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  1. Michael-Roo

    More handcock LOL

    My comedy hero:
  2. The only other example (Nicholson/Peck) known to me. Sold through LCA 04/12/2011. .
  3. Nothing Mike, I simply wanted to join the conversation.
  4. Michael-Roo

    Stuff to Make Us Laugh

    I found this while making brekkie this morning. If 'That's Life' was still on telly I'd probably be considering sending it to Esther Rantzen....
  5. Every member of the team a credit to their families, their communities, their country. Let's just hope the morons who wrecked Leicester Square earlier today don't go on a booze fuelled rampage tonight. European till I die.
  6. I'm chuffed to have recently acquired this from Joe Lee. In many years of looking this and the Nicholson coin (ex Peck) are the only two examples I've ever seen.
  7. Michael-Roo

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    From the same seller: Plenty of lustre, good extremely fine. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265200000574?hash=item3dbf26de3e:g:TYsAAOSwt6FgzIDD
  8. Michael-Roo

    1837 and 1845 pennies

    GVF for me.
  9. Michael-Roo

    Charles Kennedy

    So, not quite this then. An oldie, but always worth another look....
  10. Michael-Roo

    Charles Kennedy

  11. Michael-Roo

    Charles Kennedy

    Serious Bowie fan too.
  12. Michael-Roo


    Hi Chris.