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  1. Hello Chingford Thank you for your assistance with my inquiry. Does the NGC office in London do the authentification, valuation, Grading and blocking of coinage etc and would I need to become a member of NCG to get my coin sorted. It would be a lot easier to send it to London than risk sending it to the USA & think I'd be a lot happier too, I need to look at their charges, could you give me their address please, I just tried NCB and there are quite a lot of companies listed under that name.
  2. Dave

    Decimal coinage

    Hello Secret Santa, Thanks for your input on my query.
  3. Dave

    Decimal coinage

    Hi Decimal collectors I have a question about the 2019 issue of Military 50p coins sold by Westminster coins and the Royal Mint, did the mint issue two coins in the set of 5 dated 2019 that had no denomination showing in the legend on either the Battle of Hastings, or the Battle of Britain, I thought I viewed a comment either on the change checker swap site or here ? But I haven't seen any for sale anywhere I have though bought a no denomination 2015 fifty pence Battle of Britain yesterday but don't know if there are any other dates to collect.
  4. Id like to ask if there is a trustworthy company linked to PCGS here in the UK, I have an Indian head 1864L that i want validating grading valuing and slabbing, to send it to PCGS in the USA I apparently have to become a member first, and there are charges on top of membership. I've had coins go missing in USP postal system when buying from eBay so if i did go down this route is there another recommended delivery service beside USP to ship the coin please.