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  1. Clicking on the link gives several options to download - which do you recommend ?
  2. secret santa

    More Pennies

    I suspect that there are around 50-100 examples. I stopped recording them coming to market several years ago.
  3. secret santa

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/204853278137?itmmeta=01J19R66GKQ4EAWG8C5J6RZVCG&hash=item2fb234f5b9:g:N4wAAOSwmehmetfM What a bargain - less than £1000 per coin !!!!
  4. P1327 I assume ?
  5. secret santa

    More Pennies

    I haven't bought much lately but I did get this from the Sovereign Rarities auction - unusual wide date.
  6. I receive a printed catalogue for every auction - looks like I'm one of the lucky ones.
  7. secret santa

    1880 Penny

    Why not check out London Coins website for past sales of 1880 pennies - that will give a decent idea of what it might be worth. https://londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&searchterm=1880+Penny&searchtype=1&red=1
  8. secret santa

    1880 Penny

    There appear to be other extraneous lumps and bumps too. Nothing to get excited about.
  9. Can you supply the link please ?