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  1. If only the obverse on this crown had as much eye appeal as the reverse ...
  2. Doubt that I'll be upgrading this crown ...
  3. I've still got and use the lens, I just bought a body ... it's a Canon Ultrasonic (what can that mean?) Macro EF 100mm 1:2.8 USM
  4. Thanks Will With tokens I also like the buildings designs, with preference for the Kempson series(es), like your gorgeous Coventry Spongate example. Here's a recent purchase, Bath (of course!)
  5. Oh, and official issue silver coronation medals, Charles I - Victoria!
  6. Hey Stu! 3 focus areas still for me: Milled silver types, preferably early milled Charles I halfcrowns, different Spink numbers 18th C Conder tokens BTW, your camera gave up the ghost in the end after many many pics, bought another of the same second hand
  7. As it's been reported as quiet on here, over the next few days I'll post some of my favourite acquisitions from the last year, apologies for any I have posted before. First up, very happy with this 1750 crown Bt Mark Rasmussen March 2023 Ex. J.E. collection
  8. New addition to my Charles I halfcrown obsession collection - this one has outstanding provenance, passing through Helen Farquhar, Dr E Burstal, J G Brooker 906 (this coin), P Hunt, Colin Adams, Roderick Richardson and Maurice Bull
  9. Recent-ish, I'm a bit behind with sharing my most recent aCquistions! 1700 halfcrown
  10. Very nice Will. I'm also collecting Kempson's Coventry buildings (along with Bath and Birmingham), I don't have an example of that one yet. Here's my little collection of Coventry buildings so far
  11. Noonans auction win today (Charles I Halfcrown York type 3) Can anyone elaborate on the provenance given please (SNC July-August 1957 (18458))? I'm interested in what the description was in the circular ...
  12. I always smile at the declaration on some of the civil war coins, like my Briot style horseman Oxford halfcrown. The reverse shows a shortened version of the “Declaration” which Charles made in Wellington in September 1642, in which he promised to uphold the Protestant Religion, the Laws of England, and the Liberty of Parliament, shown in two lines across the centre of the coin. RELIG:PROT:LE:AN:LI:PA Being an abbreviation for:- RELIGIO PROTESTANTIUM LEGES ANGLIAE LIBERTAS PARLIAMENTI Which translates as:- The religion of the Protestants, the laws of England and the liberty of Parliament