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  1. Its a bit out in the sticks but a great day out - like I said august or september for me with the garden, just because the dahlias are at their best then.
  2. copper123


    Canceled - like my dentist appointment today - nurse has suspected covid- bummer
  3. Saw aforementioned gentleman with his two sons they looked around 11 and 12 years old at Pistyll Rhaeadr on a short break in north wales Probably hideing in north wales due to him not being as well known there after all he has a ten week holiday about now doesn't he. His well thought up phrase came to mind (Hands, face , minge)
  5. copper123

    1905 Halfcrown

    You might find some cheap ones on alibaba in china
  6. On the subject of gardens again one of my faves is powys castle in mid wales the yews are a particular wonder it pretty good in august- september, esp when the dahlias are out Bidulph grange staffs also has a lovely display of dalias come sept
  7. 7foot hollyhocks is my big success this year.
  8. I am pretty lucky, most of back garden gets sun all summer and the much smaller front one gets very little - its great for bulbs though - I mean to plant loads of spring ones in october , snowdrops and crocus are just lovely .
  9. Don't know about anyone else but mines bloomin' lovely this year. Its all the sun and rain no faded lawns that need the rain like in the past few years
  10. copper123

    Protection of Uncleaned Coins after Cleaning

    Cleaning roman is a lot harder than you might think - remember 1800 years of gunk aint easy to get rid of without spoiling the coin , many metal detector coins are hopeless cases
  11. copper123

    Proof Set Boxes

    If you had a time machine maybe you could have used this stuff
  12. this sounds much more customer friendly
  13. Would anyone agree? Payment should be after coin is slabbed and when you are happy - that would be best for both the coin owner and the service provider. It should only take one slabbing company to do this and they would just hoover up the customers
  14. A resturant could argue the same while serving a sustandard meal A builder could do shoddy work and charge you full wack A shop could leave you waiting for your goods for six months and not even say sorry A company could deliver to the wrong address and still charge you for it An insurance company could leave you waiting years on a household claim A slabbing company could do the decent thing and at least tell the client why they will not slab his coin- it costs them nothing and he already has paid the slabbing fee
  15. Not sure at all, the way most decent companies work is by charging you for work after they have done it to a certain standard that the buyer is happy with. If this happens in the slabbing world well and good , somehow I suspect it does not ......