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  1. Flash

    The rarest coin you own?

    I did own an Ides of March, Brutus Denarius for a while. Totally genuine with provenance but now long sold.
  2. We've got a road nearby that's a 14mph limit. I believe it's done to make it more necessary to look at your actual speedo
  3. Flash

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    That said I must have 30 or so George III fakes that I simply cannot list. If I get them through the original listing process someone always reports me. A bit annoying really considering that these can be quite desirable.
  4. Anyone had any luck with replacing these with something which fits snugly in the original case. They were very thin wobbly plastic which sometimes stained a gold colour which looked terrible. (Mainly Isle of Man Silver Crowns) Luv from Dave
  5. Thanks guys. I do regularly consign but this is something extremely special so just wanted to hear if there were any horror stories with either of the two.
  6. Any recommendations, it's a five figure coin and I've narrowed it down to Sovereign Rarities or DNW. Sorry but can't give any more detail. Not looking for other suggestions just which one would you go for out of the two. Luv Dave
  7. Really sorry if this is a stupid question but which UK based slabbing company is the one to deal with (Assuming there are more than one). I've shied away from all things slabbed and purposely know nothing about it however, needs must when the devil farts in your general direction. Thanks and luv from Dave
  8. Flash


    Nice photo but I'm afraid it's a Kestrel
  9. It was Chester Thompson when I saw them, him and Phil Collins doing the double on the Brazilian - brilliant!
  10. you might be right although I don't recall it being that secure, I'm sure I popped to the shops when Paul young was on (support) and also a well known local ex dJ who doesn't deserve a mention jogged right through the crowd doing a "charity" mission or something Other than that a brilliant concert but if I went now with just my wife it would cost more than our first car!
  11. Saw them at Roundhay in 1986, I'm not exactly certain but I think the ticket was around £7.50? We have been looking at E.L.O tickets recently and they're over £200.00 each - they can stick that, absolutely obscene!
  12. Flash


    I had a lot of luck with the original Explorer (XS?) moving onto the Explorer II when it first came out about 2003. We used to test it on cut quarters and it was the only machine that never missed.
  13. Has anyone had any experience with coin sorters/counters for use with pre decimal and foreign. Obviously the ones off the shelf are designed for circulating British currency but are there any whereby you can alter the diameters to sort for example a bulk lot of Shillings, Florins & halfcrowns. Following on from there something which will sort foreign in the same way. I know you're never going to get it by country but lumping coins of the same diameter together would save me hours by itself. Lots of luv Dave
  14. Flash

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Typical ebay seller my arse - don't lump us all together, some of us have made a living from it for 20 years so we must be doing something right. I mean responsible, no hype, correctly graded and identified original coins etc. There are a few of us that do just that and to compare us to this bloke is a fcking insult