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  1. Coys55

    Interesting commonwealth penny error??

    I've not seen a commonwealth before, but double struck short-cross pennies are fairly common - there are usually a couple on eBay at any one time, sometimes with bizarre descriptions claiming rarity (one was being sold as a "sceptre-less penny" last week). I suspect they were struck in such quantities and with little or no quality control that if one fell out of the die it was just put back in whatever side up and whacked again. Interestingly there's a double struck example in the hoard memntioned in this thread: https://www.predecimal.com/forum/topic/14678-nice-hoard-of-henry-ii-to-henry-iii-found-in-norfolk/ It's the top-most penny in the picture. I can't tell from the fairly low-res image if it's two sided or the reverse rotated for the second strike though.
  2. Coys55

    Rhuddlan? Er, No It's Not

    Almost worth setting up a dummy account and bidding it up to win. Then not paying because it's wrongly described.
  3. Coys55

    Rhuddlan? Er, No It's Not

    It annoys me that he's going to rip someone off so I decided to message him anyway. Won't do any good, but at least I feel better...
  4. Coys55

    Rhuddlan? Er, No It's Not

    If the bidders can't tell that's not a Rhuddlan from those images I suspect that they will just label it and stick it in their collection. Oh and I also note that this is his first auction. Under that name anyway...
  5. Coys55

    Rhuddlan? Er, No It's Not

    Ah right. I was going to message him too, but no point.
  6. https://tinyurl.com/yc23ymyf It's certainly not a Rhuddlan, but what is it? The reverse looks like NICHOLEONCA with a cross pommee and no stops or other punctation, which would make it class 8c, Mass 2150. Correct? I definitely don't think it's worth upwards of £106 in any case...
  7. Coys55

    Too Good to be True (eBay)?

    Thanks. Another short cross expert said it looked fine too so I did bid, but lost out at £312.99. Didn’t surprise me that it went for that much though. I’ll just have to be content with my cut half from the same dies for now.
  8. An unidentified full-flan Rhuddlan Simon retrograde with a start price of 99p? Am I being overly supicious in not trusting this as far as I could throw it? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275741516660?hash=item403379a374:g:ScEAAOSw97tkDhac&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4CyTquAa%2F97BBtwMvOfbNj8%2FFNTLd4vOyUXdBdJo7u22PBB8R%2FA%2BuWMvNoVUKcPz6QqTL2KqQTJc%2BbJTS668TgbreA2DCF4PKiuvMR6khMg%2BjfB6c0jKdTU4wZQXeebJZXgRI381xFaKW%2BSS4YxhbCBJ4HQcPpGzbFO%2FW6mxSioWpGjJmLhE6vWK%2B14Mz0BKd30K%2Fd0NUXPjmzMi6juO7r3cRAgbGrPaANKY0DljCKifiJCPyjmDrqGwcO7tpy%2F71iqkw%2FjKkmP%2F8kDPEIvgSW7DYLZcMDsBO37LjvOI7aMx|tkp%3ABk9SR5jEirvbYQ
  9. Coys55

    Elizabeth l half pennies.

    Very interesting. I’ve just checked my tiny (9.5mm) commonwealth halfpenny and that appears to have same bumps and/or dents at 90 degree intervals. I can’t see them on the penny or half groat though.
  10. It’s Henry III, not Edward I. The R on the reverse is quite distinctive and looks like a class Va to me.
  11. Coys55

    Rhuddlan Penny (eBay)

    I picked this one up as an unidentified hammered a couple of weeks ago. Obverse: HEИRICVS.R/EX Reverse: +HALLI.OИ.RVLA Same dies as Brand1020. It was very cheap for a full Rhuddlan in any condition (judging by recent auction prices where I've missed out on a couple) so I don't think anyone else spotted it.
  12. Coys55

    Newly arrived, 1653 halfcrown

    Very nice indeed. Certainly puts my example and my 1653 shilling to shame, although the shilling does have the Commonwealh spelling error.
  13. Coys55

    thoughts on ebay sale

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ANGLO-SAXON-JOHN-LACKLAND-1199-1216-Silver-Penny-Short-Cross-Type/184455456382?hash=item2af266e67e%3Ag%3AfD8AAOSwO7NfZx1P&LH_Auction=1 😯
  14. Coys55

    thoughts on ebay sale

    Ooh, that's nice, although I'm not sure what DNW are talking about with the Mass number of the obverse or class; the only OSBEI in Mass is 116 and it's a 1a5, unless it's a mule and/or Mass was wrong on the 1a5. Whatever, I sttill think that there are a number of differences with the eBay example: e.g. on the obverse the hand on the septre looks a bit weird (long fingers) as does the R of REX and the cross on the crown looks different. There are also what look like a couple of die flaws at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock and another above (his) left eye. Could all that be down to die wear? Or a poor photo? I don't know.