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  1. Exbrit

    Pobjoy Mint

    Same here, I have a few of them.
  2. So far the results are as expected: 6 for the Pistrucci design (1871 example) 1 for the 2005 design With most placing the 2012 between the 1871 and 2005
  3. Interesting - I didn't think anyone would like the 2005. I just picked one up cheap.
  4. Rank and add your opinion of the 1871 - present St. George and Dragon design on the Sovereign reverse (except for 2005 &2012) 2005 design 2012 design Expected results; 1871 design 2012 design 2005 design - which is disliked immensely
  5. This is the fifth 1879 sovereign I've seen for sale within the past year. R4?
  6. The lowest bids allowed were 80% of the estimate which was probably the starting bid. I've been waiting fr them to post the realized prices - but they haven't yet.
  7. Anyone attend the St. James auction for the George Collection (5&6 March)? Wondering what the 1920 S Sovereign went for. I guess all of the losing bidders had plenty of money for the later lots.
  8. 0 for 2 - missed out on both bids.
  9. How quickly will they post the realized prices? Seems like they should be posted soon.
  10. Exbrit

    Downies 316

    I received an explanation of why my two bids did not win from Downies. Both explanations were reasonable. One the owner submitted a late reserve which I was under and the other was a minimum percentage situation. I'll give them another go.
  11. Exbrit

    Downies 316

    I experienced similar with the Noble 104 auction. For the Downies - I put in a reasonable bid, but the estimate was rather high on the 1872 M Sovereign. I had a moderately strong bid on the 1876 M Sovereign, but no luck. Many sovereigns did not sell - the reserves must have been high. It would be nice if they mentioned that a reserve was in effect.
  12. Anyone win anything at the Downies 316? There are a lot of unsold items. I placed a couple of bids, but guess there were hidden reserves since both did not sell. I sent two enquiries - but so far no response.
  13. I have a 1880/70 overrate Sovereign (London) that is not listed in the Spink's Coins of England as a known variety and was not in either the Quartermaster or Bentley collections. I believe that it may be the Marsh #91A, but Marsh does not describe the variety fully - so I cannot be sure if it is the 91A or not. I also talked to someone recently that advised he has almost 20 varieties of the 1880/70. He was selling one on Ebay - so I take his statement with a grain of salt. Spinks lists three varieties. The Bentley collection had a varity that was also not listed in Spinks for the 1880/70. The Bentley sovereign would normally be listed as variety A in Spinks - but they do not include variety A for the 1880/70. My variety has the buried W.W. on the narrow truncation on the obverse, a long tail and no B.P. on the reverse. If you have any information on this variety or have other not listed 1880/70 varieties - I'd appreciate your sharing it.
  14. Some very nice sovereigns. Looks like I'll be visiting the bank for a loan.