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    Just won - and paid for - this 1914 penny at BSJ. Slabbed NGC and graded MS65 RB:
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    My favourite Canna: 'Shenandoah'. Queen Victoria's favourite as well. Great dark leaves, but you can _never_ capture with a camera just how unusual and captivating the pink hue is- nothing else like it. A bugger to grow- needs heat- you can lose one to a cold spell at the drop of a hat.
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    Emerging from the jungle. The rain has made it go crazy but nice and shaded in the current weather pattern.
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    Their ads are excoriating. Such overpriced tat, a mock 'official' mint, and poor idiots 'investing'.....makes the Franklin Mint look like Walt Disney.....
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    On the subject of gardens again one of my faves is powys castle in mid wales the yews are a particular wonder it pretty good in august- september, esp when the dahlias are out Bidulph grange staffs also has a lovely display of dalias come sept
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    Could be if I drank gin but I'm strictly a beer man and it's ideally shaded for a long cold drink in the evening.😎
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    7foot hollyhocks is my big success this year.
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    Is that a Gin Palace in the distance?
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    You do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes
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    Don't pay £325 for one of those!! Barely worth £100 I'd say, most of them aren’t even Fair. £150 for one of the better ones I'd say. For £325 you'd want one in NF condition. They really aren’t that rare in low grades as you can see from that dealer's pictures. This page at London Coins will give you a more realistic picture hopefully. https://www.londoncoins.co.uk/?page=Pastresults&searchterm=Halfcrown+1905&category=9&searchtype=1
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    I am pretty lucky, most of back garden gets sun all summer and the much smaller front one gets very little - its great for bulbs though - I mean to plant loads of spring ones in october , snowdrops and crocus are just lovely .
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    Cleaning roman is a lot harder than you might think - remember 1800 years of gunk aint easy to get rid of without spoiling the coin , many metal detector coins are hopeless cases
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    You can see here from the official RM pamphlet that the silver set case cost almost as much as the coins and cabinets were all the vogue for storage - so yes they are very rare
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    I'm posting the following images for Gary: Obv 7 Rev C#
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    The shield rim IS indeed slightly recessed, like the original 1860 rev C that it appears to be based on. As specimens wear of course, that becomes a flatter part of the coin, so not a reliable definer. Much better is the lighthouse itself, plus the fact that the PE of PENNY are much closer to the linear circle than on the normal 1873 reverse.
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    Hope you're not in a flood-affected area, Dave?
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    One i bought NOT attributed off a dealers website ,he is a good friend ,so did tell him what it was but happy to sell it me 👍 They are easier to spot with the other indicators ,die crack to the left of DEI and a wider I in Gratia. Dont see many in a decent grade 1848 /6.
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    He must have copied and pasted some of this. Using otherwise good extremely fine has all the attributes of a dealer description. Just about everything is wrong. Title - 1806 instead of 1807. 'No berries on branch', which I suggest is mainly due to the coin being corroded to b*****y. Only 1806 has no berries. Green toned, plenty of lustre - bizarre. 'Weakly struck in legend' - actually, after allowing for its general condition such as the wear to the bust, it's about as good as you will get in terms of legend as this series is notorious for filled letters. Can't comment on clashed dies given the condition. 'Ring of verdigris on the exergue' - presumably that's the exergue on the reverse at 3 o'clock? I reckon he's copied a description of an 1806 from somewhere and just changed the date
  23. 1 point
    He can't even get the date right!
  24. 1 point
    Saxon Roman? He's certainly hedging his bets! Surprised he didn't include Greek, Persian, and plumber's mate too...
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    you’ve certainly got some very green fingers there Blakeyboy