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  1. Thank you all for your replies and expertise! I've attached 2 more NGC examples I found online with similar characteristics...one was NCG 64, and one 64+! Very interesting. One below, and the next in another reply.
  2. I understand all this, and in the current market with fees I feel it’s a decent price. The NGC grade makes a big difference, you won’t find an NGC 64 going for under £1300 before fees. I’ll send it off, take the risk and see what they say. Last one I bought for £800 was graded PF64 so happy with that.
  3. I was a bit worried about the 'hairlines'...but I seem to see this a lot on these proofs...is it that the blank coin was polished before minting?
  4. I love these coins and want to collect as many as possible. What do you guys think of this example? Any issues? Potential NGC grade? I know it's a lot to ask, so maybe just opinions on it's appearance.
  5. Hi, no I'm looking to buy it I can't get the NGC cert up yet I think they are doing maintenance
  6. So the bit on the left under the horses foot doesn't look cleaned to you? thanks
  7. Just a quick query, on the bottom left of the picture, does this look like the coin has been cleaned? Thank you in advance!
  8. So, long story short...I took out a Gold Membership with PCGS, and received 4 x free complimentary grading vouchers. I sent them off to PCGS Paris to be graded, wrote and emailed confirming I had these vouchers, completed the submission form correctly and made it crystal clear I should only pay postage...which came to about £55...I didn't have much faith as the person dealing with my queries, Anna, could barely speak English...so we all know what happened...they charged me full price for a new membership and the 4 x gradings...so I've had a debit of £250 today. I rang PCGS US who were unhelpful and just said not our problem, can't access their system etc so speak to PCGS Europe...can anyone speak French? or any ideas what to do, I've sent a very clear email complaining, but if they can't speak English I'm at a total loss...at the moment my bill for encapsulating 4 coins is nearly £500, I'm fuming. I will NEVER be using PCGS again. Thanks - apologies for the rant.
  9. Well I sent my prize and joy, 1935 raised edge proof crown over to France to be graded, and I'm really happy with the grade, PR65 Deep Cameo: http://www.pcgs.com/cert/83612621 I was maybe expecting 63, 64 at a push, but amazed with 65 Also had my 1804 BOE graded at AU50 which I'm pleased with also: http://www.pcgs.com/cert/83612623 Just wanted to share
  10. How do you arrange this? I'm paying for FedEx to take them there, do PCGS just charge your card for the return postage? On the submission form it says to contact them to discuss, butno reply to email and the French lady can't speak English...so confused!!!
  11. Tried both, no reply to email, and the very nice lady at the French office can't answer any queries in English.
  12. How do you arrange to pay for PCGS to send them back via FedEx though? And how do you arrange to submit them at a coin show? Can't find the details anywhere apart from the schedule.
  13. Sorry for so many posts...but essentially I just want to post them and arrange delivery back to me. Nearest FedEx is about 80 miles away...any other suggestions? This whole process seems VERY complicated!
  14. Hi azda, so if I send them to Paris myself - how do I arrange the return postage?
  15. Hi again, so I've got my 4 free vouchers! At what point do I pay for the postage back to myself after the grading?