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  1. Yes I think you are correct MrT just took some better pictures in natural light, possibly a die crack starting from the first A going through the T and ending on the last A.
  2. Plucked out of the soil this morning.
  3. Found this beautiful coin today. just having a good look at it tonight and noticed the A in GRATIA is a little strange. Any ideas ?
  4. Sir John Stewart 1st Earl of Traquair by Nicholas Briot.
  5. Charles l silver medallion 1648. call to unanimity by Nicholas Briot.
  6. Gaz T

    B over B or possibly F.

    Slightly better image of reverse.
  7. Not sure if it’s an unlisted coin but would welcome any thoughts on the B in the reverse legend, I’m not sure if the B is over B or maybe F.
  8. Gaz T

    Elizabeth l half pennies.

    Just looked at my commonwealth’ half penny this has the little v marks and tangs. I could do with about 50 half pennies of the same mint mark to see if a good pattern could be made. I would think if someone was making a multi die and punch all of the coins would face the same way, looking at most Elizabeth half pennies the cross carries on to the edge of the coin, I’m thinking this could have been a scribe mark to keep each die being cut level to the next. More of the same same type coin would be needed to see if the crosses lined up as well as the tangs lining.
  9. Gaz T

    Elizabeth l half pennies.

    I’ve searched for Elizabeth half pennies that are double struck or have defects from the single blow of hammering as I’m sure there must be. But I can’t find any ! There are going to be defects from the process of punching many out of a sheet of silver but most of the half pennies I can find are reasonably good.