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  1. I sent you a private message.
  2. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Stuff to Make Us Laugh

    Sounds like something Wily Coyote would do
  3. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Possible error.

    From Wikipedia
  4. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Possible error.

    If memory is not playing tricks on me, I believe that that sort of mis-strike was called a "railroad rim". At least in the USA. Now, the TPGs define it as "struck out of collar", which is a more accurate description anyway. If it is struck sufficiently out of the collar to have part of the design missing, then it would be classified as an "off center strike".
  5. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Unfortunately, this dissemination of information can, and probably will, be a double edged sword. The producer (counterfeiter if applicable) can very easily learn his flaws and eliminate them in the future. Richard, what you are providing to to the collecting community is invaluable, yet, due to the knowledge being shared, we now have to be more vigilant. The never ending cycle of good against evil. As good as the top TPG's are (or at least claim to be), there are documented instances of them being fooled too. We now have to contend with both genuine & counterfeit coins placed in counterfeit holders. We also have had instances of genuine holders being opened and resealed with lower grade coins replacing the original. Unfortunately, there will always be someone uninformed who will be taken in by these coins or some who thinks the price is "too good to be true", not realizing that it truly is. Again Richard, thank you for your website, it is most informative and should if possible, when no longer being added to, be published somehow in reference form. Possibly in disk form structured as a website.
  6. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Do I have a 1911 hollow neck here?

    For reference images, I have one listed on ebay. Item # 325970397598 Although I assume Richard's is better and more detailed.
  7. Bronze & Copper Collector

    1862 penny check

    If I had penny for everything I saw that done, I'd have several pounds....
  8. Bronze & Copper Collector

    1862 penny check

    It also exists with obverse 3, which is rarer than obverse 2. As you indicate, this is the extremely common obverse 6
  9. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Anyone not able to upload pictures, like Azda and me?

    and the 9th (1982) edition (softcover).
  10. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Anyone not able to upload pictures, like Azda and me?

    Can an administrator move this post to "more pennies", as a follow-up to the question re the Bressett guide. Thank you. These are scans of the pertinent pages from the 8th (1975) edition (hardcover), and the 9th (1982) edition (softcover).
  11. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Anyone not able to upload pictures, like Azda and me?

    Hmmm I was able to upload an image here.
  12. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Anyone not able to upload pictures, like Azda and me?

    I've been trying to post 2 scans of pertinent pages in the more pennies and am getting the following error message. I get this error even if I just try to post text.
  13. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Ebay and All online traders rule change

    The US has started that last year.... Vastly changed the reporting parameters.
  14. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    A little bit of knowledge can be very dangerous.
  15. Bronze & Copper Collector

    Happy Christmas to all Forum users

    All the Best to my fellow forum members for the New Year. Good Health and Happiness. Happy Collecting.