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  1. No luck with the Royal Mint's collectors bulletin you mentioned earlier either? I suppose this was probably marketing coins of the United Kingdom though (although the Royal Australian Mint has sold coins of other South Pacific countries).
  2. I would very much echo the "buy a book" sentiment. Collectors Coins Great Britain which is sold by the forum owner is a good starter.
  3. In Australia at least there were experiments from the 1940s onwards I believe with chrome-plated dies which gave the coins a much brighter finish - maybe the Royal Mint were doing something similar?
  4. Mr T

    Unusual 1945 Penny

    I thought it stood for Chipped Up Die or something like that, though I'm not sure if that's true.
  5. Does anyone have Bull volume II (gold coins from 1816 onwards)? I'm wondering whether to buy it or whether Marsh's books (and subsequent updates) contain the same information.
  6. I got in contact and they say it will be back soon.
  7. Mr T

    1911 penny

    Interesting. I don't there was ever any consensus on the dot on 1922 pennies which looks quite similar.
  8. Looks like something but not a V to my eyes.
  9. I was looking at the Royal Mint Museum's website recently and was unable to find a listing of all the coins - I know it used to be at http://collection.royalmintmuseum.org.uk/index.asp (it could be filtered by year etc) but it looks like this is now gone. Was it replaced or is it coming back again?
  10. Hm, the B in BRITT looks too close to Victoria's head to be obverse 6, but I don't see an LC WYON either.
  11. Not in the 3rd edition (1964) of A Guide Book of English Coins.
  12. No joy with the first two but https://www.britnumsoc.org/images/PDFs/1967_BNJ_36_26j.pdf opened up for me.
  13. A shame he didn't publish the raw numbers for the lower denominations. I'm sure I read he got interested in the 1940s when he was in primary school (I think). I don't remember where I saw that though.
  14. Still keep your own copy - last year something went awry and Google was incorrectly classifying people's personal files as pirated content.