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  1. Chingford


    Website still works browser dependent, works in my iPhone and Kindle, but not my laptop (chrome)
  2. You would need to be a member to submit direct to NGC yourself, okay if you plan a good number. You can use a member dealer, Numistacker is one I know in London, there is a price guide and instruction on his website.
  3. PCGS are in France and will only accept packages delivered by hand (appointment) or courier. No couriers will insure packages containing coins, all in the small print. You can independently insure the package. NGC have a London Office, delivery by appointmrnt, Courier and Royal Mail, Special delivery would insure up to £2500.00. Fill in return postage form, and tick box for USA grading. If coins are graded in UK you will be charged VAT.
  4. Chingford

    More Pennies

    I was giving an example of low mintage UK coins where the dies were used to produce other Commonwealth/Countries coinage. This could be part of the reason why some coins are relatively few in number.
  5. Chingford

    More Pennies

    You overlook that the RM struck coinage and produced dies for Commonwealth and other Countries, some of which our Monarch was Head of State. The 1860 Halfpenny Obv die was used for Isle of Man coinage. A small number of coins could have been struck for Pyx, testing purposes, or marketing.
  6. Chingford

    Steep slabbing premiums

    NGC rates vary depending on your own submission which requires membership, or going through a dealer. If you have only a few coins to do, a dealer would be best value at approx. £30 to £50 each, the first has a ceiling value of £250 and £2500 for the second. These numbers are grading only, and currently take around 2 months to turnaround.
  7. Chingford

    More Pennies

    I sold it to another collector
  8. Chingford

    More Pennies

    Adams coin is currently residing in a NGC MS61 slab after being carefully conserved, was in a CGS65 slab before being broken out and sold raw at LCA, Didn't sell at Goldberg's Auction $8,000 - $10,000 There are currently two NGC MS65 1827 Pennies, one BN the other RB.
  9. Chingford

    More Pennies

    One I had for a while, now part of a Gentleman's Choice collection