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  1. Not possible IMO - the florin date is tiny compared to the penny. It just wouldn't work.
  2. Peckris 2

    1905 Halfcrown

    That's what LC would describe as 'bold fine' and would probably set you back quite a bit more than £500. (Could possibly do with a - very brief - dip?)
  3. Peckris 2


    Having said that, they banned this (but not me!): However, I think someone might have seen the picture and decided it was porn!
  4. Peckris 2

    1905 Halfcrown

    Makes me think my own (not very good) example would fetch over £300..
  5. ...and it would stop you playing "Three coins in the fountain".
  6. Peckris 2


    I got a similar (temporary) ban on Facebook for "hate speech". My crime? Someone had mentioned the motto above the gates of Auschwitz, so I simply - for information - gave the original German "arbeit macht frei". In no way was I condoning this in any way whatever. What makes the FB bans so especially annoying is that there is no way to get in touch with those wonks to explain the supposed offending post. However, and here's a tip for anyone who thinks they MIGHT fall foul of the "rules", FB can't read what's on an image so type out your post in a text app then take a screenshot of it and post the screenshot instead.
  7. Peckris 2

    1905 Halfcrown

    That's the problem with eBay - any 'famous' coin is usually vastly overpriced. You'd be better off trying from a dealer or auction - if the former, make sure they have a decent returns policy.
  8. Peckris 2

    1905 Halfcrown

    Don't pay £325 for one of those!! Barely worth £100 I'd say, most of them aren’t even Fair. £150 for one of the better ones I'd say. For £325 you'd want one in NF condition. They really aren’t that rare in low grades as you can see from that dealer's pictures. This page at London Coins will give you a more realistic picture hopefully. https://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&searchterm=Halfcrown+1905&category=9&searchtype=1
  9. Peckris 2

    More Pennies

    I'm not surprised at this, given how difficult they are to spot.
  10. Tu es modo canis canem
  11. I see from a TV ad that the London Mint Office are issuing an Elvis Presley coin! Obviously he must be on the obverse, so what legend do you think should be there? My thought: ELVIS PRESLEIVS THE REX ~ PARKERI GRATIA ~ PETRAE DEF
  12. Peckris 2


    Me neither - they're just lines of text ending .jpg
  13. A much more perfect business model would be to provide value for money - i.e. give the customer good feedback which is, after all, what they've paid for. You say 'either way they can't win', but I disagree; reject coins by all means if they deserve but how much effort does it involve to provide a properly worded reason?
  14. What on earth is the point of that? You've then got a slabbed coin carrying a garish "don't buy me" insert.
  15. Hope you're not in a flood-affected area, Dave?