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  1. Rather chuffed with this newbie, mid-1790s halfpenny Conder token
  2. Thanks chaps, I'm leaning towards a recut 3 (as did the seller)
  3. What do people think of this one please, 3 over 3? Recut 3?
  4. Standard type, just querying the rarity rating?
  5. Bull / ESC have this listed as R2, which doesn't seem to be reflected in Spink or realised sale prices. Probably an error? Anyway, here's my only example, not particularly high grade.
  6. Here's a happier horse, my York Type 5
  7. Another for my flourishing Charles I halfcrown collection, this a York Type 1. Bull 550 and from his collection.
  8. And this 1866 Sixpence (courtesy of @Rob), which completes my Victoria YH sixpence 'type' collection:
  9. A couple of newbies to report. First up, this 1838 Shilling, which completes my Victoria YH shilling 'type' collection:
  10. I particularly like the reverse on that one Mick
  11. Latest addition to my Charles I Halfcrown collection, this a Tower Mint type 2c, and my first Harp mint mark
  12. Latest arrival (crown, LIX edge)
  13. Very nice that one, I don't think you have paid too much in today's market