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  1. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Well put. However, the Chinese won't be listening to our views. https://www.predecimal.com/forum/topic/14695-ebays-worst-ai-coin-descriptions/ It's not going to get better....
  2. But, of course, being England, only 'if wet'.
  3. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I told the seller I have a bagful, and I've offered to sell them for £20 each.....
  4. Yes, we've all seen the hilarious AI stuff, making out some ruined Sanyo music centre from the 70's is the best thing since sliced bread regarding aesthetics and sound reproduction, but what about coins???? Please post them here!!
  5. blakeyboy

    Edward the Confessor mint and moneyer?

    He also was one of the Doormen at the 'Ye Pyg and Whystel', since it used to get a bit rough at chucking out time, after five flagons of mead.....
  6. blakeyboy


    I suspected that was the case, because the coin was very rare, or in unusually good condition, but I can't believe that something invented last week, that doesn't exist, is such a lure for people. How or why 'mining' happens is a mystery too. When it all collapses into a Malthusian nightmare, and people are jumping off tall buildings like they did 100 years ago, then I'll understand a little more.
  7. blakeyboy


    Explain this to me please this, bitcoin people : if, for example, you made £1K from buying and selling a bit coin, who has lost £1k?
  8. blakeyboy

    Florin diameters

    ..but then you lose the understanding of the etymology and derivation of a word which I think is a shame. Mr.Webster can take the blame for this- immigrants couldn't learn English quickly so they simplified it. At least in the US or the UK we don't have to explain to foreigners why we think windows are feminine.....
  9. I'm working in a better area of Paris right now and everyone is fantastic, but only because, I firmly believe, because of how I treat them in the first place, and keep standards up from then on. If I did the bigmouthed opinionated GB News idiot type of thing, my trip would not be pleasant.....
  10. I wasn't doing any more than pointing out that right now, more than ever, this confusion exists, and is rarely clarified in televised arguments etc....
  11. Zionism versus Judaism.....
  12. Thank you for this- I'm just off to work in Paris, so I'll read more closely when I'm not eating, drinking, or visiting cheese shops....
  13. From a pre-ww2 stamp album page header. No wonder we lost everything! Children would have read this.
  14. I thought 'Sandstone Bluff' was a card game......or maybe Donald Fagan's second album.....
  15. Ah right- I've always held a plano-convex lens over the front of a cheap camera to take pics of coins etc.... ....I have seen some things like that but I don't know the lens/thread terminology very well. Is the extension tone as it sounds? It fits over the lens rather than on the front?