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  1. JTerry3

    Edward (II?) Farthing identification please

    Cheers gents, much appreciated!
  2. Hi there all, I have just purchased this Edward Farthing & I was wondering if there are any (much more qualified) people on here that could possibly identify it's class and denote which Edward was it's issuer? It's been sold to me as an Edward II farthing. The edges have been clipped a bit so might not be easy to do this but can tell it's London minted at least. Many thanks. Kind regards, Joe
  3. Thanks a lot for bringing that to my attention Rob, looks ideal! At 500+ pages & with smaller dimensions, it still should be comprehensive enough whilst being more shelf-size friendly than the Spink one. By modern I was really just meaning a recent printing as that would likely be available both in excellent condition & at a cheaper price. I was not referring to the content of the coins covered because, as to your point, the modern commemoratives from these nation's mints is oversaturating. I would probably only be interested in collecting the initial post-independence issues. I've now found this book from a coin dealer for £20 so very affordable & even come across a full, complete e-book which is even better value at £0!
  4. Does a comprehensive modern one exist? I've come across James Atkins' 'The Coins and Tokens of the Possessions and Colonies of the British Empire'. This is a good starting point for early colonial coinage but was published in 1889 so naturally doesn't cover anything past that! I'm looking for something that would include all the 20th century including Commonwealth coinage. Then there is also the 'Spink's Catalogue of British Colonial and Commonwealth Coins' which sounds ideal at 700+ pages but it's quite pricy - and it's still 40 years old - so is there another more modern & affordable option that anyone knows of? Many thanks! Kind regards, Joe
  5. Thanks for input & sharing that guidebook. Yes I would agree that it is most likely 5b2. 👍
  6. Dear all, Recently purchased the attached coin with seller ID'ing it as a class 5a2 Henry III penny but is this designation correct as have noticed the chin is pointed which supposedly shouldn't be the case in class 5a2 coins according to link below? Would appreciate any confirmation on this, many thanks. Joe https://www.rodblunt.com/long-cross-pennies-class5
  7. JTerry3

    Edward Penny identification help needed

    Amazing, cheers! Would never have got this myself.
  8. JTerry3

    Edward Penny identification help needed

    Thanks so much!! Yes I see now how it definitely resembles pennies from that period. One question though, just looked in my Spink book & it lists 'Third or Florin Coinage, 1344-51' & 'Fourth Coinage, 1351-77', in your response you put Fourth & Florin coinage together, was this your way of saying you couldn't tell which period it fitted into or did you conflate the two coinages? Thanks again!
  9. Hello everyone, Hopefully someone out there is able to help identify this coin I have in my collection. It has a clear portrait which is why I bought it but none of the inscriptions are complete due to wear / clipping making it hard to pin it's type down. Most important is knowing who's reign this belows to but if anyone can spot the mint that would be nice too. I can make out the 'TAS' of 'CIVITAS' but not so much the following mint lettering. The images had to be uploaded externally due to file size limit on this forum - see links below. There have been auto rotated for some reason rather annoyingly. Thanks for anyone's help! https://ibb.co/XCMt528 https://ibb.co/bF3SVth https://ibb.co/VLwZg93 https://ibb.co/ysRvpnq https://ibb.co/48xkVJh https://ibb.co/LSrSc7W https://ibb.co/Y3Jf3cs https://ibb.co/649Q8Wb https://ibb.co/6H6PDXY https://ibb.co/k91zMkT https://ibb.co/SdQysD8 https://ibb.co/WPV9dbH https://ibb.co/xYsTMHx