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  1. Not an exact match I would say, though similar. We need photos of the two to the same magnification. Is there a list anywhere of the RM’s overseas production during 1902/3? Anyone with a copy of Krause and time on their hands? Jerry
  2. That is very interesting, the ‘open 3’ punch must have come from somewhere in the mint’s stock, and it looks like they were using that font on the florin at least, even if not the same size. As you say, they need measuring. And possibly a look at Krause, as the mint may well have used that font for foreign coins they struck. Jerry
  3. jelida

    Chinese coin on ebay

    Looks like it’s back on as a buy-it-now for £800. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284378492283?hash=item4236476d7b:g:nnQAAOSw~kNg9uup
  4. Certainly patinated Roman bronze coins were traditionally coated with wax, which would need to be made into a paste beforehand with an appropriate solvent (or use a proprietary polish) but I feel that it tends to fill in the detail, letters etc and normally leave my found bronze un-coated, or give a thin coating of an archival (and removable) lacquer, such as Incralac which can be purchased in small quantities online. Jerry
  5. It does look a nice coin, but also playing Devil’s Advocate, could there be some lines parallel to the diagonal mark on Victoria’s neck? So difficult to tell from a photo, but could the edges of a minor gouge have been smoothed? That’s a problem with TPG’s, a coin that is rejected , even if the reason is not obvious, becomes more difficult to live with unless re-assessed. I do prefer Rob’s ‘acceptable’ or ‘not acceptable’ rather than strict grade in determining whether a coin deserves a place in my collection as I can accommodate parameters such as rarity, availability, desire to acquire, gap to fill, need to upgrade, prettiness, potential profit etc in an immediate decision whether to acquire; not infallible of course, and purchases made on the net after returning from the pub tend to demonstrate this. Jerry
  6. I picked up the F7 penny from the DNW stall at the midland coin fair today, I can’t see any obvious reason to describe it as cleaned, It looks as per the DNW photos and I will have no issue adding it to my collection. As an aside, while there I bought a reasonable F9 penny, the ex LCA and CCA Elstree specimen, number 10 on Richards site. I paid £750. This coin is now slabbed, and sold unslabbed at LCA in 2016 for £850 plus juice. Thank you TheCoinery, and another Freeman number filled. Jerry
  7. I bought the F7, I hadn’t really planned to bid but couldn’t let it go at the price as it does look nice despite the possible ‘clean’, and should represent a good upgrade from my Copthorne example. But the lot I am most pleased with was 694, the F111 2/1 with the less obvious overstrike that Gouby describes as being found on F114. Looks lustrous in the photo, we shall see but at £200 hammer with a reasonable F114 thrown in I am happy. I don’t find F111’s easily. Jerry
  8. jelida

    Ebay imports from the EU

    Here is the Ebay reply, nice enough but essentially a denial of responsibility. " Hello Dr. Jeremy I hope you are keeping well. I'm sorry to hear your VAT has been charged incorrectly on your items. The VAT rate we charge would be based on the VAT rate provided in your listing and the country the buyer is in. You can find all the information we have on VAT in the UK on our help and contact page or by following this link. https://www.ebay.co.uk/help/listings/default/vat-obligations-uk-eu?id=4650&st=12&pos=1&query=Your%20VAT%20obligations%20in%20the%20UK%20%26%20EU&intent=VAT&context=9062_SELLER&docId=HELP1369 When we charge VAT on the site, it automatically gets sent over to HMRC. Due to this we do not have the facility to refund funds that were charged as VAT. I would be recommending to contact HMRC as you can apply for refunds directly from them, following any advice they give, we can go through your current listings to confirm that the correct VAT rate is set for the remainder of them. If you need any further assistance with this, please let me know and I would be happy to help. Thanks again and have a lovely day. Kind Regards Leighann eBay Concierge" I will contact the revenue and get their response. Jerry
  9. jelida

    Ebay imports from the EU

    Well, I’ve made my claim to EBay first using their VAT reclaim facility. I should get back about £60. Ha! We’ll see what happens, I’ve sent them all the tax paid statements in pdf form, as downloaded from the order details page for each item and an explanation for my claim. I’ll update this page in due course. Jerry
  10. jelida

    Ebay imports from the EU

    Hmmm, seems I might have to claim the refund through EBay by using the link at the bottom of this page. I’ll give it a go. https://www.ebay.co.uk/help/buying/paying-items/paying-tax-ebay-purchases?id=4771&st=2&pos=2&query=Paying tax on eBay purchases&intent=tax#section1 Jerry
  11. jelida

    Ebay imports from the EU

    What I am doing is to print the tax invoices off ebay, showing 20% vat, and saving them up to send to the revenue with the appropriate claim form for the refund. Apparently it does work, though I won’t be holding my breath! Can’t remember the form offhand, though it was discussed here previously. Jerry
  12. jelida

    Ebay fees???!!?!?!

    Definitely basic 10% of final price although VAT could take it up to 12% and PayPal and listing fees may also factor, so 15 to 17% might seem reasonable. More than 40% certainly isn’t. https://www.ebay.co.uk/help/selling/fees-credits-invoices/fees-private-sellers?id=4364 Jerry
  13. jelida

    Ebay fees???!!?!?!

    That certainly doesn’t seem right, should be somewhere around 10% I think. Could they have carried some of the sales receipts over to the next month given their new invoicing system? Needs clarification I would say. Jerry
  14. They do remain fluffy after processing ! And your little dance of joy might entertain her! Food for thought. Jerry