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  1. ozjohn

    CGS Grading

    Some of the best images of coins I have were from scans on a flat bed scanner. This is probably due to the coin being very close to the light source eliminating reflections from the plastic surface.
  2. ozjohn

    CGS Grading

    Just as a belated aside my coin was photographed thru plastic but presents IMO as a better coin than the subject of this discussion.
  3. ozjohn

    CGS Grading

    The mark on the cheek as does the flatness of the veil look like wear to me. I agree it can be difficult to photo graph thru the plastic. Perhaps CGS would help their grading reputation by allowing access to their pictures of coins as do PCGS .
  4. ozjohn

    CGS Grading

    I note the price for this item is low perhaps because of the quality of the coin. For example the following coin https://www.sterlingcurrency.com.au/1899-silver-florin-victoria-s-3939-pcgs-ms64 has a price tag of $AU 425 about GBP 236 also cataloged at GBP 225, Spink Coins of England 2016.
  5. ozjohn

    CGS Grading

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254956110884?hash=item3b5c918424:g:A5YAAOSw609c5XNK This coin has been graded at CGS 80. I have a coin of the same date and TPG that has a CGS 60 grading assigned. Personally I think the coin I have is of a higher grade than the one listed on Ebay. As I have observed before the whole point of TPGers is consistency in grading and confidence in the product you are buying. This one fails on both counts
  6. I use Firefox on my PC and notebook with a DuckDuckGo plugin and also the Express VPN and have on issues posting to these forums.
  7. That is the permeability constant ur of magnetic materials change with the current exciting it where as the permittivity of a dielectric remains constant.
  8. That's right I suspect the magnetic materials used in modern speakers is much improved over that used in the 1960s also large speakers were always better for good bass response. I've always liked the idea of electrostatic speakers from the point of view they are linear because the dielectric stays the same with different voltages applied where as magnetic materials change as the current exciting it is changed. Quad brought out some in the late 1950s and still make them to this day along with Vacuum tube amps. They are probably expensive and may be limited in their power handling.
  9. I had a look into the difference between the KT 66 and KT 88 tubes. The KT 88 was an older tube and of a higher power rating than the KT 66. KT 66s were probably used in domestic HiFi amps as 20 watts output power was deemed sufficient as the dynamic range of vinyl LPs was about 45 dB and with an average listening level of about 0.5 w to 1 w the headroom was sufficient to prevent excessive distortion. There were also a lot of power amps based on the Wireless World Williamson amplifier that delivered 10 w output power using EL 84 tubes in push pull. Most modern domestic HiFi amps are in excess of 50 w output power to accomodate the much increased potential dynamic range of 100 dB offered by CD and other digital streaming as the dynamic range is determined by the number of quantisation levels during digitisation rather than a voltage level or the distance a stylus can travel on a vinyl record.
  10. Very nice coin but I feel sorry for the horse, he has a very sad face.
  11. My Grandfather had a pewter tankard with a glass bottom. On the glass bottom there was a picture of a man on the gallows and an inscription, "Good to the Last Drop."
  12. Impressive setup. I'm afraid I like math approach. Yes the KT66 was the lower power tube while the KT 88 was a higher power device. KT stands for kinkless tetrode .
  13. They both came from the same seller.
  14. My latest coin one of the harder dates of the Edward series. All I need is a high grade 1905 florin at a good price. I live in hope. I notice that Britannia's face seems worn but in the hand it's pretty good.
  15. My latest penny. Not a rare date but but a nice example.