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  1. Mr T


    How long ago was the C# reverse discovered? It was mentioned in 2004 but possibly discovered before then?
  2. Mr T


    I found that post: http://www.predecimal.com/forum/topic/3664-coin-aquisition-of-the-week/?page=502&tab=comments#comment-141727 Looking at it, the rim is slightly recessed - is that not a reliable indicator for reverse C#?
  3. Mr T


    @Bronze & Copper Collector do you have those images handy? I hadn't heard of this until now. And just confirming that the C# can be spotted by a flat shield rim while the other reverses used in 1873 all have recessed shield rims?
  4. Mr T


    Yep looks like it - the parallel lighthouse sides are there. Couldn't quite make out the obverse but it's still a rare reverse.
  5. Mr T

    Help And Advice For A Beginner

    I would echo the above sentiments about buying a book before anything else. If you're going to sell as well I'd be checking my change for anything worth selling as it seems like some of the low mintage commemoratives can got for a bit over face value. I use a spreadsheet to track my coins - it's not perfect but it does the job.
  6. Mr T

    A parallel universe?

    Interesting indeed. I'm surprised there's so much at stake here for what are child's play - I know toys can go for crazy prices but having millions of dollars worth of trading cards?
  7. Disabling the preview just makes it a plain old link but inline preview makes it look like a quote box with some other details I think.
  8. Where was it published? British Numismatic Journal?
  9. A lot of it was outsourced to Watt and Heaton.
  10. Mr T

    2017 £1 error

    Nice pick-up!
  11. Has anyone looked much at the London and Perth half sovereigns of 1904? Marsh says that both exist with and without the BP, but as far as I can see all the Perth coins have no BP, and Marsh is wrong when he says the London no BP is the more common coin.
  12. Mr T

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    I read recently the request came in 1951 as well.
  13. Mr T

    Halfpenny ID check

    You might be on to something, though I think obverse 11 and 12 are probably the same more of less - I looked for any appreciable difference that wasn't a comparative and all I could notice was that some coins had the R of BRITT pointing below the serif of the I and some had it in line. Both types could be seen on coins that were supposed to be both 11 and 12.
  14. The latest edition of the The Gold Sovereign is out - looks like there is free postage for a short amount of time as well.
  15. Mr T

    1708 Queen Anne shilling

    Yeah, doesn't look right at all.