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  1. Varietalis

    Coin cabinets

    Just a heads up to anyone who's in the market for a coin cabinet, have a look at Baldwin's auction 112 (11 Oct 23) lot 1429.
  2. Varietalis

    1965 sixpence dies 1B (D of DEI to a gap)

    Yes, I have the thicker rim obv of the 1964. This seems relatively common. On the 1965 sixpence 1B, I see that one was sold by LC for £55 in 2015 as part of the Bill Pugsley Collection. I'll increase my offer to £40 - £70 should anyone be tempted to part with theirs.
  3. Varietalis

    1965 sixpence dies 1B (D of DEI to a gap)

    No, don't have that. I see one was sold by LC (part lot 774, auction 157, 2017). Same coin I wonder?
  4. Varietalis

    1965 sixpence dies 1B (D of DEI to a gap)

    Yes, I do have the 1964 D of DEI to a bead. At £12 definitely one of my better ebay finds. https://www.flickr.com/photos/199102446@N05
  5. Varietalis

    1965 sixpence dies 1B (D of DEI to a gap)

    I'm encouraged that you found the 1964 (D of DEI to a bead) rarer as I managed to buy this on ebay in 2021 for £12. I thought I'd nabbed the '65 on ebay just last week, but it turned out to be a mirage as the seller had uploaded the rev and obv photos from different coins.
  6. A stubborn gap for me has been the 1965 sixpence dies 1B (D of DEI to a gap). So I'm putting the call out there, should anyone have one to sell please PM me. I'm thinking in the £30 to £60 range, depending on grade.
  7. After all those 1000s of coins it's strange to think that, other than commemoratives, there won't be a 2023 or any other new coin with the Queen's portrait on it.
  8. Varietalis

    NGC grading OMFG!!!

    From NGC's T&Cs 'An owner of an NGC-certified Coin (“Owner”) who believes the Coin is overgraded or not genuine shall submit it for evaluation under NGC’s free “Appearance Review” service. It is not necessary to be an NGC member to submit a Coin for Appearance Review.'
  9. Varietalis


    Agreed, which is a shame because the LCGS website could be a really good reference resource if only LC had the inclination to exploit its potential.
  10. Varietalis


    The site doesn't work with Chrome. I can only sign in using an Apple device.
  11. Varietalis


    I believe LCGS are no longer running a grading service. I had thought it was due to COVID but I don't think they have restarted. Unless anyone knows any different.
  12. Good spot! Definitely worth a punt for £2.
  13. My view is that they will stick to commision bids only. If the better lots don't get enough interest to meet reserve then they will just re-appear in the September, ie. post lockdown, auction.
  14. Yours is definitely a light finish. It looks from the photo as though it did pass through some mint darkening, just to a much lesser extent. Good to know what to look out for.
  15. Just looking through the Colin Cooke 'Staines Collection of Farthings' catalogue, which came out just yesterday. Interestingly there are no Edward VII 'light finish' examples even among this comprehensive collection built up over 30 years.