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  1. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    I was going to have a crack at it . Its in the sold section now , so i guess an offer was excepted even though three bids had already been placed. 1875 VICTORIAN BUN HEAD PENNY | eBay
  2. terrysoldpennies

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    8, nearly all of them still held by the Royal Mint and not available https://rarestpennies.wordpress.com/1937-edward-viii/
  3. He's hoping they won't cut his head off too
  4. terrysoldpennies

    New to collecting - my story so far

    Welcome to the Forum Jack . As you may guess from my name i'm not into Shillings, but im sure lots of useful information will be forthcoming from other members on here who are.
  5. terrysoldpennies

    Four of a kind

    Yes, I have to agree with Pete its a good book to buy for information on 20th century Bronze.
  6. terrysoldpennies

    Four of a kind

    I did know that Pete I posted that on here in Feb 2016 but its that the two missing sea dates are both different one with the long plume the other with the short
  7. terrysoldpennies

    Four of a kind

  8. Yes I know 1967 penny , who cares they only made 600,000,000 of them. Well I came across a lot of ten mixed date pennies on a very poor out of focus picture, with only one coin that you could determine the date and that it was a missing sea example. I already had a 1966 example and have been looking for a 1967 for many years. and to my great surprise when the pennies arrived four of the five 1967s were missing sea types, so must have been stored away when new and have survived together for the past fifty four years. After having a good look at the 1967s and comparing them with the 1966 I noticed that all the 1967s not only had the missing sea but also had a much shorter plume and a missing back shoulder strap , whereas on the 1966 missing sea the strap is present and the plume runs right down to touch the shoulder, as you find on the normal 1966/67s .
  9. terrysoldpennies

    1860 penny Freeman 14. LCW below foot.

    I agree with you on the rarity, as in fifteen years of looking on Ebay I have only seen two , as to recognising it on worn coins , the rev. D and E can be hard to determine but the rev. E has the P in PENNY to the gap , on the D its to the tooth. But without the signature showing its not really very collectable.
  10. terrysoldpennies

    1860 penny Freeman 14. LCW below foot.

  11. terrysoldpennies

    1860 penny Freeman 14. LCW below foot.

    Here's my one, I never felt the need to up grade it as it shows the signature very clearly.
  12. terrysoldpennies

    1875 F79 Penny

    If I may suggest two others Richard , The F14 1860 3+E and the F77 1874 8+G .
  13. terrysoldpennies

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    !! Caveat Emptor !!
  14. terrysoldpennies

    Freeman 14 Penny

    I would guess that the reverse E on the f14 was one of a set of trial dies that broke up almost immediately when they started to use the dies on the production line , hence virtually no coins if any survive without die cracks, possibly also the fate of the obverse 2* which all examples found up to now have serious die cracks showing .
  15. terrysoldpennies

    Freeman 14 Penny

    I agree it does look different . Die 5 . Has any one found an F14 without a die crack ??