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  1. numismatist


    Sorry £150.00 best I can take, they've stopped making them now Didnt realise the £100.00 limit ? Is it fixed at that..thought I had seen much higher amounts in ForSale
  2. GOOD AND CLEAN --- THERE ARE NO PRICES --- COVERS 1955 TO 61 ALL SALES 4607 LOTS MOST WITH PHOTOS -- 189 LARGE PHOTO PLATES ( 5 catalogues ) £150.00 PLUS POSTAGE ...ACCEPT PAYPAL, BT, CHEQUE ETC Only Plate 1 shown as Photos too large
  3. Sorting out surplus modern , Will accept paypal , BT , or Cheque etc
  4. numismatist

    more FAKES

    Strange , that the die in question cannot be found in older sales of the 1763 Shilling yet same seller of the £2395 1763 now has another at £1400 and a USA seller has a much worse looking one at £1256 Photo one is of the one already discussed and still up for sale £2395 Photo two is the new one same seller has £1400 Photo three is the USA one at £1256
  5. numismatist

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Seems sellers has moved into coins, on completed items , he listed your sixpence 3 times on the same day ( sold once ) also a Henry groat ( not sold ) and another similar Milled Elizabeth Sixpence listed 2 times ( sold once ) . Wonder what the buyer of that one got ?
  6. numismatist

    DNW catalogues

    Last one I had was September 2014 , there was a notice I think before December saying if a printed catalogue was required it must be ordered and paid for .Before that they were freebees for many years past
  7. numismatist

    Slaney 2

    google...GB200 Coin Investment list .. comes up with Stanley Gibbons Pdf list I dont know how to show it here ----
  8. What are thoughts on this .. would it pass as EF ... Is the damage done at the Mint or after striking There are raised dross marks especially in the Reverse marks which makes me think towards Mint damage ?
  9. numismatist


    Thanks Rob, Ive never noticed after 50 years into Coins, but found out when I weighed a silver colour penny that I was hoping was not plated ! , then found it was far lighter than 2 old halfpennies , so I googled weights....
  10. Never took much notice, but 10 old farthings weigh 1 ounce and 5 old half pennies weigh 1 ounce BUT 3 old pennies weigh 1 ounce All the old silver coins mulitiply up as expected Why is the PENNY the odd man out ?? I never knew this !!
  11. numismatist

    more FAKES

    One of the strange looking 1763 Shillings is now in the next DNW sale with the strange lettering , double striking on the portrait of the king and the strange drapery . Amazing none from these dies appear to have been seen until these two that were discussed turned up
  12. numismatist

    CGS Again

    Thought they didn't grade " damaged " Coins Last two similar 1930's through DNW were GEF £400 and Virtually as struck £350 I would have thought you would be lucky to get 25% to 35% of that asking price from a Dealer ?