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  1. Heliconia from my courtyard. Heliconia " hot rio nights" which is related to bananas
  2. There' a Big Cheese at Bordalla on the south coast of NSW. Australia has lots of BIG things for example the Big Pineapple at Nambour, Qld, The Big Prawn at Ballana, NSW and the Big Marino at Goulburn, NSW plus many more. Don't forget the Big Gumboot at Tully, Qld. and the Big Cane Toad at Sarina, Qld. If you want something big Australia has it all.
  3. Fruiting bananas, are in most back yards from Sydney northwards with Coffs Harbor a major banana growing area on the north coast of NSW . There is even a tourist attraction called the big banana at Coffs. It's my daughter and grandson in the picture. On a more serious note banana growing is threatened by Panama disease with growers looking for different cultivars of banana to replace the cavendish banana that originated at Chatsworth in the UK.
  4. ozjohn

    NGC grading OMFG!!!

    And PCGS could not grade this one declaring it had been cleaned. I've looked very hard at at this coin through a X10 glass and fail to see any evidence of cleaning. There's even some mint luster around the the legend. As it didn't cost much due to the PCGS grading AU detail I'm not too unhappy but consistency is grading is a big issue
  5. Do you get any fruit from the bananas? We are now into spring that has been cool so far but tomorrow 34 deg.C is forecast for Brisbane.
  6. ozjohn

    Spon Gate

    Because Will1976 posted a medal commemorating the Spon Gate. 1771
  7. I remember visiting Spon St. in Coventry on a trip to the UK. The link gives a bit more information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spon_Street . I also noticed there is a Wetherspoons' pub called the Spon Gate that boasts an Indian restaurant.
  8. Any Ideas? Some times I think it's mint error. Other times I think it was intentional mutilation.
  9. ozjohn

    Attractive coins currently in circulation

    I think Australia is the only country that has kept the imperial sizes for 6d, shilling and florin coins. Australia never adopted the half crown when their coins were introduced in1910 although British half crowns and other coins circulated in Australia until the 1930s. Probably until the Australian pound was devalued to 15/- sterling in 1932 .
  10. ozjohn

    The crazy world of Top pop buyers

    Like buying a coin buy the coin not the grade buy the music not the medium it’s recorded on.
  11. Thanks. If the seller does not sell this coin he may relist at a more reasonable price. We shall see.
  12. 1915 Silver Florin, NGC MS63, Scarce | eBay The listing is a very nice coin but the price is on the heavy side especially after freight and GST charges which bring the total cost to about GBP 200. I'm tempted but for the cost. Any thoughts?
  13. Take 2. I think the black background gives a better result.
  14. Just a very quick try with your technique. Coin on a slope with overhead light ( LED mounted in ceiling) and camera on tripod with macro lens and sloped to suit. Seems a reasonable result will try to refine.
  15. Obverse:Glory be to God on high and peace on earth to men of good will Reverse: To 15 Paris workers who have skillfully represented their French colleagues at the London peace congress 22,23 & 24 July 1851 https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-british-studies/article/abs/richard-cobden-and-the-international-peace-congress-movement-18481853/DEADE50EA37DB5668A4BFC2921EEAAF5 An interesting medal.