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  1. LCA catalogue now online if interested.
  2. Sword

    CGS Grading

    I personally find it difficult to get consistent photos of coins in slabs. Sometimes, I can get very good photos as if the plastic isn't there. However, I do find that high grade toned coins can sometimes result in "flat" images.
  3. Might be I should explain that I don't think the seller actually passed away. The buyer left a feedback in his own language and probably has a limited command of English. One of the recent items of the seller's is a certain "Cromwell crown"...
  4. An original eBay feedback:
  5. Sword

    Coin First Day Covers

    I agree that first day cover/coin combination is generally not a good idea and is somewhat of a forced marriage. If the coin is nice and expensive, then I want to keep it with my other coins and not on its own in an envelope. It is also out of place keeping it in a folder as the coin sticks out and can leave an imprint on the other covers. The 1996 £2 is also one of my favorite decimal. It went into general circulation at the time (although I didn't keep one then). The slightly domed centre gives the football a 3D effect. I think autographed first day covers are much more interesting unsigned ones. The signature is far more interesting than the stamps for me.
  6. Sword

    Coin First Day Covers

    I have never been a fan of coin first day covers. For it to work, you need to incorporate an attractive and relevant coin to a well designed cover. Stamps and coins only go together if there is a strong link between them. I have recently brought one of these covers which I think is very attractive. The 1966 World Cup is the historic event in English football. The 1996 football 2 pound coin is particularly relevant and attractive. It was signed by Geoff Hurst, who scored the hat-trick. The design is very nice too.
  7. Sword

    10kg Gold Coin

    ... back to the £10,000 coin, apparently "it has already been sold to an unnamed buyer for a price that’s likely to be in the region of six figures" according to the Metro.
  8. Sword

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    It's no surprise that George VI refused. Since, his brother didn't want to be King, why should he want a set of the coins? Edward VIII's abdication hurt George VI deeply. Hence he didn't allow the Duchess of Windsor or their future descendants to use the HRH title. George told his staff not to put phone calls from his brother to him. The coins of George VI faced the same way as George V, which simply ignored the fact that Edward VIII faced the "wrong" way.
  9. Sword

    CGS Grading

    I don't understand why they wouldn't make their photos available. It would only make their coins more marketable. I am uncomfortable buying a slabbed coin without the pre-encapsulation photos. The CGS capsule hides the entire edge of the obverse making it impossible to see any nicks or knocks.
  10. Sword


    Come to think of it, we don't have moderators who visit the forum very regularly. (Not that this has been a problem in recent times). Perhaps Chris might consider asking if some of the long established members like yourself, Rob, Mike etc would consider being moderators?
  11. Sword

    CGS Grading

    Yes, that mark on the cheek is too distracting for me.
  12. Sword

    CGS Grading

    It is sometimes very hard to take decent photos through a slab. I suspect that the coin in question might look much better in hand. It would have been better to compare CGS photos rather than photos of slabs taken by different people under different conditions. However if I am buying a coin, I would always go along with what I can actually see in the photos rather than trusting the numerical grade. I wouldn't buy something if photos are inconclusive.
  13. Would my delivery charge be refunded if the postie didn't sing ...
  14. Sword

    10kg Gold Coin

    My initial impression is that the item is just another gimmick from the Royal Mint. However, it is not any less a "coin" than the countless commemorative offerings from the RM. It has a face value of £10,000. The modern commemorative "coins" cannot be spent either. The design is really rather nice. The unusual size makes it a statement piece. Not a bad purchase for the seriously rich.
  15. Sword

    10kg Gold Coin

    The Royal Mint has made a 10kg gold coin with a face value of £10000. The scrap value is approaching 400k and the price is supplied on application. I imagine the price won't be much less than a million. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-56920734