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    Another (very) recent acquisition
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    Is the restricted scope generally typical of FB? The above all have specific fields of interest unlike this or other forums. Is there anything with unrestricted cover? As Richard notes above, there are a few well known names about, but if the scope is limited, then it seems a wasted opportunity. Realistically, when dealing with more knowledgeable minds, you would probably be better speaking at a fair, phoning or emailing, which trumps any forum/group discussion which tend to have short posts because many people can't be bothered formulating or reading lengthy replies. From a personal perspective, I regularly end up discussing a query for anything from 10 minutes to an hour because few things are that straightforward.
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    Believe me. It won't. You now have another Master.😁
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    They all seem to be platforms for selling rather than educating
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    It has a piezo electric motor. The USM stands for UltraSonic Motor. Very fast with a quick settling time.
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    I've still got and use the lens, I just bought a body ... it's a Canon Ultrasonic (what can that mean?) Macro EF 100mm 1:2.8 USM
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    there is indeed - rather than the overall Facebook search, groups have their own search field (side rather than top) where you can restrict search to only the posts in that group. The only thing s - I don't know how far back it will go.
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    I made the decision a couple of months ago to focus on bulking out my wren farthing collection before going after older dates. To my surprise, a 1949 proof, 1956 proof and 1951 matte proof all appeared for sale in the space of 5 weeks. My phone camera is far from the best, so here are the scans: Whilst I'd love to see more dates appear, for the sake of my wallet I hope none do until after Christmas!
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    It is a really nice example, very pleased with it. There's a few finger prints to the reverse but I'm not complaining
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    I agree. I'm a member of a halfpenny group. Very little to no discussion. More a platform to show beautiful coins.(Which is informative in its own right. I'm not knocking it.) Which is a shame really, because there is a wealth of knowledge amongst some of the bigger name members.
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    Hi Jerry, Here are a few of the more useful and/or busy ones. https://facebook.com/groups/259534051467342/ https://facebook.com/groups/2465098747044680/ https://facebook.com/groups/1612487989090789/ https://facebook.com/groups/ConderCafe/
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    I belong to a couple which, occasionally, have more interesting posts. Most I agree appear to have been set up primarily as a selling platform. But a few have a lot of expertise to hand. For example English Hammered and Early Milled has Dave Greenhalgh, Paul Withers, Gary Oddie who a few here may know. But it's hard to keep a group 'educational' and free (or at least not overwhelmed) from 'Need an ID an what's it worth' posts .. Plus, perhaps not unsurprisingly, a fair few dealers are offering their stock on FB before ebay and sometimes in preference to (or at least before) listing on their own sites. It makes it more of a challenge to find things you want before they're snapped up, though I perfectly understand a sale is a sale and when there are over 15000 members to a group, even if only 5% are really active it's a pretty effective platform .. As for here .. I do pop in regularly. However my collecting interests are really very narrow these days and there's not much overlap with the forum content ...
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    That's not too surprising, as everyone wants to make a quick buck and education improves decision making, which is unhelpful for sales in most instances. A comparison between rare as in half a dozen known and rare as in only a million struck puts things into perspective.
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    I’m really not convinced that Facebook offers the useful archive of information going back years that the forum does, and its excellent search facility. However I don’t use Facebook for coins…..any particularly recommended groups? Jerry
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    I've seen a couple of Facebook groups, but they seem to be relatively inexperienced collectors excited by very average stuff. Oh and convinced that the odd cud is a rare variety!
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    The facebook groups are certainly busy but the wealth of knowledge here is superb.
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    Hey Stu! 3 focus areas still for me: Milled silver types, preferably early milled Charles I halfcrowns, different Spink numbers 18th C Conder tokens BTW, your camera gave up the ghost in the end after many many pics, bought another of the same second hand