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  1. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    I thought this 1926 ME I picked up recently for £250 was quite a lucky find.
  2. terrysoldpennies

    Stuff to Make Us Laugh

    I have rung the wife and told her I my be a little late home
  3. terrysoldpennies

    Stuff to Make Us Laugh

    A little Christmas cracker joke . What do you call a Duck on Drugs A QUACKHEAD
  4. terrysoldpennies

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    What a stunner, and with just a couple of surface marks . 😄 George V half penny 1921 extraordinary tone | eBay
  5. Funny thing , we fought for a Parliament and look what we've ended up with , a plutocracy !!
  6. terrysoldpennies


    Thanks for that Michael , I knew that he was a Nepolionic Veteran, but because I found the picture on a French site, I assumed he was French . As you probably know he was pictured with a woman who I assume was his wife [ Picture below] . I used the picture because my wife thought there to be a resemblance to me 😟 . I do hope though that I don't look as grouch as he dose . Ironically my son in law has two ancestors who fought at Trafalgar , one of whom who lost a leg and survived , I myself had a three times Gr Grandfather named Thomas Mason who fought in the American War of Independence and was with Conwallis when he finally surrendered at Yorktown in 1781. He must have started his military career when he was recruited into the Third Reg. of Foot [The Buffs] in London, probably taking the Kings Shilling while drunk, as he then absconded only to be recaptured by a bounty hunter and sent to the Savoy Prison [ The converted old Palace which was where the Savoy Hotel now stands ] He went on to rise up to the rank of Sergeant and serve for twenty years.
  7. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    I picked this one up recently , A stunning piece as you can see 😂.I wish . But , its an F21 3+d 1861 and on Richards rare list I payed sixteen pounds for it in a terrible state . Both pictures below and after a clean up
  8. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    Yes its a 3+D ,
  9. terrysoldpennies

    Coin prices continue to rise

    Well, I would love to be a Numismatist , but alas I'm an Oldmismatist 😧
  10. terrysoldpennies

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    That coin has the modified head found on the 1926 ME and on the 1927 ?
  11. terrysoldpennies

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The one thing I have noticed that seems to be present on all genuine Victorian copper pennies, is the wider tooth under the 4 in the date , which shows up very nicely on your Picture Jerry oops make that Ian 😁
  12. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    Yes I think your right Richard about the Ad comparison Terry
  13. terrysoldpennies

    More Pennies

    The Ae has the 0 directly over tooth 13 as shown by Gouby. My coin is exactly 13 teeth which is the same as the Gouby Ae . But your coin has the 0 slightly to the left of tooth 13 so you could say its a 12.3/4 tooth width and is unlisted Maybe I'm nit picking as the difference is miniscule , but there must have been two dies as in my example the 7 is high in the exergue and in yours its lower down below the other digits in the date I trust I make myself perfectly obscure.