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    Another type ticked off for me, I took a bit of a punt on this one but I'm more than happy!
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    Well if I recall correctly (and it was discussed on here at the time - I'll see if I can find the thread) it was to do with the fact that you could only see a 1974 fifty pence inside a proof set. Peculiar logic as the same fact applied to 1975 sets and they weren't in the equation. Also 1972 as none of the coins in that set were ever issued for circulation. ETA: Yes, here we are. Just scroll down to PWA1967's post of 21.8.20 and continue on from there - link to thread
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    Whilst the mint does indeed use heptagonally pre-shaped blanks for striking 20p's and 50p's, for the dodecahedral brass threepences and now the new pounds, they use circular blanks (the external angles are more shallow and can be squeezed ok into the 12 sided collars that are used). Proof of this is both during WW2 when steel was at a premium, the mint used "blunter" cornered collars which lasted longer than the normal sharp cornered ones, leading to slightly smoother angled coins, and also with this 1960 threepence brockage which has been struck proud of its collar and retains its circular shape... It weighs 6.85 grams too, so I am perfectly happy your piece is a legitimate blank. The rough surfaces and edges are no problem either - they are all squeezed out smooth when the annealed blank goes through the press. Other denomination blanks I have are similarly a bit rough and ready!
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    For those who might have a few 1953 plastic sets hanging around or o few 1953 crowns. 1953 pennies are fetching £15 in BU with halfpennies fetching a tenner A nice 1953 crown now fetches abour £6 after being almost unsellable at the start of the year
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    I thought the same thing about the Churchill - a "66" ought to be a superior coin, and although better than most agree this one not better than a couple of the MS65 coins I have seen. There were a couple of other questionably graded coins IMHO.
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    YEs, was shocked at the Wiener prices and knowing they are not Royal Mint products - I wish they would announce that prior to each Wiener lot. I love Vicky silver (surprise) but NOT these...
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    You have had some cracking coins Pete! Does this help?
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    Recession around the corner? I think recession is already here.
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    Maybe sovereign? Although gold price is dropped over a year, but at a less extent than currency depreciation. In current era, i believe losing less n preserve buying power for the future maybe the winner, so even holding cash is not a bad idea, coz i have no wisdom to beat the market.
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    I'd say a plain 1865. The 3 isn't fully curved, it's the type with two straight lines for the upper, so a 5/3 shows a straight line angling down from the top right to where the 5 begins to curve. I see no trace of that. However, it's a very nice 1865.
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    Not the greatest photo but I see no trace of a 3.
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    Remember that odd mini craze for 1974 sets a year or two back?
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    Royal Australian Mint., Denison St., Canberra, ACT,* 2600 *ACT Australian Capitol Territory
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    Thanks for your replies, everyone! I'll do some more digging. I would assume the Royal Australian Mint, judging by John's alias.
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    That will last no further than 2023! Remember in 2001 when 1951 crowns hit £20 which was double what they were in 2000?
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    Nice one Gary. I knew you'd have one. 🙂Did it take long to find? I've been searching 6 years plus. 475's I've found 6. 473's. I've found 3. R3 and R5.
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    I have 2 in my collection and 1 in my spares. Total 3 in my possession right now.
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    Mislabeled as a High Tide, it is actually a 1897 Dot.
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    😆 How much money do you need to have in the bank to not go to bed at night thinking "what the fuck have I done spending 2 and a half grand on a 1957 sovereign?"
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    They just can't resist using performance enhancing substances.
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    That's ridiculous. Presumably this is to do with the volume of stuff they're getting in to be graded and slabbed. Reduces confidence in their findings.
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    I do wonder what would be a good or even defensive investment today. Inflation is sky high, sterling is rock bottom, FTSE is not doing well and a (possibly long and ugly) recession is just around the corner.