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  1. There is coins from the Carlisle mint that were possibly struck under the Scots that have a right sided sceptre. Not sure if that's what you've got or something that's double struck.The coins from that period were a mess. https://www.britnumsoc.org/publications/Digital BNJ/pdfs/2013_BNJ_83_6.pdf
  2. Ukstu

    King Stephen Penny. Help to identify mint?

    It's a bit of a long shot but you could search the Fitzwilliam Corpus for a die match. There was quite a few Rodberts at a number of mints. You could just look through all the Rodberts for that coin type that struck at all the mints or concentrate on certain mints. London likely being the most common. I've had matches of half and quarter pennies so it's possible. https://emc.fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk/advanced-search
  3. Best way. I still listen to CDs at home. I'll often pop in the charity shops when i am out and about looking for CDs & DVDs. I am not a big fan of these digital copies. You don't really own them , it's more like a rental service.
  4. I just got a Usb DVD drive off amazon for my daughter for college £13 a few months ago. If you make a Googlemail account you get an online drive with it. Think its 15gb. I have a folder on that for PDF , ebooks etc. I just file it all in that. I will probably back it up at some point to a tangible source I own.
  5. Ukstu

    Henry VII Groat

    If anybody wants a plate for reference I have made this. I did finally find an image in Stewertby plate 481 but its not the same obverse die. I believe this is die 1 with the six fleurs on the cusps.
  6. That's the one i have on my G drive.
  7. You can get the same information from these two documents https://www.britnumsoc.org/images/Henry3.com_website/Rob_Page_Henry_III_ID_-_Part_1.pdf https://www.britnumsoc.org/images/Henry3.com_website/Rob_Page_Henry_III_ID_-_Part_2.pdf There is a more updated version that joins the two documents online somewhere but i cannot find it. I do have a copy in my G drive of it if you'd like a copy.
  8. Ukstu

    Henry VII Groat

    Picked up this gem recently. None of my books have an image or plate just descriptions. There's no plate examples in Spinks coins of England or Ivan Bucks Medieval groats so assume it's pretty rare. Type IIIa S.2198
  9. Ukstu

    Harold II penny ID

    Great advice. I think i will start doing that. It shouldn't be to difficult with some of them but i might need to research some of the more rarer mints. I might get some leads off the PAS website while the FWC is down. I had noticed doubling on some letters on coins i own or have handled but did not realise what the reason was behind that , i assumed it was a die sinkers error. That's an eye opener for me that. Thank you. Stu.
  10. Ukstu

    Harold II penny ID

    Cheers Rob That's got to be it. I can usually read the mint and moneyers well on the Short cross stuff and Long cross issues and further on upto modern but i struggle with the Anglo Saxon & Norman stuff. I wish there was a decent guide listing all the mint signatures / abbreviations. The Fitzwilliam Corpus is my usual go to but it's not been offline for some time now. Stu.
  11. Ukstu

    Harold II penny ID

    Thinks its + WULFWARD ON LND The little wedge is likely the tail of a letter L. The last letter bleeds into the cross slightly but it's a D i think.
  12. Ukstu

    Harold II penny ID

    Thanks Rob I saw Wulfward when i was looking through my J.J North copy of English hammered coinage. I wonder if the three III could be AN for Canterbury but missing the C which would of been where the chip is. It's a shame the Fitzwilliam Corpus is down as i bet there'd be a die match on there for it.
  13. Ukstu

    Harold II penny ID

    Anyone figure the moneyer & mint on this one? WULF something? Maybe Wulfraed / Wulfred ?
  14. Ukstu

    Rhuddlan? Er, No It's Not

    Yeah don't bother. Exercise in futility i feel. With any luck the buyer will return it under "item not as described" once they realise it's not Rhuddlan.
  15. Ukstu

    Rhuddlan? Er, No It's Not

    Yes 8c Nichole Canterbury. Saw it a few days ago. Messaged the seller and told him what it was but got no reply. Somebody else i know also messaged them telling them it was not Rhuddlan and that it was Henry III 8c Canterbury. Can only assume they are trying to get more money for it than its actually worth.