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  1. https://www.gbnews.com/money/money-news-cash-bank-england-digital-currency-latest
  2. The whole point of a cashless society IS to make sure you’re NOT anonymous. Govts will control your bank account and if they don’t like what you’re buying then you won’t be able to pay for it, Legrade said as much when asked about going digital.
  3. My coronation 5 coin set waiting for me in the UK.
  4. No, the mint wiped them after striking like the 1902s before putting them into their boxes, seen a lot of 1902s with details grades due to this
  5. Yet it’s used by the Govt as a propoganda arm, therefor not impartial
  6. Personally think this could come back as a details grade with those REV hairlines, just. my opinion, it’s always a lottery with NGC.
  7. Can someone ID this 1874H REV for me please
  8. Another from the Sincona sale re-listed for sale at near double the price by the coin cabinet
  9. azda

    Charles III portrait

    How does the seller explain the 4 month wait time if he actually sells it?
  10. azda

    Charles III portrait

    Nov/Dec normally, but I think they'll be delayed until the coronation, plus the Mint has just offered some coins today with an unlimited mintage, so they will be busy and as usual running no quality control
  11. azda

    Charles III portrait

    The fact its a new monarch was the appeal, never normally buy these year sets to be honest, but I think these will be delayed till January.