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  1. Trebor

    Teaching coins by S G Onions

    Lol no but they are my favourite type
  2. Trebor

    Teaching coins by S G Onions

    Hi Paddy, If you take a look for this item on eBay 353090348200, it’s the most common one but they are all the same format. They have the denomination on the back and how many of that denomination go to make another. In this example it’s 12 pennies make a shilling.
  3. Trebor

    Teaching coins by S G Onions

    I have had a look on the Fitzwilliam site before and went back to remind myself of the denominations The other day but it’s been taken down for a security upgrade. I’d appreciate if you could have a look to see if you have any duplicates left I’ve struggled to add anything in the last few years so any good contacts would also be appreciated. I have an alert for eBay but there been nothing recently.
  4. Trebor

    Teaching coins by S G Onions

    Thank you I’ll take a look
  5. Trebor

    Teaching coins by S G Onions

    Thanks John I really appreciate that, I’ve managed 5, how many have you managed To find? I have a couple of duplicates too. Do you have any spares?
  6. Hi, I’m new to the forum and am hoping some of you might be able to help. I’m currently trying to locate something that is a bit on the fringe of coin collecting. I am trying to build a set of the S G Onions Teaching coins. I have five currently out of the 10 or 12 that were made, the rest are proving elusive. I was hoping someone might have some ideas on dealers that might stock this sort of thing? Thanks in Advance T