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  1. Old Money

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Done, with supporting information/facts
  2. Old Money

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    They all seem to be platforms for selling rather than educating
  3. Old Money

    Coin prices continue to rise

    SNC January 2014 1853 Proof and 1919kn CuN.pdf
  4. Old Money


    Bought from USA a few years ago, see if I still have a record
  5. Old Money


    One Toy Coin I have never seen another
  6. Old Money


    Maybe subfolders for different collections of coins, not individuals, as any identification data will get lost as the topic expands, for example SG Onions Coin boxes Cardboard Coins - Peacemaker, - Golden dreams ..... etc... Would make it easier for new varieties to be identified and images to be shared
  7. Old Money

    More Pennies

    Agreed, no evidence of top of 3 going through top of 4. In my experience if you tilt a genuine 4/3 you will see the 3 quite clearly.
  8. Old Money

    More Pennies

    Should book with SpecSavers! https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/6029704-008/65/
  9. Old Money

    Can anyone explain this?

    My Grandad father died peacefully in his sleep, unlike his passengers screaming.
  10. Old Money

    Can anyone explain this?

    A study found that a speed of less than 11 mph 100% of cars stop for a pedestrian crossing., at 15mph only 28% stop for a pedestrian crossing. Which would explain both road signs
  11. Old Money

    Can anyone explain this?

    Run out of Zeros