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  1. azda


    The FB bots have serious alithogram problems and are far from perfect. I was talking to my daughter on a post she had made, I called her “my wee sausage” and up popped a box saying “do you really want to post this”
  2. The 1937 Gold sets are also prone for being split for gain, everyone chasing the elusive PF70
  3. Berchtesgaden is the closest area to me but a few hundred KMs away, its crazy weather
  4. Thats the difference between a collector and investor, where the investor is always looking for the return, the collector says it doesn't matter 😉
  5. Personally I think there are a certain number of people cashing in on grading hype because they are authorized agents of NGC or PCGS and have a vested interest in getting people sucked into the slabbing.
  6. azda

    1953 VIP Proof set

    At a guess, the penny has been swapped out from the original set
  7. Kaiser Wilhelm died in 1888, there was a coin/medal produced shortly after with a milled edge, at a guess this is what it’s trying to impersonate, but the date of death would also be on it. My book lists a Hess-Divo auction 27-10-2005 lot 416 if you want to check it out.
  8. https://www.ngccoin.uk/news/article/8133/?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTkRCbE5tRTFNV0k1WldabCIsInQiOiJWZzBJXC9tVFE0NjBHVGoxOG5KenB2R0xvblNhUnpcL3I1TTRDWFJ0aFZTdlE4Z2VYMnk1K0wzbFo1S1wvaU9YbEw4RXJvUFlkMmtyc1FGa0lmdWtrdnJSaFd4aDFoRUtNXC9JbnJMTWk4WjRqcjBYK2YzK2JpbkpQMENmcHVaM1h5cjYifQ%3D%3D#utm_source=The Mx Group&utm_medium=Email Blast&utm_campaign=20-NGUK-0032 NGC Certifies Unique British Penny eBlast
  9. azda


    As this is in PICTURES section it’s a PICTURE, just like the rest that have been uploaded, maybe you do need to head to specsavers to see all those other “what type of coin” pictures that have been uploaded in this part of the forum.
  10. azda


    That’s called stacking where you take multiples of the same picture at the same settings then stack them in Lightroom or starry landscape stacked and theoretically it brings out better detail. Images should be taken in RAW format. I took my picture with the Sony DSC RX10 M3, it’s has a 600mm zoom lens.
  11. azda

    Munich coin show

    Ahhhh unfortunately he was trying to recoup some of the costs and was trying to get some deals done with a few dealers, so he eventually didn’t have the time, there’s always next year though.
  12. azda

    Munich coin show

    So the show was all set to go ahead, got a couple emails from dealers such as Künker and NGC the night before saying due to the Corona virus they weren't going to attend, then i text @NRP to see what he was doing, mentioned Künker and NGC to him and as far as he was aware (at that time) it was still ongoing, 11:30pm last night Neil was informed it was cancelled. This should have really been done last week to save all these people the expense, so now I'll head out and grab a few beers with Neil, its the least I can do 😁
  13. azda


    The only coin that has really exploded is the New gold 2oz Una and the Lion great designers release, these have been going for silly money, £27k for a release 2 months previously that cost £4k, I don’t know where people’s heads are at right now with this modern stuff
  14. azda


    Saw 2 listings for the gold one on eBay on Sunday night, they weren’t even available till Monday morning, Londoncoins was one of those, asking £7500 for it, Monday they had changed the listing and dropped the price to £6000, that’s how shit it was and the state of the modern market asking for £2000 profit