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  1. That Oak looks highly lacquered - maybe it is blocking the release of the tannins that tone the coins. Maybe it was well seasoned also as mentioned above. :-)
  2. I posted this one a while back. Hope it is OK to bump it here. Thoughts on it appreciated.
  3. I find it hard to tell them apart from the King John short cross pennies. (probably because I am a it of a noob when it comes to collecting hammered coins)
  4. DrP

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    wouldn't mind her thruppenny bits in my collection.
  5. DrP

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1668-Charles-II-2nd-bust-Shilling/173362481671?hash=item285d358a07:g:5dUAAOSwE2da-CAe Someone tried to drill a hole right through it. Maybe there is something about this "2nd bust" he quotes because it looks like it should be about 50p not 50 quid. Am I missing something?
  6. That's a really nice selection of hammered coins. They look great.
  7. DrP

    Is this Elizabeth I groat OK?

    I agree it does look like Charles 1st. It does say Elizabeth too. I'm no expert but I would guess at a copy also. There is no wear or clipping an it looks a funny colour. I do like the portrait on the coin in the OP though. ;-)
  8. DrP

    Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    bought these pennies that were found detecting. 2 Elizabeth 1st pennies - face is scratched on one. Not sure what the other is as it is a bit mangled, maybe Scottish going by the stars? I have a half cut Scottish penny with stars on it which makes me think it might be Scottish, the cut one is William I think.
  9. DrP


    Thanks - 'll check hem out and compare.
  10. DrP

    Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    I bought 2 Charles 1st shillings at a coin fair from a £2 box. They are clipped and well worn, but still. I did check that the guy knew they were 500 year old shillings and he said he just wanted rid of them as they were beat up. I am sure I got a bargain. £4.00 for 2 Charles 1st shillings. I was very happy. Got a William and Mary half penny for £1 too, worn but nice portrait and readable date - I don't currently have one so that was nice too.
  11. Be careful with judging a whole country or a massive organisation based on the testimony of one or 2 people. Even if you know and trust them. They might have seen the worst of it. There will awalys be mishaps even if run it perfectly and throw all the money at it. Having unqualified doctors is illegal I would think, so if it happens it isn't by design and will be stopped if the right channels here about it. In support of YOUR story - I have a friend who went to work as a cleaner in the hospital. He is a little 'odd' with his bi-polar stuff. He is very intelligent and enthusiastic... he read up on hygiene an cleaning and steralization in operating rooms. He had been there a week and they made him supervizor of cleaning the operating rooms before surgery (because he was SO thorough and would shut up about how important it was to get every nook and cranny cleaned to avoid super bugs.. He was good. Problem was - he'd been there 2 weeks, had NO training - hadn't been given any instructions on what cleaning products to use and how to actually clean an operating theatre. He turned the job down in disgust saying that he expected training to be able to do his own job first without being expect to to train others to do it. This was some time ago though and I am sure it wouldn't be the case everywhere. The problem in the case of my pal was the funding the hospital had to employ, train and keep skilled cleaners with technical knowledge about hygiene. You can get cleaners.... then they need money for training. You can get skilled people - but if you pay them a minimum cleaning wage then they won't stay in the job.
  12. DrP


    maybe a farthing or half penny.
  13. DrP


    I bought about half a dozen hammered coins a few month back and they were labelled as Tudor. There were some nice coins, pennies, half groats, threepence and they all seemed to be Liz 1st, James, Mary etc. This small one though I couldn't identify - is it a Tudor coin? Hopefully the pics will tell - it's actually easier to see in the pic than in the hand. Kind of looks like a knight on a horse maybe and a priest or king with a septre on the other side. Thank you for looking.
  14. That being said, you do hear some horror stories... although in an organisation that big there will always be errors and misplacements. I think they are great - I won't get into the politics of funding it, lol. I don't think it should be privatised though, we should pay what we need to to keep it going, you never know who will need it and when.
  15. DrP

    Am I wrong for liking this?

    I have a couple of sixpences from Fiji. They have a tortoise or turtle on them or something - I think they are quite cute. I know nothing about them but if I am ever sorting through a lot of foreign coins then the ones from Fiji always catch my eye. :-)