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  1. Yeah, exactly my thought. NGC's pictures are working again, much easier to see details from my NGC link above. Clearly the date has incomplete 1 & 0 from the pics on there. NGC called it a proof, as well, just seems the incorrect P-number.
  2. They seem to not have it hosted online any longer, however the catalog can be obtained here https://media.biddr.com/media/pdf/auction_catalogues/4516.pdf It's lot 1432, closer to the end. Attributed by NGC as P-1342, which iirc is standard circ 1806. I peg it as a KP 31 pairing, based upon imperfect 1 and 0 in date. Base of 1 missing, top of 0 is open. KP 31 gives us the following possibilities: P-1325 is gilt P-1326 is bronzed P-1327 is copper .... so one of these three. Not gilt, I think just standard copper, but maybe it's bronzed, I certainly am not too sure there. I tried to crop pic for the site, but results are not very clear. Best to download the catalog. NGC's cert images aren't currently working, but the link to that coin is here, hoping images are back up soon: https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/2153879-035/65/
  3. I saw pieces in both auctions netting 12x to 16x the est. Wild. Either way, hope to obtain a print copy of part 2, also.
  4. I won one, prob way overbid on it, second tier on many, some I wish i'd pursued more. Some I got left in the dust quickly. The bids were all extremely strong, in both ancients and British. NGC got the Peck number wrong on the 1806 proof penny.
  5. SilverAge3

    Another one that got away

    Atlas upcharges quite a lot on their items. I've lost auctions, to later find the item on their site, with a good 50 to 200% increase over auction price (incl juice). If I was already priced out in the auction, I'm def not buying from them with such a huge premium tacked on. I know they need to make money, but ouch.
  6. SilverAge3

    One That Got Away?

    Yeah world of difference imo
  7. SilverAge3

    One That Got Away?

    That's extremely ugly, esp for a proof. Horrid toning, weak strike, just bad eye appeal.
  8. Thanks for this additional context.
  9. Yeah, tho i didn't know if that applied to proofs, or just currency. Chris added this tidbit: "Ah right, it's S-3836/ESC-2501 so nothing even rarer like the grain-edged proof"
  10. I have a friend who recently picked up an 1831 proof sixpence, and has found conflicting mintage figures. "I've been trying to pin down the mintage for a while, though. Official numbers are apparently 120 but heritage says 400." I'm seeing for them if anyone might have some insight into this. Thanks.
  11. I did obtain a copy, thank you. If anyone else has a copy available, a friend from The Coin Discord server is interested in a copy.
  12. NGC moments. Thanks guys.
  13. SilverAge3

    More Pennies

    Very nice, PWA.
  14. What is tb/bb, please?
  15. I just came across this auction via numisbids alerts yesterday. I'm pretty floored by the quality, and this is only part 1, no less. I was commenting elsewhere that the estimates felt about half what i'd expect, at least for lots I'm semi-familiar with.