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  1. DrLarry

    1862 penny with 6/6

    I think I have a couple of 6 over 6's in the 62's I will look through and let you know . For certain one where the 6 presents itself to the left of the existing 6 but I will check
  2. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    thanks so much the A is a good search option I will look at mine again. Yes I sold the Bs over R's at the weekend I am very happy they have gone to a single collector and I think he is giving them a good home. I have reached the target for the double glazing so I am happy as
  3. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    thanks so much Bernie for some reason I was getting very confused by Freemans description that is great thanks
  4. DrLarry

    Halfpenny ID check

    Could someone please point me to images of 1860 2C I am getting a little confused by Freeman the images are not good. Oh for a good book on half pennies !!!
  5. I have listed a number of "interesting mint errors " early 1860 pennies on ebay which may interest some of you. brockages and off centred strikes and some error coins along with a lot of others . I think it is time to stop buying and start selling collecting served its purpose and I need some new windows and the projects in South Africa need some income . It will take about 20 years to get rid of everything . larryg1508 if anyone is looking for things please ask and if I have it i'll list it.
  6. DrLarry

    1879 Penny shuttle variety

    I think when a die breaks and there is flow into the broken section I would not list the examples of cud I felt that the shuttle was more interesting because it has no attachment to any part of the legend or design . It stands alone in the field like these "cannonballs" on the 1875 which is not a dot and is quite irregular in shape. I am intrigued by there being an explanation for the dots that Richard mentions. in the 1879 there is a second "blob" above the shuttle on many examples that is perhaps more of a dot which presumably is also the result of a foreign body damaging the die.
  7. DrLarry

    1879 Penny shuttle variety

    Oh well there are about 9 or 10 then . I didn't for one moment think it would get past Cerberus.
  8. DrLarry

    1879 Penny shuttle variety

    Hi Larry, Thank you for the images of your “deposit” just above the lighthouse on you 1879 pennies. As you say it is amazing that no one has come forward with this ‘anomaly’ before now. It certainly seems to be a constant as you have 6 examples of this variety. I presume that it is on the commoner (M + k) variety. If so it could probably be recorded as BP 1879 Bh – (M + k) – With possible small piece of grit, metal filing, etc. got trapped on the reverse striking die leaving a small indent when it fell out that got transferred on the blank (coin) being struck and subsequent 1879 coins being struck. So far, it appears that about 7 examples are known in various grades from Poor to VF.
  9. DrLarry

    1879 Penny shuttle variety

    Perhaps you might want to add it to your rare dot "varieties" I certainly think (although I am biased please note) it should be added
  10. DrLarry

    1879 Penny shuttle variety

    I have presented the specimens of this penny to M Goulby and he agrees that it should be considered as an interesting example of another "dot type" I think there may be about 7 examples now.
  11. it might be easier to set it free from its plastic tomb and take a picture , the poor thing just might be suffering from plastic entombment syndrome . Most of us set our canaries free , but I suppose when there is a question of its "label" you could always sell it to an American who will accept with reverence anything written on a label.
  12. DrLarry


    Yes I did start off with sets and boxes but then it just grew organically. Ironically I did not want to start with the most obvious lauer British as Rogers did in his book. Really a website should be the best option but I would not know how to grow and manage it. I think the field is lacking a good update and I know Kai was thinking of writing it for Galata books.
  13. DrLarry


    Yes one of the groats from the series sold for £103 the other day
  14. DrLarry


    I am excited to hear you have so many of the onions I would love to see them side by side too. I have been trying to collect them but I suspect I shall not now continue. My collection is too broad a church and eventually have to decide what I can and can't collect. I'm happy there are some full sets around . Amazing really that they must have once been quite common in schools.