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    Very pleased with this 1874 penny - F65 in top UNC grade with probably 90% lustre, ever so lightly toning. Just £250 as a BIN. These are obviously not desperately rare, but they don't turn up every 5 minutes, and definitely not in this grade. Looking back at other sales of similar grade, the price compares very favourably.
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    I have split off the discussion about Gary Lineker as it didn't seem to fit the "Stuff to make us laugh" as it didn't seem very humorous. Feel free to continue the chat there if you wish.
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    Sorry, but that's totally wrong. 1) he's sport, for which there are much more relaxed rules about impartiality, and 2) he can say what he likes on Twitter, where he's not representing the BBC. Would I say the same if I didn't 100% agree with him? Don't know...
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    Like London buses, you wait ages for one and then two come along at once.
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    Picked up this little number up from the Baldwins auction this week. A departure from my usual copper and bronze, but I have been picking up a few of the William III sixpences of late, with this one added now. Some really nice lustre on the reverse, and pics don't really do the coin justice. First attempt at uploading images on here, so forgive me if they are are a bit wonky.
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    Whoever chose to rename this thread “Gary Lineker (moved)” had great foresight. Jerry
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    Just seen this on BBC website: Posted at 21:1521:15 BREAKINGNo presenters or pundits will feature on Saturday's MOTD - BBC No presenters or pundits will feature on Saturday's Match of the Day programme, a BBC spokesperson says. Saturday's Match of the Day programme will "focus on match action without studio presentation or punditry", they say. Hope it's a sign of things to come... all those massive salaries out of licence fee payers' pockets that could then be avoided! Maybe the BBC could then fulfil their (not government's) broken promise to have free TV licences for the over 75's which was part of their charter renewal last time around. Wishful thinking perhaps!!
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    Whilst I appreciate that a fair few contributors on here have already retired, I do believe that most people (retired or otherwise) have a view on this topic. Also, hopefully there are others who do or have work from home for an employer. Where I work, at the start of the pandemic in mid March 2020, those staff who fell into a vulnerable category, such as asthma, auto immune diseases, obesity and over age 70, were compelled to work from home. In some cases this even meant setting them up with a wifi connection. Then in February 2021 it was extended, as an offer, to those over 60, then a few weeks after that, they decided that anybody who wanted it could have it. Of course, not everybody did, and quite a few continued to work in the office, either because they didn't like the idea, or for whatever reason, it just wasn't practicable for them to work from home. So having now worked from home for just over two years, one year 100% from home, and the following year hybrid 60/40 home/office, these are my views of the pros and cons. Pros 1/ Get far far more work cleared at home than ever I would in the office. Many fewer interruptions, and able to concentrate more intensely. 2/ Absence of irritating colleagues and office politics. They become wholly irrelevant. Also, far fewer pointless time consuming meetings. 3/ 100% removal of commuting time, and for those reliant on public transport, no risk of contracting covid from fellow travellers on buses and trains. Also, for us all, no risk of contracting covid in the office. Not nearly so much of an issue now, I know, but back in early 2021, it was highly relevant. 4/ Able to log on and do work such as e learning and other bits, at any time, whereas 100% in the office you are confined to office hours only. 5/ Can get up later, dress more casually, and in Summer go straight out into the garden with a cold drink on warm sunny day, after logging off. Cons 1/ Can't just turn to someone and ask verbally for advice on a technical issue. If you e mail or MS Teams message them, as often as not you get ignored, or just a curt unhelpful response. Although I have always gone out of my way to help colleagues who've contacted me. 2/ Managers often mysteriously unavailable for hours on end - showing as red on their profiles. 3/ If you attend an MS Teams meeting (or Zoom, whatever) you have to be very careful what you say (be bland, technical and boring) as the meetings can be recorded and could be used against you. Hasn't happened where I work, but I have heard of instances. Also make sure you are fully attired. Especially important in hot weather. Don't switch your camera on until you are certain there is nothing that can embarrass you. I don't include pets in that as cats and dogs photobombing the camera, seems to go down well. 4/ If you complete your work on any given day, it's easy to get bored and literally fall asleep. That would never happen in the office. 5/ Mouse "jigglers" are available from Amazon and the like. These shake the mouse every two minutes to make it appear as though you are always on line and working (shown as green). This is doing a real number on your employer, and not a lot they can do about it. Dishonest and wrong on every level. WFH has received a very bad press in some parts of the media, but it does have some extremely good points. Although medium to long term, offices will shrink and some will be sold off, as it obviously won't be cost effective to keep them open when they're half empty. In fact that's already happening.
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    BBC. Impartial. Sport. The BBC, being a license financed, non ad revenue, broadcaster, brand names and logos are always edited out wherever possible, even to the extent of food brand identifiers being clumsily censored by use of black tape on containers in cookery shows. Sport? Come footy post match analysis; any manager, player, associated pundit, loon with a view, is shown standing before a board festooned with ads for all manner of companies and products. Why is this?
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    I have been looking for a "wide gap" 1888 florin for a while, and finally got one today. Quite a bargain, too, as it cost less than what I paid for the much more common "narrow gap" variety 2 years ago (shown below for comparison).
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    1976 Machin Sovereign Taken with a mixture of incident and axial lighting, this time.
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    Thinking about it, there's probably a very easy way round all this which would have squared the circle and avoided all the subsequent drama. The BBC just issues a statement which says that "The views expressed on twitter by Mr Lineker reflect his own personal opinion and are in no way associated with the BBC, which is, and remains, an impartial organisation". Providing opinions are expressed privately on platforms other than the BBC itself, that might be the most positive and harmonious way forward.
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    1887 obverse, 168 1888 obverse, 163
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    Apart from the size of the gap below the bust and the bottom of the veil, the position of DEI GRATIA is different and the nose, mouth, chin and neck are different: I haven't counted the teeth around the edge (yet!).
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    This was a surprise find in a lot picked up in auction last week - same obverse die mentioned in last post but with model half dollar reverse. Rogers 2467.
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    I hope this is allowed here - The New Model Crown by Allen and Moore. This one in almost pure silver (XRF tested at 98% silver).
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    Transfer to small dipping bowls. Garnish with chopped parsley and dill. Serves 4-6 people.
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    Talking of 8+I, keep looking out for the very rare 1873 (sic) 8+I too. Unrecorded originally in Freeman, it is now mentioned in Appendix 4 of the reprinted version. Dracott records 3 specimens seen, and here's a fourth: (obverse to follow)
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    Very nice. The old fashioned "Manks", rather than "Manx".