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  1. Wow, way too many gold and bullion recent issues. I just don't get the absolute madness over the rehashed Three Graces and Una. Would hate to be trapped into them for big money. Where are the numismatic issues? I saw precious little of currency Vicky silver of quality and actually "nada para me".
  2. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    Hmmm, the perils of micro varietals.....
  3. Still such "spots" of wear/rub don't come by magic and no other high spots/rim/etc. affected.
  4. Nice. Looks like a bit of "winky rub" and new at that...A Reubensesque figure showing how much tastes have changed in 200+ years!
  5. Three months later, not hide nor hair of the 1984 Jamaica uncirculated specimen set. I did however just purchase an hitherto unpublished but catalogued as existing 1976 (U) prooflike Guyana uncirculated Ten Dollars with hero Cuffy on the obverse. The coin appears to have come from a bag, and can only speculate as to its history. I think the original plan was to actually strike these prooflike coins for circulation. They also struck this coin in the Matte quality, and these were made as the "currency" counterpart for the moneymaker proof coins and sets. As best as I can put together, the original mintage struck by Franklin Mint was sent to the Central Bank of Guyana where in all probability they languished; in 1976 this very coin had the purchasing power of One USD and was 45 mm. Nowadays, the purchasing power is all of FIVE CENTS (USD). Strangely, the pot-metal value of the copper nickel alloy now likely exceeds the face value of the coin in Guyanese Dollars. I really wonder what happened to all of them. The 1976 matte coins are very scarce but the prooflike are probably very rare. These currency coins for Guyana and other countries struck by the Franklin Mint are quite a challenge and thankfully not pursued by many thus keeping them affordable. I found that I can post pictures off my iPhone and will try tomorrow if I get delivery of this coin by then.
  6. Looks a bit like it could be a 3/3/3 with a broken 3 punch (at top right) as one of them.
  7. As I watched the sale this morning, I must say I did get blown out on the two lots I wanted, the "1551" 3d and the 1853 proof groat with later bust that with commissions each went for well above 3k. I ended up getting just the 1853 3d. I noticed that with the blown up pictures of lots that IMO quite a number of the 1840s-1860s 3e (not all) were what has been termed as satin Maundy issue and not actual currency 3d.
  8. VickySilver

    1915 Florin - R2?

    Yes, just a standard one type only to the best of my knowledge. At one time there was rather a shortage of the 1915 in uncirculated (OK, GEF for the oldies) and it still IMO merits an "S" although some arguments for an "R". Not an R2 however. I really meant to get the latest Bull to see if he corrected some of the shortcomings, esp. the so-called VIP proofs of the 1920-1966 period; I had talked with Steve Hill and he was in agreement with some of my thoughts on these...
  9. True. Maybe that will drive some bidders away?
  10. Uggh, don't rat us low life out! Well there are a couple I will likely fight pretty hard for (whatever that means in today's inflationary times). I really like the 6d-florin silver a bit better, but there are a few I am obligated to go after.
  11. Happy Easter! A very nice example
  12. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    Uh, I will confess to getting the Adams 1860/59....And 1550 was the price on that as well.
  13. VickySilver

    More Pennies

    I love this date nearly as much as the 1849 when truly mint state. What I waited for was an example that had the breast to left on Britannia struck up. I too wonder how many were struck and survive; in the era of internet they come up rather more frequently than in previous times...
  14. Yea, not sure about that price! Love the Halfcrown series but not sure about that as a value. But with the prices that have been reached by other coins, maybe that is the new value/price! I think it might be like Nick that now is the time to sell....
  15. VickySilver

    Steep slabbing premiums

    I had no idea they had gone as high. I like the date so much that I have several that are likely "65ish" in RB with nice strikes. I just like the date and was trying to match the ME (which has sadly lost a bit of the mint red lustre after 20 years!!). Not to derail, but the coins in TPGs that simply must be seen are the 1918 & 1919 H (especially) and KN issues as the actual coins will vary greatly in colour, strike and overall appearance...