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  1. I bought this 'coin' today. Would be worth about 500 quid ... but some **** has turned it into a spoon. Cosimo de Medici III again. 1680 Piastra.
  2. DrP

    Silver Roman Denarius - Republic?

    Definitely look like Commodus. Cheers.
  3. DrP

    Silver Roman Denarius - Republic?

    Thanks... I'll take a look at some better silver coins of Commodus and compare.
  4. I've had this a few years. It came with a couple of other other silver Denarius coins. Wasn't ably to identify it as some of the legend is missing. Is it from the republic? If anyone can recognise the emperor I'd be grateful. Thanks. 🙂
  5. I got this small Ptolemaic coin recently. I've tried researching it and I think it is Ptolemy VI Philometor or Cleopatra as Isis. Any ideas? Is it Philometor? Is it Cleopatra? Definitely the bust of Isis though I think.
  6. I've just finished watching Medici on Netflix too. Well pleased with it.... even though it's very worn. :-)
  7. Awesome ... thanks. I have some Papal States coins in a folder so I'm pleased with this. :-)
  8. Here it is. 44mm across - its quite large.
  9. Thanks. Not sure how to do that on my phone. I'll try later when back home on my laptop.
  10. Hi. I have this large silver coin. I'm struggling to identify it as it is very worn. I'd like to try to ID it though. At first I thought it might be an 8 Real piece or something, but can't find a match to the patterns on it. It weighs about 23.3g and is about 42mm diameter but is quite worn. I'm trying to photograph it with my phone but it won't let me attach as it says the file is too large. One side has a large crown over some swirly patterns and dots and a clear date of 1684... the other side is a floral pattern. Any tips on getting my phone to take a picture capable of being uploaded? Thanks. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  11. That Oak looks highly lacquered - maybe it is blocking the release of the tannins that tone the coins. Maybe it was well seasoned also as mentioned above. :-)
  12. I posted this one a while back. Hope it is OK to bump it here. Thoughts on it appreciated.
  13. I find it hard to tell them apart from the King John short cross pennies. (probably because I am a it of a noob when it comes to collecting hammered coins)
  14. DrP

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    wouldn't mind her thruppenny bits in my collection.
  15. DrP

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1668-Charles-II-2nd-bust-Shilling/173362481671?hash=item285d358a07:g:5dUAAOSwE2da-CAe Someone tried to drill a hole right through it. Maybe there is something about this "2nd bust" he quotes because it looks like it should be about 50p not 50 quid. Am I missing something?