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  1. Old Money

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Done, with supporting information/facts
  2. Old Money

    Facebook Coin Pages/Groups?

    They all seem to be platforms for selling rather than educating
  3. Old Money

    Coin prices continue to rise

    SNC January 2014 1853 Proof and 1919kn CuN.pdf
  4. Old Money


    Bought from USA a few years ago, see if I still have a record
  5. Old Money


    One Toy Coin I have never seen another
  6. Old Money


    Maybe subfolders for different collections of coins, not individuals, as any identification data will get lost as the topic expands, for example SG Onions Coin boxes Cardboard Coins - Peacemaker, - Golden dreams ..... etc... Would make it easier for new varieties to be identified and images to be shared
  7. Old Money

    More Pennies

    Agreed, no evidence of top of 3 going through top of 4. In my experience if you tilt a genuine 4/3 you will see the 3 quite clearly.
  8. Old Money

    More Pennies

    Should book with SpecSavers! https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/6029704-008/65/
  9. Old Money

    Can anyone explain this?

    My Grandad father died peacefully in his sleep, unlike his passengers screaming.
  10. Old Money

    Can anyone explain this?

    A study found that a speed of less than 11 mph 100% of cars stop for a pedestrian crossing., at 15mph only 28% stop for a pedestrian crossing. Which would explain both road signs
  11. Old Money

    Can anyone explain this?

    Run out of Zeros
  12. Old Money

    Coin prices continue to rise

    I think any coin struck to such standard, if not proof, would fall into that category.
  13. Old Money

    Coin prices continue to rise

    Bought from Northeast Numismatics
  14. Old Money

    Coin prices continue to rise

    The Copper bronzed currency penny is not the Baldwins coin, had it several years before, if I find the record I will pass it on. I have had several over the years, but none from Auction or notable collections. A few years since I last looked at notes, memory fades, you are right it is the IOM CHP1839.
  15. Old Money

    Coin prices continue to rise

    Expanding on this theme of early strikes, a few things I have read over the years would have these early strikes looked out in a different light, although not true proofs they are referred to in several books to be select in production and therefore of similar quality to proof coinage and in some cases as 'specimen'. These coins would probably be used in gifts and for marketing showing quality and detail, most commonwealth or dependent countries had coinage struck by the Royal Mint, some independent countries did also. There are also pyx records of currency coinage undergoing the same scrutiny as proof and precious metal coinage. I would reference Pecks, and Gruber before, with regard to Copper Pennies and Halfpenny references following his listings, recorded as bronzed currency coinage, and would cite the Colin Adams collection for numerous examples. Hocking with regard reference to coinage struck for record, usually regarded as Proof. Montagu with reference to CP1857 Proof, slabbed as 'Proof like' by NGC. I am sure collectors of other denominations could come forward with examples of their own. This would then bring about the question, which is rarer, the Specimen or the Proof. 1839 Proof sets were struck on order up until the 1853 set became available, the 1839 Halfpenny is the same Obv die as used on Jersey currency coinage of that date, no currency Halfpennies were struck for the UK in that year, and maybe once initial orders had been satisfied the dies were used for that purpose. This caused 1841 Halfpenny and Penny replacing the 1839 Coppers within the sets, and for a short period, the the 1841 and 1843 Halfpennies dies were adjusted to 1839, It is possible a similar action was initiated, maybe achieved on the Penny, Bramah references a 1841 copper penny with a crescent under the 4, the beginning of an 8, or just maybe a 3.
  16. Old Money

    Gary Lineker (moved)

    I agree everyone is entitled to express their point of view, but this view also extends to how the Government spend our taxes, I believe He is worth circa £30 mill and have read recently He is in court with HMRC trying to avoid a £5 mill tax bill, now that would go a long way to helping those He wishes to defend. Unfortunately I feel He is just another one of these smug A, B ,C etc..through to Z listed celebrities telling everyone how things should be done whilst doing everything to avoid paying into the system themselves. They do all the FREE charity events on TV, Red Nose, Telethon and the like, asking us for contribution towards many worthy causes which the Govt use our taxes again to top up, but I have yet to see any of them hand over a personal cheque during proceedings.
  17. Old Money

    More Pennies

    So very obvious to an experienced collector, condition of the coin is not consistent with lustre/tone
  18. Clashed dies. The Striking surfaces have come together without the planchet (Bronze blank) in place, the raised portions have been struck onto the opposing die and resulted in the features described. The line between the lighthouse and Britt's hand is Vicks cleavage line, a faint outline can be seen of Vicks face just above. The other lines described are the folds in drapery
  19. One point I would like to add regarding Astro Zeneca, They made no profit and supplied several other countries, The EU also tried blocking vital ingredients and supplies to the UK for not giving it to them the vaccine before others, even to the extent of blocking Italy sending out stockpiles to other countries.