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  1. Sword

    USA proof sets

    Even the sets from the 1950s can be picked up relatively cheaply. I guess it is a change from collecting British coinage as the obverse portraits are all different.
  2. Sword

    Coin cabinets

    The cabinet was once housed the Deane collection of Eighteenth Century Conder tokens. There is a good story on the Baldwin website. https://www.baldwin.co.uk/the-deane-collection-part-ii/
  3. Gold has been a good investment for so many years now. Pretty I never brought any when the prices were lower. If I were to buy gold, then a spade guinea and Victoria Young head sovereign would be high on my list. One advantage of gold is that wear doesn't result in discolouration.
  4. Indeed. You pay for the gold and the history is free. Those coins can make decent pendants (but hopefully they won't end up that way).
  5. Sword

    USA proof sets

    When I first started collecting coins as a teenager, I particularly liked my USA proof set. Out of sentiments, I have just brought a 1992 silver proof set on eBay. I am a little surprised that the older proof sets are so unloved and my cost me £14.50 + postage. Is the excessively high mintage (well over a million) the only reason for the lack of desirability? The designs are generally rather nice.
  6. Nice story! Sentiments become stronger as one gets a bit older. I have just brought a USA silver proof set because I had enjoyed owing one as a teenager. I can imagine Spink being very strict with grading in those days and relegate any coin with a trace of wear to EF. Nowadays it would be AU or better. Just out of interest, I have noticed that the mane of the Scottish lion is often a bit flat even on high grade examples double florins. Could it be due to strike?
  7. The sharpness of the letters is just amazing.
  8. Sword

    Coin cabinets

    Did they actually take over Peter Nichol's business or just the name? If the later, I don't feel that strongly about it. It's a bit sad less and less people train to be craftsmen these days and opt for more lucrative jobs. Certain crafts will unfortunately die out with time. But I think the demand for coin cabinets will enable at least one or two to make a decent living? Surely there must still be quite a few cabinet makers around?
  9. Sword

    2022 silver five pound mule

    I wonder how many were actually made. If they discovered the error after a test, then surely only a few examples would exist and I find it hard to believe that any would have escaped. Maybe the RM should be sporting and allow unintentional errors to be released to generate a bit of excitement?
  10. Very good photos! It's hard to capture hair details on these coins. Great obverse strike for the 1921.
  11. Sword

    1567 REGNA LION 6d

    I honestly think it looks rather nice. The face details are clear and the shield is well struck. Interesting N over I which you pointed out. It certainly wouldn't have been a freebie if it wasn't for the gash at the reverse! I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  12. Mine also. Would look good on a penny or 5p. But the design needs a leek for Wales on a pillar and England somehow linking them.
  13. The Independent, Guardian, local papers, BBC news etc. are free. That's enough for me.
  14. I think they will ask you to subscribe if you have read a free article previously.