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  1. 11 points
    F111, 2/1. Its a very pretty coin. Jerry
  2. 9 points
    Here is the Stephen Album 'Medusa', really nice with toned lustre peripherally. Expensive I know (over £2900) but a nice clear Gorgon's head. And missed the VAT! Jerry
  3. 8 points
    Very pleased with this 1918H penny. It's clearly not UNC, but takes pride of place in my collection, for the simple reason that it's an unusually sharp strike for a 1918H, which even "UNC" with full lustre, are often very poor strikes, with all the attributes of a worn coin. This one has a good breastplate and also reasonable hair detail.
  4. 8 points
    And a cheap $10 wide date 1889.
  5. 7 points
    been dabbling on and off, not bought much recenly, and forgot about the site for a long time, found plenty of exciting things, not bought much in the past 12 months (few edward Ist), have been going through variants or my pennies, and decided to see if I could tick a few off, was looking for 1908s... and found a 8 coin worn penny lot on ebay.... and landed this instead
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    In order to complete my date run of sterling silver George V halfcrowns, I have got a presentable rather than a high grade example of the 1913.
  8. 6 points
    F7 although listed as F6.
  9. 6 points
    Getting in to Conder tokens increasingly, this a rare Middlesex Hackney example, D&H 309, just landed
  10. 6 points
    This just arrived. Not the best condition, but exciting for me because I believe it to be Bull 3766, which I have found much more difficult to find than 3765. Plus it wasn't expensive!
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    Video clip of the Black Knight.
  14. 3 points
    I am not a fan of Ian Blackford . However, I did find his comparison of the PM to Monty Python's Black Knight really funny.
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  16. 3 points
    What is wrong with people? Currently £84 plus postage on eBay! It’s not like it ain’t obvious! 265717824427
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    Spink are always doing that - put a teaser date on a forthcoming auction then either keep on putting it back every few days or don't even bother. It's annoying. Some of these auctions are like their SNC "Collectors Corner" quality (which lasted a couple of years about 20 years ago), selling items for £5 upwards. Junk mainly. Talking of gilding the lily, I like their description of the Northumberland in the Wootton sale. It's got worn gilding, it's low grade and there's an impressively large hole in it. Apart from that it's "a good opportunity for a type collector to source a prohibitively rare type". If you say so!
  20. 2 points
    Well, you say that, and I do agree that many 1919H pennies look, not just worn at top grade, but also distinctly blurred. But I did manage to get this nicely struck specimen in February 2019 for just £50. The seller started it at that amount, and I was the only bidder. Had he started it at £0.99, I reckon it would have been bid up more than £50.
  21. 2 points
    I forgot I had a scan of Satin on my phone.
  22. 2 points
    This, I've realised, heavily influenced me. The music is where the Human League were when they started.....amazing for it's era....
  23. 2 points
    Davies told me about the 2 different obverses, noted after his book was published. I bought a few specimens from him. 1889, I have pairings 1+A , 1+C , 1+D, 2+A, 2+C and 2+D minor varieties, 1+A I have 2, joined leaf and severed leaf. 2+A I have 3 minor varieties, joined leaf far 9, joined leaf close 9 and severed leaf far 9.
  24. 2 points
    I agree, and I would bet that it is 2/1 as well, I think the evidence is there. Well, I’ll know in a few days. Provided it’s not a normal 115 I’ll be happy. Jerry
  25. 2 points
    It's a Freeman 111