him to join here to get an expert opinion on his coins.
  14. I replied on the post but was talking about a totally different coin due to how facebook showed the posts. I likely, unintentionally, added to the confusion. Sorry!