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    English hammered, especially short cross, long cross and Commonwealth.
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  1. Coys55

    Rhuddlan Penny (eBay)

    I picked this one up as an unidentified hammered a couple of weeks ago. Obverse: HEИRICVS.R/EX Reverse: +HALLI.OИ.RVLA Same dies as Brand1020. It was very cheap for a full Rhuddlan in any condition (judging by recent auction prices where I've missed out on a couple) so I don't think anyone else spotted it.
  2. Coys55

    Newly arrived, 1653 halfcrown

    Very nice indeed. Certainly puts my example and my 1653 shilling to shame, although the shilling does have the Commonwealh spelling error.
  3. Coys55

    thoughts on ebay sale

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ANGLO-SAXON-JOHN-LACKLAND-1199-1216-Silver-Penny-Short-Cross-Type/184455456382?hash=item2af266e67e%3Ag%3AfD8AAOSwO7NfZx1P&LH_Auction=1 😯
  4. Coys55

    thoughts on ebay sale

    Ooh, that's nice, although I'm not sure what DNW are talking about with the Mass number of the obverse or class; the only OSBEI in Mass is 116 and it's a 1a5, unless it's a mule and/or Mass was wrong on the 1a5. Whatever, I sttill think that there are a number of differences with the eBay example: e.g. on the obverse the hand on the septre looks a bit weird (long fingers) as does the R of REX and the cross on the crown looks different. There are also what look like a couple of die flaws at 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock and another above (his) left eye. Could all that be down to die wear? Or a poor photo? I don't know.
  5. Coys55

    thoughts on ebay sale

    Well it's similar to Mass 116, a class 1a5 which is the only example in Mass with the reverse spelling OSBEI.ON.EXECES (Osbei instead of Osber). It doesn't look to be the same die pairing to me though and I'm not convinced it's right.
  6. I had a Saturday job in the local pet shop for about three years in the late 60's and 70's and used to save anything interesting to exchange for cash at the end of the day. I remember finding one Churchill crown. I don't remember if I kept it, but I think probably not.
  7. Yes they are legal tender but they have never been released into circulation, which is completely different.
  8. The 1954 penny, 1952 halfcrown and Edward VIII threepences entered circulation accidentally though. 210k is a pretty low mintage for an intended circulation coin. The only one with a lower mintage that I can think of off the top of my head is the 1951 penny and even that was not (at least intentionally) released for circulation in the UK.
  9. Coys55

    1655 sixpence

  10. Coys55

    Peter Nichols cabinets

    Has anyone purchased individual trays from Peter Nichols? I may need to swap some of mine out for different sizes.
  11. Coys55

    Any ideas what this coin could be please?

    As Jerry said in the post above, the two coins you've posted are both of such low quality they would be of zero interest to any auction house and if you listed them on eBay with a starting price of 99p I doubt you'd get any bids. One other thing; neither of your coins are hammered so they are in the wrong area. Try posting them and any other of your non-hammered (milled) coins here instead and I'm sure that you'll get plenty of help. But with much better photos or scans please.
  12. If anyone is after a copy of 'The J. P. Mass Collection of English Short Cross Coins, 1180-1247', Amazon have at least one new copy at the very low price of £50 + £2.80 postage. Sounds almost too good to be true to me...
  13. Coys55

    Peter Nichols cabinets

    Thanks guys!
  14. Coys55

    Peter Nichols cabinets

    I think that these two cabinets may be the Mascle (standard) by Peter Nichols. The (rough) size and number of trays (14) look right as do the hinges (sometimes he uses long piano hinges and other times two normal small hinges per door), lock and brass door edge. Or could they be cheap copies? Does anyone have an opinion?
  15. Coys55

    Help ID please

    Moneyer (or moneyers) Hue Walter Edinburgh-Perth I think.