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  1. ozjohn

    On the sherberts

    With this one I think NGC could have been a bit more generous.
  2. Can anyone provide any info on the medal in the attached file that was part of my late sister's effects.. I've tried to find out more information regarding this medal. However although there were several medals struck commemorating the diamond jubilee of Victoria I have not been able to locate this medallion. It is crown size and appears to be struck in silver and the effigy of the queen resembles the Jubilee head rather than the old head that is depicted in the medals I found on line.Any suggestions wold be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. ozjohn

    Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medal

    The one I have is the Heaton mint one of 38 mm. Superficially it looks like silver with no sign of any plate wearing off. https://www.colleconline.com/en/items/141399/medaille-royaume-uni-victoria-1897-diamond-jubilee-medallion-heaton-uk This site says it was struck in CuNi.
  4. Again I have a problem with this one graded by NGS as MS 62. I think that consistency in grading is very essential for both the collector and the third party grader. My example is included for comparison although not graded I think in the MS range.
  5. I like to photograph my coins to keep a record of the, When photographing 50% coins the results always seem lifeless and slightly blurred even though the coin has lustre and good definition in the hand. I am using a Sony alpha 5000 camera with macro lens . The light source is a diffuse multiple LED with switched light levels and color temps. which can be positioned for max overall illumination. I also use the multipoint auto focus. Any suggestions please. Thanks
  6. I have never tried to have a coin graded NGS or PGS and have wondered how difficult it is. from Australia. Any information would be useful from anyone who has tried.in the past The coin is a 1916 half crown again one I have had for a while but when re- photographing it thought it may get a MS grading and worth submitting
  7. Thanks for that I've looked online and found Imperial Coins of Hamilton Qld who act for PCGS and are not too far from where I live. Thanks again.
  8. ozjohn

    Another one that got away

    The only problem is most of the gaps are the expensive ones.
  9. ozjohn

    Another one that got away

    It was listed by Atlas Numismatics on Ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/186286960398
  10. ozjohn

    Another one that got away

    Another TPG 1925 half crown. Perhaps flogging a dead horse but I think I prefere my one
  11. ozjohn

    Another one that got away

    Even this one has a nasty ding to the RHS in the 2nd lion in the shield. I think you have to size up the whole of the coin when grading and not enough attention is paid to the milling and edge of the coin. In the example I posted, if you look carefully at the top rim you will see a slightly raised edge from the minting process. This IMO is a good guide for grading especially when weak strikes are concerned as it would be the first place to start to wear . As far as the king's mo there is little wear and the hairline goes to the end of his mo.
  12. ozjohn

    Another one that got away

    Yes it is always caveate emptor for collectors. Here in Australia we have self managed superannuation funds where you make your own decisions on your investments of which collectables such as coins can form a part of. Assuming you go this way you want to be sure you are making a good investment and rely on TPGs. In this case you would be badly misinformed on the value of your investment. In addition there are limits to the amount of investment for tax purposes and auditing that rely on an accurate estimate of the value of your assets.
  13. ozjohn

    One That Got Away?

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/335330493737?itmmeta=01HTH8GWVNHDYKA38M0TT5R183&hash=item4e13414529:g:tEQAAOSwRJxmDIyg&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAAwCx%2B69igv%2FKa--PTDS153MDcRJbn6gtwf8j4yS8ujmd34wdWxU A bit optimistic for PF 65. Maybe the photo but seems to have some wear.
  14. ozjohn

    CGS cert verification required

    Are CGS still accepting coins for grading?
  15. ozjohn


    In Australia and assuming you cash in your crypto at a profit you will be subject to capital gains tax at your marginal tax rate. If the asset is held for more than a year the capital gains tax is 50% of your marginal tax rate. If you make a capital loss on crypto then you can offset that against other income. This is true for most investments, shares, real estate, etc. I don't know what the tax implications are in the UK or US but there are probably some.
  16. ozjohn


    Sorry we will have to agree to disagree Crypto is nothing but a giant Ponzi scheme. At least with tulip bulbs you can plant them in the garden. I think I will stick with physical gold.
  17. ozjohn


    IMO crypto is a scam and a vehicle for money laundering. National currencies are not perfect by any means but as mentioned earlier do relate back to the real economy, Whereas crypto has no intrinsic value whatsoever. Where the money goes to after the purchase of crypto is anyone's guess but one thing you can be sure of is it is not held in reserve in case of a run on the particular crypto. Crypto has all the hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme and would collapse tomorrow is there were a serious run on it.
  18. ozjohn

    One That Got Away?

    And the price is on the heavy side. Here's my example CGS 85.
  19. ozjohn

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    1902 Proof Silver Half Crown Coin Edward VII | eBay One of the worst fakes I have seen
  20. Probably correct for the time, but times change. The Chinese are now the quick witted and the Brits and the West in general are backward and slow in thought. Time to wake up to our selves. The truth always hurts.
  21. ozjohn

    Florin diameters

    If you look up a word using Webster's Dictionary it gives US and UK spelling, and usage also the use of the word in a sentence. In addition Webster's Dictionary explores the origin of the word and when it entered the English language,. Also free online. IMO a superior online dictionary to the OED. Perhaps a discussion for the Nothing to Do About Coins strand.
  22. ozjohn

    Florin diameters

    I should have weighed them as well.
  23. ozjohn

    Florin diameters

    Made the following measurements with my trusty vernier caliper gage: 1888 29,24 mm. 1887 29,24 mm. 1912 29.25 mm. 1945 28.30 mm. 1927 RAM 28.56 mm. 1924 28.55 mm. 1895 28.35 mm. Just a small sample. * gage or gauge I like US spelling it makes more sense like mold for mould. In any case much US English is older English.
  24. ozjohn

    Before and After

    Clipboard a is a coin I have had for a while that I brought in Melbourne for about $90. As you can see the toning is uneven and detracts from the coin. Clipboard b is the same coin after sodium bicarbonate and Al foil treatment. The only treatment I know that does not damage the coin as it restores the silver oxides and sulfides back into silver metal. I know many collectors like an even tone to enhance the coin but in truth the toning on silver coins is corrosion that damages the surface of the coin. The colors in the toning are the result of optical interference between light reflected from the metal surface of the coin and that reflected from the oxide layer on the coin in a similar fashion to oil on a wet road. the silver oxide. I think a definite improvement.
  25. ozjohn

    Before and After

    delete" the silver oxide" just before the last sentence.