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  1. DNW last month can’t use photo bucket sorry
  2. Weak at centre on reverse else EF. Toning maybe unnatural
  3. Yes slightly stylised horse design - so reproduction I’d say (by AC?)
  4. Yes, on closer inspection is that chatter in front of the kings moustache?
  5. 🤔Just had a quick scan on heritage auctions searching GB Wreath Crowns - can’t find one circulation strike example with a struck up orb as I suspected. The proofs definitely better. NB this is just a rule of thumb guide!
  6. with thanks! I’ve already sent Ian an email.
  7. Hi collector comrades! Does anyone know of a dealer who will buy banknotes? Im looking to sell my mostly Scottish banknotes collection to buy more coins! Nick
  8. A simple test (not 100% fool proof) is to look at the band around the orb - splitting the date - typically even the very best uncirculated circulation wreath crowns will not be fully struck up. The example shown is IMHO therefore is likely a proof specimen. Happy to be disproven - no probs
  9. Ok one more.. the fantastical world of Queen Anne...
  10. Yes I thought so too - when Boulton and Watts got busy..
  11. Thanks Rob - so what year was the first large copper penny issued?
  12. William III as Jupiter and James II as Phaeton - the Glorious Revolution Is this the first copper penny sized English coin? (OK it’s a medal..Eimer 312a)
  13. Hard to say without seeing in person, but IMHO suspected chemical clean some time ago now retoned (?) else lower end mint state as you say