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Edward (II?) Farthing identification please

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Hi there all,

I have just purchased this Edward Farthing & I was wondering if there are any (much more qualified) people on here that could possibly identify it's class and denote which Edward was it's issuer? It's been sold to me as an Edward II farthing.

The edges have been clipped a bit so might not be easy to do this but can tell it's London minted at least. Many thanks.

Kind regards,



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So not these particular varieties but Edward II Class 10-11 - someone who has the book can give you the exact variety.


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Assuming there's a pellet after REX, which isn't clear in the image but has the space for one, then it would be Withers 30a. This is the only Withers 30 not ending A. Other details above are correct.

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