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  1. Sleepy

    Looking for a 1953 2+A farthing (not the proof version)

    I was looking for one for ages when Zo Arms kindly gifted me one last year, I still owe him for that.
  2. Sleepy

    Edward Penny identification help needed

    My mistake, florin is the third coinage your penny is almost certainly fourth coinage, treaty period inscription reads EDWARD ANGL R DNS HYB with, I think, a pellet before Edward which makes it a Spink 1625 or North 1265.
  3. Sleepy

    Edward Penny identification help needed

    I think it's a forth coinage "florin" penny of Edward III from the shape of the crown with open work above the band and annulet punctuation marks, minted in London.
  4. Here's a 2A (courtesy of Zo Arms, thank you very much again) that has clearly been used as currency, although it might not have started that way.
  5. When I brought this 1961 half crown it was suggested it might be a polished planchet could never make my mind up if it was, anyone have any thoughts?
  6. Sleepy

    Advice on splitting proof sets for an album

    1970 are so cheap I found a set in a cracked plastic case and broke it open and kept a second set sealed up.
  7. Sleepy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Not just the 36 penny, see his other stuff 1977 crown £549.99!
  8. Yes the forgery is mine, I have 2 of them with exactly the same mark on Georges temple, which is what first aroused my suspicions , so someone must think they are worth the effort.
  9. I have taken a slight interest in Cypriot coins, I was born their. Be careful there are forgeries of these Crowns going around, yours looks ok Paddy see below an example the tell tale appears to be the "ding" on Georges temple.
  10. This https://tiranti.co.uk/products/brown-bronze-powder-100g/ should help explain how bronzing was achieved.
  11. Sleepy

    Help With Denarius Identification

    I think... the reverse is depicting, or trying to depict, the god Salus.
  12. What markets do you frequent Paddy being a fellow west country resident might see if I can come and pick up a bargain?
  13. There were 4 different farthings types issued in 53 F660 to F663 and the F662 being the most difficult to find. It is the only one I haven't got in my collection.
  14. At the time it was quite heavily advertised on British TV. I have tried to find the blurb that came with it to see if it mentions mintage numbers, but so far to no avail.